Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1382

And there is no more noise outside the door!

There was no sound of footsteps, no answer, no sound disappeared.

And soon, in the bay window behind Nagara Haruka, blue gloomy light slowly emerged.

A figure fell from the sky, slowly floating down, and suspended outside the window.

Nagaraya noticed the blue gloom and turned around quickly.

Suddenly her pupils with a little purple rhyme kept trembling, and she couldn't help but frightened.

The person floating outside the window was clearly Shimotakasa Nami.

It's just that she is facing her back, but there is a face in the back of her head, that is Shauble's masked face.

Nagara Haruka's body trembled uncontrollably, and he felt as if he was being stared at by some terror.

Her upper and lower teeth couldn't stop knocking, and her leg joints softened, and she couldn't help paralyzing back.

In an instant she felt herself falling into an embrace full of heat, she became more frightened, and she screamed.

The female fortuneteller turned her head and saw a familiar figure, and the person who came was Kogoro Mouri.

Item 0241

After all, this villa is a bit weird, and Nagara Haruka is a new slave slave girl.

For his own women, Kogoro Mouri usually sends Ant-Man robots to protect them secretly, and Nagara Haruka is no exception.

It's just that the eyes of the Ant-Man robot can't see any spirits, only the weird picture of the female fortuneteller talking to the empty door.

Maori Kogoro instantly reacted to the fact that Boundary had come to her, and there was a storm and rain, and Mila was beaten up first before he could get out.

He put on his bathrobe and started the big mover, and instantly moved to Nagara Haruka's room, and he saw the guy carrying the lantern outside the window.

This bound earth spirit will find Nagara Haruka, which is also because of the bottle of well water presented by Mouri Kogoro.

Even the spirit body with no thinking knows that the bottle of well water is extremely helpful to him.

And just drank a bottle of well water but couldn't fully digest it, and Nagagayao, who failed to constrain his energy, was also a piece of fat for this Bound Diling. Naturally, he couldn't wait to come to the door.

It's just that it didn't dare to enter through the door, Su Fang Hongzi was right before.

She had indeed hired a psychic, and there was a psychic seal on the door of this villa. The Earthbound Spirit was a little jealous and did not dare to break in.

Nagara Haruka was still screaming. She didn't believe that Kogoro Moori who appeared was a real person, and she thought it was a ghost posing as a ghost.

Until Mouri Kogoro's big hands were heavily drawn on his hips: "Shut up!"

Seeing such a bad behavior, Nagara Haruka stopped instead, with surprise in his eyes.

She looked at the majestic pectoral muscles exposed on the chest of Maori Kogoro, and smelled the strong masculine breath on his body. Only then did she believe that he was a real person, and quickly hid behind him.

"Mao Lijun, it's really you!"

Maori Kogoro looked at the Bound Spirit floating outside the window, and seeing its red eyes, instantly confirmed that it was a bloodthirsty evil spirit.

This fierceness and resentment are very strong. It seems that the rumors are true. Many people who got the mask of Shauble died because of this earth-binding spirit!

As for the spirit body playing Conan in the east wing, it was just a clone of the evil spirit, no wonder it didn't do much.

This villa originally lived in Su Fang Hongzi, Shimokasao Nami, and Shikasa Minaho.

However, Su Fanghong was old and declining, and naturally he was not as good as the two young maids who had enough blood. Therefore, this evil spirit possessed the two maids and sucked the blood.

When the blood is empty, the two maids will naturally encounter misfortune.

When Kogoro Mori was observing it, the evil spirit had already passed through the glass window and appeared in the room, and the temperature of the whole room dropped sharply as the wind blew up.

Jie Jie Jie Jie!

The strange inhuman laughter reverberated, and it made people feel nauseous.

Immediately after the lantern flicked in his hand, the faintly blue ghost fire spread, and instantly climbed up the wall.

In front of him, it turned into a sea of ​​flames, but the sea of ​​flames was not hot at all, and instead came a bitter chill.

Nagara Haruka was terribly frightened, his soft body clinging to Mouri Kogoro's back, shaking constantly: "Mori-kun, what should we do? Are we going to be burned to death?"

The slave girl could not see clearly, but Kogoro Mouri could see clearly.

This is clearly a superficial illusion created by evil spirits.

This ability is completely inferior to the little god Fusang who has practiced for thousands of years.

He couldn't even cast spells, and only used fantasy to scare people. It was really too low-level.

Moreover, this evil spirit seemed to have a low IQ. He couldn't see how powerful Kogoro Mori was, and he was not afraid of death.

Mouri Kogoro swiftly pinched the seal with both hands, and the thunder-repelling technique was cast instantly.

The lightning outside the window seemed to have been grabbed, the silver snake turned over, passed through the gap of the window, and finally fell into the hands of Kogoro Mouri and turned into two thunder whips.

Thunder Fa has a very high restraint effect on evil spirits, especially bloodthirsty evil spirits, which are their natural enemies.

The evil spirit seemed to perceive something wrong, but it was too late.

A thunder whip struck past, wrapped around the wrist of the evil spirit holding the ghost fire lantern, and its wrist was instantly blackened.Another thunder whip drew on him, thunder snake tossing and lingering, and instantly bound it completely.

Fu Di Ling suffered a severe injury in an instant, and his Qi machine wilted a lot.

It couldn't help screaming, and the avatar of Conan playing in the East Wing immediately turned into a black shadow, flew by, and merged into the body of Bound Earth Spirit.

The ghost hit the wall in the corridor of the east wing disappeared instantly.

Conan was exhausted and didn't notice it. He was about to turn around according to his original memory, but when he turned around, there was no corner.

He was already unable to stop, so he slammed into the wall, his head hurt and he passed out in a coma.

The evil spirit was hit hard by this, and the illusion was naturally unable to maintain, and the blue sea of ​​fire instantly dissipated.

Only then did Nagara Haruka see the evil spirit bound by thunder, and his expression was overjoyed.

"Mao Lijun, you are amazing!"

Although the evil spirit and the clone were fused together, their momentum rose, but they couldn't get rid of the shackles of Kogoro Mouri's thunder.

Mouri Kogoro stretched out his hand to wrap the two thunder whips together and pressed them under his feet, and then pinched the mudra with both hands again.