Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1394

Hattori Heiji was a little puzzled: "Kudo, if what you said is true, you really went to the villa tonight, and there happened to be a life case in the villa, would you be fooled by the murderer's blindfold?"

"You also know that Uncle Maori is so smart, he doesn't think there is a ghost, just you think it is not justified."

"Maybe there is no mechanism in that villa, maybe the guy who said you'run in place' is a support."

"A lot of things can be explained!"

Conan is still very stubborn: "You believe me, it's really a ghost, I can definitely see through the mechanism."

The Hattori Heiji on the other end of the phone had no choice but to calm down and said, "Okay, okay, okay, I believe you, and I will ask my dad tomorrow morning to find out where there is a wizard who exterminates evil spirits, and find some help. How about you exorcising evil spirits?"

"Then trouble you, Hattori, you must help me!"

Hearing this, Hattori Heiji rolled his eyes silently: "Okay, I'll help you, hang up first." After saying that, he hung up the phone.

Conan only slightly relaxed.

On the other side, in Moori Kogoro's room, Yingli, who was sleeping in a light gauze pajamas with Haitang, seemed to be awakened by some sound.

Dai's eyebrows frowned, her slightly blurred eyes opened, and she saw the light coming from the crack in the door at a glance.

Yingli couldn't help but sit up and lifted the thin quilt on his body, revealing the explosive figure inside.

As soon as the beautiful leg turned over, the bare feet and jade feet fell gently on the floor.

She was with her, her fluffy brown hair falling like a waterfall.

Yawning, the whole person exudes a ripe peach-like charm.

He stepped forward slightly barefoot, and soon came to the door, pressing the doorknob with his little hand, the door opened, and the light entered the room.

Seeing the scene outside, Yingli froze, her eyes widened and her eyes shrank sharply. This was a scene she had never dreamed of.

how is this possible?how is this possible?

Item 0252

Because Mouri Kogoro called back and said that he would not be back to stay tonight.

Taking into account that he would prepare breakfast for everyone tomorrow morning, and still miss the previous room, he sneaked back to Kogoro's bedroom to rest.

Mori Kogoro was also unaware of the fact that so many things happened in the villa tonight, all his mind was put there, so there is no time to check Hideri and the others.

Yingli, who had been sleeping peacefully, was awakened by the sound outside the living room and couldn't help but get up to investigate.

After she opened the door to the room, she saw a scene on the coffee table, and her face suddenly faded and her pupils were about to split.

Yingli screamed instantly and rushed out crying: "Asshole! You asshole! How can you do such a thing!"

Hearing this voice, the expressions of Moori Kogoro and Xiaolan changed drastically.

Xiao Lan was so scared that she couldn't stop shaking.

When Mouri Kogoro turned his head, he saw that Hideri had come to his side, pushing his hands heavily on him.

Mouri Kogoro suddenly felt a little weak, and fell on the sofa. Only then did he see Yingli's expression.

Shocked, unbelievable, disappointed, painful, upset...

Countless negative emotions gathered in her pair of Danfeng eyes, and her eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of dust, which was really distressing to see.

But soon, Kogoro Moori panicked: "Hiri, don't mess around, what are you doing with a knife?"

"I'm going to kill you bastard!"

The negative emotions in Hideri's eyes gathered together and turned into endless ice and hatred. His little hand picked up the fruit knife on the coffee table and tried to stab Kogoro Maori.

Mouri Kogoro immediately grabbed Hideri's little hand and kept saying: "Hiri, calm down, calm down."

This scene is really scary to watch.

At this moment, Xiaolan, who had finally returned to her soul, saw it, and immediately took off the death-free gold medal on her chest and threw it under the sofa.

Then she got up and hugged Yingli, holding her wrist, and said eagerly: "Sister Yingli, what are you doing?"

Sister Yingli?

This name instantly stunned Yingli, and she couldn't help turning her head back, tears streaming down instantly: "Lan, what's the matter with you, I am your mother? Is it too much stimulation! Don't be afraid, protected by my mother You are fine!"

Xiaolan pretended to be puzzled, and continued to speak: "Sister Yingli, have you misunderstood, I am Mira? Your daughter is resting in her room!"

Upon hearing this, Yingli was stunned for an instant.

She instinctively felt that the girl in front of her was her own daughter, not Mira.

But when she said this, Hideri hesitated for a moment when she saw the birthplace in her eyes and the Moori Kogoro who kept nodding next to her.

Then Xiao Lan snatched the fruit knife from Yingli's hand and put it on the coffee table.

Then he took her to the room on the right and gently opened the door.

Yingli saw that there was a girl sleeping peacefully in the bed, her face was exactly the same as her own daughter, he was relieved immediately, and subconsciously accepted this statement.

If it was Mira, it would be fine.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but said, "Hiri, you can use the knife without asking, it really scares me to death."

Hearing this, Hideri couldn't help but stared at Mouri Kogoro: "You shut up."

She turned to take Xiaolan's little hand and walked into the bedroom: "Mila, I want to ask you something."

Kogoro Mouri winked at Xiaolan quickly.

Xiaolan nodded to Maori Kogoro, motioned to wrap everything around her, and followed her mother into the room.

Kogoro Mouri reached out and picked up the death-free gold medal underneath, and patted the dust on the top, then he was relieved.

If it weren't for Xiaolan's quick response, tonight would really be finished.

Unexpectedly, after warming up Yingli for so long, the reaction is still so intense, which is really terrifying.

Fortunately, everything is unexpected!

At this time, the door on the left side was opened, and the soft little Loli Huihara with bare feet walked out.

Hui turned to Moori Kogoro and couldn't help but speak: "Perverted!"