Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1402

Just now he was really afraid that Kogoro Moori chose Shiho Miyano and lost himself!

In this situation, Mary, who had different opinions, was barely acceptable.

Looking at the handsome man in front of her, Mary sighed silently: It seems that she was really in your hands this time.

Immediately afterwards, Lori responded actively.

Soon, an exciting movement rang.

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It seemed a bit sultry during the slightly hot midday.

Little Lori's rose-red body oozes sweat, and the crystal clear beads of sweat evaporate into a scent that lingers on Maori Kogoro's nose.

Kogoro Maori rubbed the little loli with his big hands, pressing his left hand on the red and swollen spot that had just been beaten up, and his right hand leaning over to grasp the position of the previous gunshot wound. His hands were quite forceful, completely falling into it, seeming to help Mary soothe .

He wanted to tell Mary in this way that he would never let go, he would hold her firmly, and she would not be able to escape no matter what.

In fact, just now Kogoro Mouri has seen Mary’s favorability achievement, and the fluctuations are relatively large.

That's why he used this method to appease little Lolita, which is simple and concise and effective.

Kogoro Mouri has absolutely no strange idea to measure the difference between Mary and Haibara!

But to be honest, from the back, Mary and Huihara look alike.

The curve of Mary's back is exactly how old Huiyuan feels.

I really don't know what the scene of Mary taking the antidote to change the meeting.

It must be a super hot blonde Ocean Horse!

But Mingmei and Mary are not related at all, Mingmei's appearance is more Asian.

Had it not been for Kogoro Moori who had a deep understanding of Shiho and Akemi's inner life, he might have doubted whether Akemi was adopted by the Miyano family!

It turns out that Akemi and Zhiho are really sisters.

Maori Kogoro leaned over, and the warm breath fell on Mary's ear beads, causing little Lori to get small goose bumps from her delicate body.

He smirked and said, "Do you still dare to say those things just now?"

Mary Qianshou turned around, tears were almost in her eyes, she shook her head quickly, and said weakly, "No, I dare not!"

Then Mouri Kogoro smirked and directly ordered: "Kiss me!"

Little Lori obediently obeyed her orders, turned her head and kissed Moori Kogoro's lips, letting her ask for sweetness.

At this moment, Kogoro Moori is very proud. This beautiful day starts with bullying Lori.

In Xiao Lan's room next door, Xiao Lan and Mira both woke up.

After hearing Xiaolan's request, Mira couldn't help but scolded.

"Okay you, Xiao Lan, you actually ate alone, how did you promise me to come last night?"

"It doesn't matter if you eat alone, you still have such a big incident, and you want me to wipe your butt, you are too much!"

Xiao Lan pretended to be innocent: "I'm not to blame, who told you to fall asleep as soon as you got home last night, you can't wake up no matter what you call!"

Xiao Lan took Mila's arm and shook her body coquettishly.

"Good Mira, just help me. If you don't help me, I'll be dead, and this family will be gone. Then my father will be very sad and very sad. You help me to help my father! "

"As long as you promise to help me clear this lie, I promise to listen to you in the future."

"Really?" Mira looked at Xiaolan suspiciously.

With such a great opportunity, how can we not take advantage of it and rob it!

Mira quickly put forward her request, the most important thing is the frequency of unsuccessful discussions last night.

Xiaolan gritted her teeth and agreed.

She wanted to get through this difficulty first, and as for the things she had promised, it was not impossible to shame.Besides, with Mira's weak physical strength, giving her more time might not be able to stand it first, Xiao Lan was not afraid at all.

Seeing that the signing of the equality treaty could not be completed, Mira couldn't help smiling smugly on her face, and began to ask Xiaolan for more details.

Xiao Lan retelled every word she said in the morning pretending to be Mira, while reacting to her mother.

As Xiaolan continued to tell, Mila's face became darker and darker.

Co-authoring this request and agreeing to it, is to recognize the words Xiaolan said in the morning, his kingdom is sold, and he can't even get a queen position?

The throne passed to Kogoro Milla had no objection, the entire kingdom was taken with Kogoro's help, and he was his own man, so it was not a disadvantage.

However, the position of the queen was given to Fei Yingli, and her opinions dropped greatly.

How it feels like being pitted, Xiao Lan is setting up a set to help her mother push her mother into the queen's position.

In Mira's vision, the person in the world should be himself.

Looking at Xiao Lan, who was talking more and more vigorously, Mira couldn't help but squeezed her fist and hammered her little head.

But they all agreed to go to Xiaolan, and Mira could only temporarily cooperate to help her tide over this difficulty.

As for the queen's matter, we will discuss it again!Reconsideration!

At two o'clock in the afternoon, in the clean Izumo Shrine, Moori Kogoro was sitting on the stone ladder in the backyard, blowing the breeze, cooling off the heat, watching Curacao and Junhui competing in the school field.

The cute little shikigami on his side holds a spoon in the sauna, holding a big watermelon as a crowd.

This is a square watermelon that Hokkaido produces only a thousand pieces a year. It is so sweet and without half a watermelon seed inside.

The snack food Fusang was a real pleasure.

And Curaçao in the school field also wore a witch dress, compared with Junhui's new witchcraft.

With the help of the mysterious well water provided by Kogoro Maori and Fuso's teachings, Curaçao, whose brains are different from ordinary people, has a very high talent for learning witchcraft, only slower than Kogoro Maori.

After only a couple of days, she mastered the superficial water and fire witchcraft, combined with her extraordinary skills, and matched with the increasingly sophisticated Jun Hui.

According to Fuso, Curaçao is a born witch.

If he were born in the era when the monster race was born thousands of years ago, he would definitely become a giant.

Moori Kogoro, who heard this for the first time, couldn't help but chuckled. He didn't expect that a foreign witch appeared under his command.