Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1410

"If you don't draw a tarot card, maybe the gods will tell you the answer."

Nagara Haruka bit his lip, and quickly reached out to draw the tarot card that had already been spread out.

But in her heart, she was complaining about Kogoro next to her: If it weren't for his big hands to play pranks underneath, she wouldn't be gloomy.

However, when the Tarot card was turned over, Nagara Haruka was slightly stunned. This was a'dark mist'.

She began to explain according to her memory: "The results of the divination show that tonight's game is vague, can't see clearly, and I'm afraid something bad will happen."

This is too ambiguous, and the audience in the studio is naturally dissatisfied and can't help but talk.

Mouri Kogoro on his side helped to make up for it: "It means that tonight will be a battle between rivals. It is very exciting."

Jian Qixiu also seemed to see that Nagara Haruka's condition was not right, and quickly skipped her interview with the girl idol Yoko next to her.

Yoko smiled and said, "I like dessert very much, and I also believe Maori-kun's statement that desserts are dishes that bring happiness to people."

"I just hope that I can make desserts by myself in the future for someone I like." While saying this, Yoko's beautiful eyes couldn't help looking at Kogoro Mori beside her.

For an instant, pink bubbles appeared on the screen...

And the garden in the auditorium couldn't help standing up and shouting: "Yoko, you can restrain me, he is not something you can get involved..."

Before she could finish her words, Shiliang covered her mouth with a shame on her face and pulled her down, and the surrounding audience burst into laughter.

The competition soon began. First, three pastry chefs entered the glass kitchen to fight, decide the winner, and then challenge the six-time champion Li Chunxi sitting next to him.

The audience's attention was attracted by the dessert competition.

On the second scene, Kogoro Mouri and the two women discussed techniques and materials in a soft voice. Among the three, Nagara Haruka could not keep up with the progress.

She didn't have the ability to be distracted, and she silently endured the invasion of Kogoro Moori, while she was afraid of showing abnormalities, trying to manage her expression, naturally she couldn't keep up with the rhythm.

Yoko heard Nagara Haruka's gasping sound a bit heavy, and some concern appeared in her eyes, and handed over a bottle of mineral water from the show sponsor and said: "Miss Nagara, would you like to drink a glass of water?"

"No, no, no, you don't have to worry about me!" And Nagara Haruka suddenly refused desperately with a hell, making Yoko quite puzzled.

On the side, Mouri Kogoro laughed secretly.

At the same time, Mouri Kogoro's left hand slowly leaned out under the round table and placed it on Yoko's emerald green dress.

Yoko's body trembled, and her beautiful eyes glanced at Mouri Kogoro calmly.

Immediately afterwards, her body turned sideways and moved closer, as if she was giving him convenience.

Seeing Yoko's cooperation in this way, the smile on Kogoro Mouri's face increased, and he immediately enjoyed it unceremoniously.

I have to say that the skin of the girl idol is well maintained, tender and smooth!

Xiao Lan, who was in the auditorium of the studio, thought about it a lot, and finally figured out what the dessert her father was talking about, she couldn't help but stared at the father on the screen.

And Shiliang Zhenchun, who was beside him, stared at the screen, feeling that Yoko and Nagara Haruka's blushes were very beautiful, white in color, and very eye-catching.

Shiliang Zhenchun plans to buy a blusher of the same style to try after recording the show.

Shiliang, the tomboy, would not have thought that this is not actually a blush, but a real blush.

While the competition is in full swing, the three female dessert chefs are very hardworking. When they think of making desserts for Kogoro Moori to try and comment on when they are promoted, they become more motivated.

More than ten minutes passed, and the three desserts in the kitchen were finally ready.

This first round was divided among ten live audiences who voted after tasting. Yuanzi was very lucky to be selected to taste desserts.

At the end of the voting, a female dessert chef named Ryoko won.

Soon, the second round of competition began, and a heavy box was lifted by several staff and placed in the center of the studio.

Item 0267

On the big screen, the eyes of Yoko's star are foggy, and the jade neck is red, almost the same color as the ruby ​​on the chest.

She was leaning against the round table, as if she might fall down at any time.

But the audience in the studio didn't notice, their eyes were all attracted by the fruit treasure chest.

Under the round table, Yoko's small hand couldn't help pushing Mouri Kogoro's big hand.

This Nizi thought at first that he just wanted to take a small advantage, who knew that he was getting too much behind him.

At this time, at the show in the studio, the producer Taruoka Riying, holding the key to the second purse lock in his hand, came forward to open the lock.

The two staff on the left and right helped lift the treasure chest. Everyone on the scene looked at the treasure chest, wondering what fruit was inside.

But seeing the things inside, the audience couldn't help but burst into an uproar.

What followed was one after another screams.

On top of a full of Australian red apples, a bald old man in a kimono was lying on top with blood stains, motionless, already dead.

All the audience are familiar with the old man, and that man is the planner of this show, the dessert gourmet Mr. Masatoku Takeki.

Jian Qixiu couldn't help but fell to the ground seeing this scene.

Conan and Shiliang Zhenchun in the audience immediately ran to the stage.

At the second scene, Nagara Haruka and Yoko were startled when they heard the screams, thinking they were discovered. The two women couldn't help exclaiming, and the back of their heads buzzed, as if they were in front of them. See the day.

The two women who came back to their senses suddenly felt shameful, but couldn't help turning their heads and looking at the live broadcast on the screen, observing the reaction of the audience in the studio.

However, the live broadcast is messy, and it doesn't seem to be related to this.

When the two women saw this, they breathed a sigh of relief.

Because only the back of the fruit treasure box can be seen from the screen angle, and the director of the console was frightened and didn't switch the camera.

So the three people on the second scene didn't see what happened.

Kogoro Mouri asked quickly, "Mr. Kenqi, what happened?"

"Maori detective, come here soon, Mr. Wu Mu was attacked and killed, and he was stuffed into this fruit box."

Kogoro Mori immediately opened his mouth to preside over the overall situation: "All audiences and staff, stay where they are, don't make noise or leave without authorization."

"Now that there is a murder case, I am present, temporarily hand it over to me."

"Mr. Jianqi, call the police immediately, and I will pass now."