Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1422

"In other words, if there is no reason, I can only rest in my room in the future, so as not to be noticed by my mother."

Hearing this, Hui Yuan's little face immediately glowed with joy.

In this way, wouldn't he be able to monopolize Uncle Maori?

Seeing Hui Yuan's expression, Xiao Lan naturally knew what she was thinking of, and couldn't help but hammer Xiao Lori's head: "Sai, don't think I don't know what you are thinking!"

Little Lolita chuckled lightly: "Don't worry, Xiao Lan, I will take care of my uncle. You act well and don't let your mother see the flaws."

But after saying this, Hui Yuan turned around and found his room, for fear that it was also installed with surveillance.

Little Lori didn't say anything, but she was still a little scared of Yingli in her heart.

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At the entrance of the suite on the first floor next door, Kogoro Mouri took the key to open the door, and the layout inside was exactly the same as the one upstairs.

Shiliang followed into the room and sat on the sofa in the living room, watching Maori Kogoro making tea like flowing water, but a slight hesitation appeared on his small face, and he didn't know how to speak.

Soon, the fragrance of tea overflowed, and Kogoro Mouri handed the tea made with Wuyi Mountain's special offer to Shiliang.

Shi Liang took a sip, his blue eyes lit up instantly, and he couldn't help but exclaimed, "It smells so good!"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled and said, "Shiliang, didn't you want to tell me about Mary?"

Shiliang put the tea cup down and couldn't help but said, "Uncle Maori, I heard you and my sister in the bathroom the night before yesterday. Are you doing something h?"

Kogoro Mouri was choked in an instant while drinking tea. He couldn't help coughing and picked up a tissue to wipe his mouth.

This Nizi is too straightforward, this is so straightforward, it is really unbearable.

Maori Kogoro watched Shiliang staring at him seriously, and his body was taut, making an attacking posture faintly, causing him a slight headache.

But there is nothing to hide.

Mouri Kogoro nodded: "It's true, but I didn't force her. Mary is very good, she likes it very much, and she said it cooperatively."

Hearing that Kogoro Moori really admitted, Shiliang's pupils shrank sharply.

For some reason, she was so angry that she couldn't help but patted the table and stood up: "Uncle Maori, how can you be like this? My sister is so young, how can you act on her!"

"I really misunderstood you. You shouldn't let you treat my sister in the first place."

Kogoro Mouri turned to a chuckle: "It's very rude to talk to the elders like this."

"You keep saying that Mary is your sister, can you tell me how old she is?"

Shi Liang couldn't help but said, "She, she is thirteen, wrong, twelve years old!"

Maori Kogoro frowned: "You still want to hide from me until now. I can't do anything to the young girl. In fact, Mary told me that she was your mother. She just took APTX and her body shrank. "

"So, as a junior, naturally you don't have the right to take care of our elders, right?"

Hearing these words, Shiliang immediately sat back angrily, lowered his head and took a sip of tea: "You all know that?"

"Nonsense, I knew it from the first time I saw Mary."

"That's different from ordinary people's maturity, fierce skill, deliberate disguise, especially the response during treatment. It doesn't look like a child at all. I'm not a fool. I will know soon."

"Furthermore, this matter is Mary's own choice, Xiao Shiliang should respect it."

Shiliang immediately shook his head: "But, she is my mother. My mother needs the consent of her children to choose a partner. Besides, doesn't the uncle already have aunt Yingli? How can this be done?"

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Even if I already have Yingli, but I didn't deliberately conceal it, your mother naturally accepted this, so there will be no problem."

"As for the consent of the children, Shiliang, I really can’t understand that you would say something like this if you are half of the eagle country. Some emotions can’t be suppressed. People are born to be free, and emotions should be so. Love is only between two people. Things should not be swayed by foreign objects, and I will never allow to be swayed by foreign objects."

"Shiliang, although my uncle wants your blessing very much, even without your blessing, the established fact that Mary is with me will never let anyone shake. You should understand my determination."

Hearing this, Shiliang's expression was stunned, and countless thoughts seemed to collide in his mind.Mouri Kogoro didn't speak much, and continued to make tea and drank.

After a long time, Shiliang's eyes became brighter and brighter, as if he had figured out something, his brows gradually opened up.

Xiao Shiliang smiled at the corner of his mouth, and Xiao Hu's teeth showed up: "Uncle Maori is right. Some emotions are impossible to suppress. Love is purely a matter of only two people. It is my fault."

For some reason, Kogoro Moori felt that Shiliang's smile had no meaning, as if it had no meaning.

"Well, I will ask my mother again when I go back. If you know that it was your uncle who forced her, then you will be dead."

"Tonight's conversation is a secret between us. No one is allowed to speak out. Whoever speaks out is a puppy."

After that, Shiliang turned around and ran out of the suite and went upstairs.

Mouri Kogoro didn't know why, but didn't think so much, so he went to his own direction.

When she returned to her home on the third floor, Xiao Lori Huiyuan was taking a bath in the bathroom, and Xiao Lan greeted her and couldn't help asking: "Dad, what are you talking about with Shiliang?"

"It's nothing, it's just that Shiliang asked me about a few cases before, and she couldn't think of a breakthrough, so she asked me to help guide them."

"Unexpectedly, she was so diligent on the case."

Xiaolan reached out and put her arm around Kogoro Mori's arm, and pulled him towards the kitchen.

Maori Kogoro chuckled softly: "Xiao Lan, don't pretend it now, your scared expression just now hasn't even been hidden from your mother!"

"Nonsense, I was really scared just now. It's disgusting and terrifying. I will never watch Thai horror movies again."

Having said this, Xiao Lan's little hand squeezed Moori Kogoro's waist and twisted with all his might. Maori Kogoro's face changed greatly in pain, and he twitched: "Xiaolan, what are you doing?"

"Smelly dad, what did you say about your favorite dessert on the show before? How can it be considered a dessert? Besides that, where are the adjectives said in the show?"

Kogoro Moori patted Xiaolan's little hand, and couldn't help but quibble: "But that is really the most beautiful thing my father has ever eaten in his life, I can't forget it!"

Xiaolan's hands were slightly loose, her pretty face flushed, she couldn't help asking: "Really?"

"Of course!" Mouri Kogoro answered decisively.

There was a curve in the corner of Xiaolan's mouth, and she couldn't help but speak softly: "Then dad, do you want to try the new dessert I'made'?"

Kogoro Maori looked sideways, and there was a row of tapered piping bags on the kitchen cabinet. Some of them were filled with fresh cream, some were filled with jam, and there were all kinds of jams, which were carefully prepared.

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Since it is Xiaolan's heart, of course Dad has to taste it."

"It seems that the snake venom in my Xiaolan's body is breaking out again!"

"Hate!" Xiao Lan fist weakly landed on Mouri Kogoro's chest.