Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1424

The experiment was proceeding in an orderly manner, and Kogoro Moori stroked Huihara's trembling body with his big hands, as if he wanted to free her from anxiety and anxiety.

But this can be eliminated by comfort. Little Lori is worried that she can't recover her body, unless she really gets bigger, otherwise this negative emotion will not be eliminated.

His Xiaobai held a temporary antidote tightly in his hand, and the effect lasted about four hours.

Mouri Kogoro picked up the little Lori who was facing her back and turned it around slowly.

Hui Yuan's short white legs couldn't help but hook up, and his jade feet were curved, very beautiful.

Finally, Huihara sat in Kogoro Moori's arms, and the two looked at each other.

Huihara’s Xiaomeng’s face was full of blush, her mouth was slightly open and panting, her azure blue eyes staring at Maori Kogoro like a lake, full of countless affection.

Little Lori didn't even know that these antidote was made by Kogoro Moori using materials exchanged by the system. There were no impurities or side effects at all. Human experiments were done and they were completely suitable for human consumption.

She has always believed that every time she took this antidote, she would take a great risk, and she had not done clinical trials, might be life-threatening, and it was easy to build up drug resistance in the body.

But even with so many side effects, as long as Kogoro Moori wants her to recover, she will obediently take the antidote.

This time too!

Little Lori raised her head and put the antidote in her hand into her mouth.

Kogoro Mori picked up the salt water prepared on the side, took a sip, then bent his head, pinched Lori's pink lips, and swept the water over.

With the salt water, Huihara swallowed the medicine, and his short hands gripped Moori Kogoro's waist tightly.

Maori Kogoro could sense the fear in Haibara's heart, and his big hands also tightly hugged Lori's soft back.

Soon, Kogoro Mouri heard Haibara's heartbeat grow louder, like a heavy drum.

Little Lori's pores opened up, and the heat and sweat leaked out, causing the temperature of the entire room to rise a bit.

The familiar and then trembling change appeared, and Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but squinted, and panted nervously.

The little Lolita, who was holding her arms tightly in her arms, began to pull, her arms began to stretch, and the little hands that could only hold her waist gradually moved back to her back.

The short legs began to grow longer, and the short legs that could only be stepped on the bed grew longer, and couldn't help but bend his knees, and two long white legs appeared.

One of them, Ma Pingchuan's breasts also grew bigger, reaching Kogoro Mouri's chest.

Bai Jie's little cute face also gradually matured, the slight baby fat on her cheeks disappeared, turned into a melon-seeded face, a pointed chin, and instantly changed from a cute little loli into a mature big sister.

Kogoro Mori has seen him many times, but he didn't see enough each time. This feeling is really wonderful.

Holding the little Lolita in her arms, she grew up into a big beauty in an instant, which was fascinating and fascinating.

After taking the antidote, Huiyuan's body was constantly trembling and shrinking. The whole body seemed to be warm, dripping sweat on her beautiful and pretty face, and her azure blue eyes were charming but slightly blurred. She is unparalleled at the moment.

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but a touch of surprise appeared in his eyes.

With his keen observation power, Shiho's body at this moment is still different from the past.

After a thunderstorm, Huiyuan washed his marrow through the Yijing, and his body was completely wiped out of impurities. His body was pure as a baby, and Zhibao, who grew from it, was in this state.As a result, Zhibao's skin has become whiter and smoother, his waist has become slenderer, and the curves of his waist and hips are simply breathtaking.

And she also had abdominal muscles and mermaid lines, something that Shiho, who didn't like to move before, felt a little more elastic and feels great.

His small face was rosy and vigorous, his face was rosy, his complexion was much better than before, and his breath was longer.

The most important thing is that Shiho has been promoted to the cup. With the eyes of Moori Kogoro's venomous old driver, she can naturally see that she has changed from C to D cup in an instant, which is incredible.

Unexpectedly, this Yijing cleansing marrow has such a magical effect. Is it because the fat is moved and reshaped into the perfect body now.

However, seeing Shiho become healthier and more energetic, Mouri Kogoro was extremely happy.

"Water, water, water!"

Hearing this soft cry, Mouri Kogoro immediately reached out and picked up the salt water, and started to feed Shiho.

One drink was two big cups, and Zhibo quenched his thirst, and a happy smile appeared on his face.

Then Shiho was also keenly aware of the abnormality of his body, so he observed his skin stinkingly, and looked down at his body, completely ignoring Kogoro Mouri in front of him.

Maori Kogoro couldn't help but twitch his brows, and he was ignored. It was really unforgivable.

His big hand directly patted Shiho's hips, causing him to cry out in pain.

Shiho realized that he had left Kogoro in the cold, so he obediently posted and offered a sweet kiss.

When Kogoro Mouri showed off his master-level kissing technique, the offensive was also carried out. Soon Shiho's body turned red and his head began to feel dizzy again.

Kogoro Mouri smirked, "Shiho, don't read it, the effect of I Ching's marrow washing is also present on your body now. You will have a chance to see it in the future. Let's continue the experiment."

And Shiho couldn't help but gasped, "Bad guy, this antidote only works for four hours, and the experiment doesn't know how long it will take. If I don't watch it now, won't there be no chance?"

"Well, I really can't help you!"

Mouri Kogoro reached out and lifted Shiho up, holding her up.

In a panic, Shiho's bare hands clasped Mouri Kogoro's neck, her legs were clamped around his waist, and she hung on Mouri Kogoro like a koala.

Soon, Mouri Kogoro took the royal sister to the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the room, and let her see it for herself.

Turning his face to look at himself in the mirror, Shiho couldn't help but beaming with joy.

Soon she also noticed her changes, she straightened her chest, and then smiled triumphantly: "Big Milk Lan, it seems that I will be able to catch up with you soon."

At this time, the door was pushed open and Xiao Lan, who was wiping her hair with a towel, walked in. She was wearing blue shorts and a white vest, her chest looked heavy.

"What catches up with me?"

Xiaolan soon saw the situation in the room, and couldn't help but speak: "What, Xiaoai, you are taking medicine again, get off my dad soon."

"You are too deceitful, your behavior is foul, hurry up and make me smaller..."

The dissatisfied Xiao Lan quickly went forward to stop the experiment, and the room suddenly screamed, but the sound was absorbed by the soundproof wall, and it didn't spread out.

Item 0281

The little angel joined them soon, and wanted to continue the unfinished thing on the kitchen cabinet!

But as soon as she approached, she was suppressed by Moori Kogoro with one hand, and she was unable to move while lying on the wall.

"Be good, wait a minute!"

This malleability experiment, but the first experiment after Shiho Yijing washes the marrow, Mouri Kogoro really wants to know if Shibo has grown.