Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1428

"Teacher, there is a problem that has bothered me for a long time. I like an uncle who is older than me for a long time. I have used various methods to confess, but all of them have no results."

"Every time there will be significant progress, something else will interrupt it."

"But I know that uncle likes me too, so I want to ask when I can succeed!"

Looking at the imposing garden in front of him, Nagara Haruka wiped off his sweat with a handkerchief, and then said: "Emotional matters are the most reluctant. This is about love. Please calm down, hold your breath, close your eyes and think. This question, then draw three cards to show me."

Yuanzi did so, and Nagara Haruka opened the three cards she drew one by one and looked at it.

It was a long time before she began to explain: "From the perspective of these three tarot cards, this matter was mainly hindered by relatives and elders. It should have been hindered by friends before, but it was resolved by you."

Yuanzi's head was like smashing garlic, and he was right. His mother was the roadblock in his love.

"There are also some influences that should be in terms of personality. Too extravagant temperament will put a burden on men, and sometimes they should be restrained."

"Then my advice to you is to stay as far away as possible from the disturbing relatives, and then make a confession, so that you should get a better result." Hearing this, Yuanzi patted the table with regret.

The reason why the strategy plan of the trip to Izu failed last time was because my mother and sister were there!

Nagara Haruka laughed lightly: "In general, the cause of the garden is still very good. Although it was a bit difficult at the beginning, it will still get the desired result in the end."

Hearing this, Yuanzi laughed from ear to ear, and quickly stood up and bowed to Nagara Haruka, "Teacher, thank you so much. I know what to do next."

The rich garden put the stack of money in the wallet directly on Nagara Haruka's table, and then walked out lightly.

Nagara Haruka originally wanted to do fortune-telling for them for free, but he could only accept this posture.

Immediately after, Xiaolan also walked in. She was afraid of being overheard by the garden, and closed the door a little bit tighter, and then sat on a chair somewhat restrained.

Facing Maori Kogoro's daughter, Nagara Haruka had a gentle smile on his face.

"What does Xiaolan want to fortune? Love? Career? Fortune? Fortune? Health?"

"Love it!"

Under the guidance of Nagara Haruka, Xiao Lan drew cards like the garden just now.

But Nagara Haruka looked at the three cards drawn, his face changed slightly, and couldn't help but said: "Strange, how come these two cards appear here?"

Xiaolan couldn't help asking: "Teacher, what's the matter?"

"The two cards you drew shouldn't be in this stack of tarot decks. I don't know how to mix them in, causing some splits."

"Maybe something went wrong, maybe we did it again?"

Xiao Lan frowned slightly, but still insisted on opening her mouth: "Teacher, you can help me explain the meaning of the tarot card first!"

Nagara Haruka also nodded: "We are using the Holy Triangle Divination Method. The three cards represent the past, present and future."

"And the strangest thing is that this first card represents the past. The card language means hopeless and endless waiting. This is an extreme big card. Drawing this card is almost certain that this person should be alone for a lifetime. Love will not What are the good results."

When she heard this, Xiaolan's face changed, and her little hand couldn't help but clenched.

"The second card that represents now says that you are indulging in sweet love at this moment. This is another extreme big lucky card, jumping from endless waiting to sweet love, as if fate has been reversed. general."

"Xiao Lan, you have to know that these cards with negative one plus two extreme cards are not in my normal deck. There is no extreme tarot card in the normal deck."

"They are the extreme cards in the'Great Lucky Deck' and the'Big Kill Deck', and they are mixed into my normal deck, and they happened to be drawn for you. It's really weird, so I said this time. It may be inaccurate."

After listening to the explanation, Xiaolan's mouth appeared with a smile.

Indeed, when that happened at the beginning, Xiaolan himself felt that there would be no good results, but the current situation was only made possible by each other's efforts and step by step.

It's no exaggeration to say that it has reversed fate!

After all, I have done something unethical.

"No, teacher, you are very accurate in divination, what will happen in the future?"

Nagara Haruka pondered.

Item 0285

Seeing Xiaolan's nervous expression, Nagara Haruka chuckled lightly: "Relax, the third card's fortune is also excellent."

"Although there will be some obstacles from parents, as long as we work together, there will be good results in the end."

"From the perspective of these three cards, Xiaolan's karma is also very good. If it is not good at the beginning, it will pass. It will go smoothly in the future, but is it really unnecessary to re-divine?"

"no need!"

Xiao Lan shook her head, smiling at the corners of her mouth.

She breathed a sigh of relief, as if a boulder fell in her heart.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but marvel at Nagara Haruka's divination, it was true, and each one could correspond to her.

Now her only concern is her mother's obstruction.

After listening to the divination, she was relieved.

Then Xiaolan hesitated for a while and asked in a low voice: "Teacher, I have one more thing I want you to fortune."

Nagara Haruka smiled: "You don't have to deliberately make such a low voice. The divination room is made of soundproof material. It will not be heard by outsiders, and I will not leak the secret."

"Then let me tell you," Xiaolan's cheeks turned red, and she could see the faint rosy at the bottom of her ears. She was also very shy about the next question: "I want to know when I will have children?"


"Because my, um, my boyfriend doesn’t wear a condom every time I’m with me. It’s ZC every time. The amount is a lot and the frequency is very high, probably every day. Our state continues. It's been months."

"But my stomach doesn't react at all, so it feels weird?"

Hearing this, Nagara Haruka gasped, and his blue eyes looked at Xiao Lan in shock.

When a real person is unfavorable, Xiao Lan, who seems innocent and innocent, is so unrestrained in private, and is still thinking about having a child. This is incredible!

The thought that he was still a virgin in his twenties made Nagara Haruka a little heartbroken!

Xiaolan continued to speak: "I have gone to the hospital to check him and me. Everything is normal and our body is very healthy."

Nagara Haru swallowed his saliva: "Xiao Lan, if I remember correctly, you should be a high school student now. Are you still a young adult? Is it too early to have a baby?"

Xiao Lan chuckled lightly: "But I love my boyfriend very much. I'm ready. If I am pregnant, I will be born."

"I really want to give him a baby."