Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1436

But at this time the most violent reaction was not the mother and daughter, but Conan the devil.

He couldn't help but hug Hattori Heiji's big black legs tightly, and they had a few hairy legs.

"Hattori, I said there are real ghosts in this world, you don't believe it, now that even zombies are coming out, it's really scary."

"Damn, what are you touching, don't put your hands in my pants."

Hattori Heiji was wearing a pair of loose shorts, and was accidentally attacked by Conan's little hand.

You Xizi on the side couldn't help holding his forehead again. It's too shameful, Shinichi, how did you become like this.

The attacked Hattori couldn't help but hit Conan's head with another punch, and another big red envelope swelled up.

"Where there are zombies, this is obviously a blind trick. It must be the fake death of the producer just now. It's horrible."

Mouri Kogoro shook his head and said, "It shouldn't be the case. No one can pretend to be dead in front of me. He is indeed dead, and indeed he died by taking potassium hydride."

"Come on, let's go and take a look at the corpse."

Hearing Kogoro Moori said that he was going to find a zombie, Yingli and Xiaolan immediately reached out and took his left and right arms.

The mother and daughter shook their heads synchronously, not wanting him to go.

They are so afraid of ghosts that they have such a tacit understanding.

Kogoro Mouri could only say with relief: "Don't worry, I can solve it even if there are zombies."

Then he dragged the mother and daughter to the next room, but the body that was lying on the floor disappeared.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but exclaimed: "How is it possible?"

Yuanzi quickly explained: "Two or three minutes ago, we passed by here when we went to the toilet. The corpse was still there. Why has it disappeared now."

Upon hearing this, everyone remembered the contents of the suicide note.

'Join the funeral of the dead and invite the living into our world'.

In an instant, everyone's tail vertebrae were chilling.

This is too weird!

Is it really turning into a zombie to kill?

Director Neidong was sweating on his forehead, and couldn't help but said: "Should we escape from the villa first?"

Yingli and Xiaolan on the left and right also nodded again and again and agreed.

But Hattori Heiji said: "I don't believe that people will become zombies. If they die, they are dead. The corpse must be hidden in this room. Let's search it."

Hearing what he said, the film crew went in and searched for it.

But Kogoro Mouri was restrained by his mother and daughter, so he was naturally immobile.

Conan the little devil was in a frightened mood, afraid that there would be zombies. He didn't even want to take care of the case, so he didn't follow in.

Soon, everyone turned over the mattress, moved the tables and chairs, opened the cabinet, and even the cabinet, without finding anything.

The female lighting engineer Zhijiang immediately looked like she was crying: "Why is this? Is it because the guilt of the president is at work? Otherwise, Yuan Xie died in this same room, why would he become a zombie to revenge us."

"Why is this?"

Sound engineer Yaba comforted: "It doesn't necessarily mean that you have become a zombie. With a Maori detective here, he can definitely find out the truth."

Zhijiang looked like he had collapsed: "I'm going to die, so let's find the truth. Let's run away. The suicide note of the original association states the living in the villa. We should be able to live without staying in the villa.

Yingli and Xiaolan nodded again and again.

Kogoro Mouri twitched his hands, but he couldn't move. The left and right sides were 36E. Xiaolan and Hideri were hugging too tightly.

But this flexibility is really great, there is nothing but meat bombing!

He could only speak in this posture: "You don't need to escape, in fact, the truth is already very clear."

At this moment, there was a burst of yelling sounds from below.

Thinking that it should be the police, Mouri Kogoro asked Hattori Heiji to go down and pick up the police.

In Gunma Prefecture, the police who came were naturally brazen mountain villages.

As soon as he entered the villa, he saw a group of zombies with special effects make-up. The timid village fuck was frightened and screamed: "Zombies! Zombies full of houses!"

He immediately jumped into the arms of the men beside him, was picked up by the princess, and then took out the rosary in his arms and kept drinking.

"Evil spirits will disperse, evil spirits will disperse, evil spirits will disperse!"

His subordinates can only support the officer silently.

And Hattori Heiji, who ran down the stairs, covered his head with black lines, and explained: "They are all extras with makeup. The body is on the third floor. Come with me."

When he heard this, Yamamura Cao breathed a sigh of relief, and then led the team to follow Hattori Heiji.

As soon as he arrived on the third floor, he said with surprise on his face: "Maori detective, there is Miss Xizi, and the lovely Miss Yoko, you are all here, I am so lucky today."

The mountain village Caotian who said this put his hands together and began to circle, as if he had already forgotten the zombies on the first floor.

Yoko frowned. Is this police really reliable?

You Xizi caught a glimpse of the certificate on Shancun’s chest that turned into a police department. She couldn’t help asking, “How did you get promoted?”

Shancun Cao immediately saluted and said: "Thanks to you and the Maori detective, after the case of a few families was solved last time, I was promoted to the police department."

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro's mouth couldn't help but twitch.

Is the police station of Gunma prefecture so trifling?Is this the police department?

Takagi and Chiba in Tokyo did not know how many cases they followed, and they were just small criminals.

And the last time I saw a mountain village fuck, he was just a rookie criminal who just got out of the school. He was promoted in one case, ha ha!

He became the police department of Gunma prefecture, and he didn't know how many unjust, false and wrong cases he was going to promote!

But Kogoro Mouri didn't say much, and Yamamura Maori began to understand the situation.

Item 0293

In the room where the female photographer Kyoko Ejiri died, Yamamura Maori screamed pale after watching the two videos.