Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1438

"Well, that idiot policeman, don't hesitate to handcuff me."

The mountain village that had been photographed by Liya Qidian went up to the ground and caught him in handcuffs.

"Hey, no, I'm not a stupid policeman."

"Cut, idiot, take me back to the police station!"

Having said this, Leah stepped on her black boots and walked out, as if she was a policeman and not a prisoner.

When passing by Maori Kogoro, she turned her head and said: "Maori detective, I remember you." After that, she walked away!

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Seeing Ria being taken away, Yoko was a little sad: "I didn't expect Ria to be such a person."

She and Ria are also friends.

Although she couldn't understand her evil posture of playing with human life, she sympathized with her being forced and insulted, and her heart was very complicated for a while.

Mouri Kogoro stepped forward to caress Yoko's shoulder, and comforted him softly, "Don't worry about her. Seeing her calm posture, she must have figured out how to deal with it."

To be honest, Kogoro Moori believes that Ria Kawabata will be released soon.

After all, the police here in Gunma Prefecture are too unreliable. Even people like mountain villagers can serve as a police department. It is easy to get there.

Yoko also understood what Mouri Kogoro meant, and his face quickly returned to normal.

She glanced at Yingri next to her, and asked with a guilty conscience: "Kogoro, did Lawyer Yingri come to catch us?"

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly. After watching the surveillance in his mind, he was completely clear that Yingli was not here to catch Yoko, but Xiaolan.

Unexpectedly, she was so suspicious that she was still using Xiaolan's mobile phone.

"Don't worry, Yingli and the others will be dealt with by me. You will behave as usual, and everything will be mine."

"But if something like this happens, don't make this movie of yours, bad luck."

"When I get back to Tokyo, I will find someone to help you set up a studio and help you with some major productions."

Yoko smiled at the corner of his mouth, no doubt that Kogoro Mouri couldn't do it, so he lightened his head.

But when she saw Yingli's gaze, she quickly pretended to be normal.

And Kogoro Mori walked in the direction of Hideri Oran.

Xiaolan is still asking: "Mom, why did you and Aunt Youxizi suddenly appear? Didn't I call you just now in Tokyo?"

Yingli coped very reluctantly, and she could not think of any reason to fool her daughter.

It was Kogoro Mori who came forward to help out the siege: "Well, I told your mother. Your mother must have rushed over because she was worried about you, isn't it, Hideri?"

Hideri nodded immediately, but when he turned his head to see the evil smile of Kogoro Mouri, he couldn't help feeling a little palpitating.

She was naturally impressed with this smile. The last time Kogoro smiled like this, she was blossomed in the office.

Yoko leaned over and said, "Kogoro, lawyer concubine, senior, the matter here is almost resolved."

"I have prepared a mushroom banquet and booked a room at Kusatsu Onsen. Let me entertain this time. Let's live in Gunma today."

Kogoro Mori naturally nodded and agreed: "Let's go then."

The group said goodbye to the rest of the camera crew, then went down the stairs and walked outside.

Only then did I see Xiao Lan, who played the zombie group, was so frightened, her little hand kept holding on to the hem of Kogoro Mouri and refused to let it go.

However, Yingli Na's Mini Cooper, which was parked in the jungle, couldn't start. It was destroyed all the way by the queen of law, and stopped and went on strike.

No way, the five girls all had to take Moori Kogoro's Lexus and drove down the mountain.

Conan was naturally driven by Hattori Heiji on a motorcycle, and was quickly thrown off by Lexus.

In the car down the hill, with four women in the back seat, Yoko talked very well and kept talking.

"Kogoro, do you know? The next road down the mountain is the famous Qiu Ming Mountain. I heard that there are many speeding parties here at night."

Famous autumn mountains in Gunma Prefecture?Kogoro Mori raised his eyebrows. There is no Fujiwara Takumi in this world!

At this time, the road in front suddenly lit up, and a group of young men and women gathered around the shoulders of the road, one by one dressed in non-mainstream styles, with various sports cars on the shoulders.

Yuanzi couldn't help but be surprised: "There really is a speeding party."

On the road ahead, three cars drove side by side.

An exposed girl walked to the middle with a flag and waved her hand, and the three cars galloped away, only the red light at the rear could be seen.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but twitch at the corner of his mouth. His super eyesight could clearly see the car models in front of the car, one of which was really an AE86.

What a coincidence?

The garden in the back seat couldn't help but say: "Uncle, catch up, catch up, let's surpass them."

Xiao Lan said, "Forget it, Dad, let them go first, don't make trouble with the speeding party."

But Yingli, the co-pilot, seemed a little excited, and she was naturally very adventurous when she was racing all the way.

In addition, she also knew Kogoro's driving skills, and said directly: "Overtaking."

Hideri said so, and Kogoro Mouri directly increased the throttle and got into the mountain road before the group of speed gangs used the fence to close the road.

The observer on the shoulder of the road immediately opened his mouth and said: "Attention, attention, there is a black Lexus rambling in, there are five women in it."

"Oh my God, this Lexus is so fast, it has passed 200 miles."

The three drivers in front heard all of them from the headphones, and they were full of disdain. How fast can a Lexus full of women go?

It's really going to be fast, and Kogoro Moori's Lexus has not slowed down.

His master-level driving skills were displayed, the pupils were dilated, and countless planned routes appeared in the retina.

Where to cut in, where to drift is the safest, directly accurate to the millimeter level.

However, he glanced at the women in the car, fearing that they would not be able to withstand the fast cornering, and instead of choosing the fastest opening, they chose the most stable opening.

Even so, the speed of the car is getting faster and faster, the street lights on the left and right are passing away like streams of light, the violent wind pours in from the car windows, and the hair of the girls dances with the wind.

Yingli and Yuanzi couldn't help getting excited, and kept talking, "Drive faster, drive faster."

Xiaolan was nothing, but Yoko stretched out his hand to support the body, her face a little pale.