Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1456

Donation, search, search, silly, silly, stubborn, young, daughter-in-law, strong surge of oil in the world

And it was not Kogoro in the driver's seat, but the aggressive Queen Yingli in a suit skirt and gold-wire glasses.

Hideri spoke directly: "It's useless Yu Kiko, I drove this car away, and told Kogoro that if you want a car, come to the office to find me."

After saying this, Yingli directly hooked the co-pilot's door with his foot and pulled it back.Then Lexus rampaged again.

"Insane, dissatisfaction with desire is not like this!"

As soon as the car drove away, Yu Xizi couldn't help but cursed. The cursing went into Yingli's ears with the wind, causing Yingli's brows to jump wildly!

You Xizi vented a laxation and returned to normal, and turned to Lijuantanyue to collapse the target.It’s easy to rush to stop and stop. A chaotic road and a slaughter bath!

"It's really unlucky today. I didn't eat anything when I came together, and I was tired without even changing the clothes. I'll trouble you."

Having said this, You Xizi covered the bathrobe covering her body and ran away with her bare feet covered in dust.

She quickly turned around and ran up the corridor. She didn't want to be on the front page headlines tomorrow, "Oscar's shadow queen was wearing a bathrobe and was unkempt and abandoned in the car.'

When You Xizi ran up the corridor, a blonde Western woman in the cafe took off her sunglasses, and her aqua-green eyes looked at her old friend with interest.

At the same time, in the couple's room at the end of the corridor in the Kusatsu Onsen Hotel, Kurotou Hattori Heiji woke up.

As soon as he became conscious, something was wrong!

By the way, the middle door opened wide, and the belt didn't seem to be tied, um, the bathrobe was untied!

Why is anyone stroking himself, why does it feel numb in the chest?

Hattori opened his eyes, and his pupils contracted immediately, and he was horrified to find that a little devil's head had grown on his body!

Ah yeah, this little devil went to sleep in his bathrobe, lying on his chest, still drooling, and what is even more hateful is that his paws are pulling his ribs and abdominal muscles.

Hattori Heiji instantly erected his hairs, got up without hesitation, and volleyed the little devil's head with one kick.


With a scream, Conan was kicked into the cabinet in an instant, his hands and feet were all straightened forward, his buttocks were completely submerged in the cabinet, and he was stuck inside.

The little devil's eyes burst out, his tongue spit out, and his small face gradually turned purple.

He just dreamed that his favorite star gave him an autographed football and he kept stroking the football.

No one knew that the dream was broken instantly, turned into a nightmare, and was kicked into the cabinet.

Hattori Heiji covered his chest with a bathrobe with both hands, with a look of grief and anger: "Kudo, what did you do to me last night? Why was my bathrobe untied?"

"Kudo, I have long felt that you are too wrong. You were never afraid of ghosts. You used ghost legends to trick me from Osaka."

"When I was in the villa, I pretended to be so scared, and when I hugged my legs, I squirmed."

"You are getting stranger and stranger now."

"If you do this again, we won't even have to do it with friends!"

Hearing this, the little devil wanted to cry without tears, and tried to speak: "I was dreaming just now!"

It's a pity that the voice is too small, Hattori heard only a few words, and immediately shouted: "Be your dream."

Feeling the stickiness of saliva in his chest, he couldn't help but shook his body with a bitter cold, and then slammed the door out, planning to go to the hot spring to cleanse his knowledge again.

Conan's face turned purple immediately panicked: "Hey, Hattori, where are you going, get me out!"

"Hey, Hattori, you are back."

"Damn, is there anyone, help!"

Chapter 0311

After washing and changing clothes, Yu Xizi regained her brilliance as a star and returned to the Polo Cafe downstairs.

Donated to the flock,  jealous, stubborn, and so on

You Xizi sighed deeply. She had no idea what Yingli was going crazy today, what exactly she went through last night, and she was so excited.

Glancing at the breakfast on the table, she turned to pick up her purse: "Xiao Zi, thank you, how much is this?"

Donate bananas, remarks, and squash the skeletal rake. The fishy tax is smashed. The stubborn bolt member panic!

Hearing this, You Xizi suddenly became a little confused, and couldn't help but glance at the foreign woman beside her, suddenly feeling a little familiar.

Well, full of bitch!

Blond, blue-eyed, graceful and pretty, wearing a light white dress, showing a delicate calf, jade feet stepped on a light green high heels, delicate toes, bare hands lifting the chin, as if in a concave shape, but It's so gorgeous indeed!

This is naturally the result of Belmore after the disguise, the appearance is disguised, and it is also very delicate and beautiful.

Belmod has been coming to this cafe to hang out recently, and his original purpose was to get revenge on Li’s donation.

But it's not clear whether you want to meet Moori Kogoro in your heart!

It's just that her retaliatory action stayed in her mind and did not start.

Only one time when she was staying in a cafe, she saw a blonde and big breasted little loli who came out to shop.

Little Lori was wearing a mask, but seeing her body shape and stride, Belmod seemed to recognize her and was extremely surprised.

Yesterday, after learning that Kogoro Moori was going to Gunma Prefecture, Bell Modder sat in the cafe by the window all day, intending to check again.

Only Mary never appeared again.

Now seeing her old friend You Xizi, she moved a little bit more carefully.

Seeing Yukiko looking over, Belmod smiled and started talking: "You are Miss Fujimine Yukiko, I'm your die-hard movie fan. I just made my own claim to help you pay back the money. Don't blame me."

Having said this, she sat down across from You Xizi as if she knew it.

"I have watched all of your movies, "Dangerous Policewoman Story", "White Princess", "Goodbye Tomorrow", "Otome", and the Oscar-winning "Emperor Capital Queen". I have watched it more than ten times. The acting is really good."

Hearing so many exact movies, even remembering her debut, Yu Xizi was sure she was really her fan, and instantly smiled triumphantly.

"Why, my acting skills are just average, that's just that the character just matches my temperament too well, that's why it is so brilliant."

Belmod rolled his eyes silently, Yu Xizi was still the same as before, and shamelessly put gold on his face. Isn't this changing the way to say that he is the queen?

But she knew her best friend very well, and started to flatter her: "To be honest, I really think your acting skills are much better than Sharon!"