Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1457

"Your "Mist City Wizard" is much better than Sharon's "Red Book". You should have won the prize in that session. The judges' eyes are really bad. There must be shady here."

This ass patted Yu Xizi's heart itch, Yu Xizi likes others saying she is better than Sharon.

But in fact, Sharon won the best actress Oscar for three times, and Xizi won the best actress one time, and Sharon gave him pk twice.

To be honest, Xizi is very unconvinced, so when someone says that her acting skills are better than Sharon, she is very happy.

At this moment, her eyes were smiling crescent-shaped, and her smiley eyes were curved: "Thick and thick! You young, you have a vision."

"But we can't say that. The deceased is the big one. We can't criticize Sharon like that. She is my good friend after all."

"In fact, Sharon's acting skills are quite good. Although it is slightly inferior to me, but she debuted at the same time as me, and she only saw her acting skills. Others are really not worth mentioning." "Hey, after her death, I will never again. There are no opponents anymore, it's so cold in height!

You Xizi also deliberately pretended to be a master of loneliness, causing Belmore on the opposite side to secretly laugh.

Belmod still admires Yu Xizi's acting skills very much. He is indeed an elf-like character who only appeared in five hundred years.

Those two wins with You Xizi's pk was indeed because she secretly moved her hands and feet to let the organizers control the judges.

Who makes her need fame to perform tasks, she can only use some means!

The real situation should be that Xizi won three Oscars for Best Actress, and she won one by herself, so Xizi would be so upset.

Immediately after Belmod asked, "Ms. Kiko, will you live here when you return home? This seems to be the residence of the famous detective Kogoro Mori?"

You Xizi didn’t panic, so Zhangkou came: “Because the next movie I was preparing to shoot was a suspenseful detective movie. It just so happens that my girlfriend is the wife of a Maori detective, so I stayed at their home for the convenience of observation and to accumulate material for good acting. Character."

Belmore couldn't help but glanced at Yukiko: Acting?I'm afraid it wasn't the big detective who happily rolled the sheets!

When I was in the U.S., I told myself how much I liked him and how much I missed him. Now I will say it is convenient to observe, accumulate materials, and a shameless woman, I believe you a ghost!

But Belmod didn't say much, and instead led to other topics, all of which were of interest to Xizi.

She would like to let Yukiko take herself to the Maori detective office later, and it would be best to see the little loli with the blonde and big breasts, so that she can confirm if she is who she thinks.

You Xizi was talking with the disguised Belmod while eating breakfast.

She was comforted physically and mentally by Belmod's rainbow fart. She only felt that she was too late to meet. How could this woman know herself so much!

On the other side, in the hot spring hotel, Hattori, who had soaked in the hot spring and had breakfast, returned to the room. Only then did he see Conan the little ghost head with a pig liver-colored face still caught in the cabinet.

Conan has maintained this position for more than an hour, and it is too painful.

Seeing Hattori come back, he quickly explained: "Listen to me, it was a misunderstanding in the morning. I dreamt that I was touching a football. I didn't know that I met you, so let me go."

After hearing this, Hattori also felt that his behavior was too radical, and immediately pulled Conan out of the cabinet.

"Oh, pain, pain, pain, my waist is about to break."

The little devil's head was finally pulled out, his face turned pale, he bent over and panted on the water bed, breathing continuously.

"Kudo, you said it earlier, but your sleeping habits are so bad that you run around and run into my arms."

Hattori Heiji was still complaining, and he didn't even see Conan behind the waterbed quietly touching his shoes.

When he turned around, he saw that the sneakers on Conan's feet were shining brightly, a football vacated from the kid's head and belt, and when he opened his big foot, it blasted directly at the uniform face.

"Die me!"

Hattori Heiji was knocked into the air in an instant, his right eye swelled up at a speed visible to the naked eye, and then he fell on the wall, full of gold stars.

The little devil was uncomfortable, and suddenly opened his foot and flashed his waist: "Oh, oh, my waist."

The screaming kid fell on the waterbed again.

Item 0312

Conan, the little devil, was very upset. When Hattori stayed in his room last time, he did such a bad thing to himself, and he didn't do anything to him.

Why this time he accidentally fell asleep in his arms and was kicked into the cabinet, and was stuck in it for so long, he was naturally not convinced.

Ever since, the two started a battle in this room.

Finally, the two men with blue noses and swollen faces paid the hotel owner for the damage to the furniture, and then they rode their motorcycles to Tokyo.

On the other side, Mini Cooper had brought the garden to her house, and the garden was naturally busy getting out of the car and was about to find his mother to settle the account.

She didn't even bid farewell to Kogoro Mouri, and got into her villa.

It is a pity that Tomoko went to Osaka to inspect the work, and was not in the villa, so the garden was naturally empty.

Soon afterwards, Kogoro Mori took Yoko back to her apartment.

Yoko glanced at Xiao Lan, who was still sleeping in the back seat, then boldly bullied him over, and pecked at Kogoro Mori.

Kogoro Mouri put his arms around his slender waist, and naturally responded enthusiastically. The exquisite figure of Yoko wandered with his fiery hands, causing Yoko to tremble.

After kissing intensely for a few minutes, Yoko's eyes were full of mist, and then he left Kogoro's embrace reluctantly.

"Well, go back and have a good rest, someone will come to you tomorrow to help you deal with things in the studio."

"If you don't want to work, it doesn't matter if you retire, I'll support you in the future." Mouri Kogoro rubbed Yoko's small head with his hands.

Hearing this, Yoko's eyes were full of warm colors, but she still shook her head, she still wanted to continue to pursue her dream of acting.

"Kogoro, I'm going up, remember to miss me, wait for your call."

Only then did Yoko open the car door and walked to the apartment, looking back one step at a time, really nostalgic.

Mouri Kogoro waved his hand, then turned around and drove toward his home.

He glanced at Xiao Lan, who was still sleeping in the back seat, and it seemed that she was really tired.

I have to say that I was so crazy and too smug last night, I should offend Yingli very seriously!

As soon as his mind turned, the image of Yingli's office appeared in his mind.

Sure enough, Yingli was very violent at this moment, his face was ugly, his eyes were shining scarlet, and he broke the pen in his hand from time to time. Kuriyama Green and Uusui Ritsuko who were meeting with him were all shivering!

It seems that it's better not to go there, to be in trouble.

However, Kogoro Mori is not too afraid. In this case, one meal should be fine, and if there are any problems, two meals can be taken, and this little female leopard can always be surrendered.

How Yingli begged for mercy last night, and how he begged for mercy afterwards.

Soon, Mini Cooper stopped next to Polo Café, where Xizi and Belmod in the cafe were gone, and the two women who had a good chat went upstairs.

After getting out of the car, Mouri Kogoro opened the back seat door and tapped Xiaolan's Qiong nose with his fingertips: "Little lazy pig, get up soon."