Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1460

A faint smile hung up at the corner of Kogoro Mori's mouth, and Belmore was secretly relieved.

"Yu Xizi, what were you talking about with Bella just now? I was also quite interested."

You Xizi, who was busy cleaning the juicer, didn’t turn her head. She chuckled and said, “Just tell Bella about the movie. Don’t you know that Bella is very insightful in film appreciation. She also helped me. The two movies "Mist City Wizard" and "Escape Day" are not even!"

"Oh, is it the two Oscar nominees for Best Actress? It was won by Sharon Wynyard?"

Hearing Maori Kogoro mentioning the names of people he had changed, Belmod suddenly felt a little nervous.

She didn't want Maori Kogoro to tell Yukiko his true identity, and after that, she didn't even have to be friends with Yukiko.

At this moment, Yukiko turned around with the juicer, raised her eyebrows, and asked: "Kogoro, who do you think I am better than Sharon?"

There was a cold light in the eyes of Yu Xizi who said this, and her little hand seemed to be holding the fruit knife unconsciously, as if she would run away and hack people when she heard something uncomfortable.

Mouri Kogoro immediately chuckled: "Naturally, you are better. You are extremely agile. Every time you appear, you look like a genie, which is amazing."

"How old is Sharon, his face is full of wrinkles, just like an old pickle, it feels uncomfortable to see it on the big screen." Upon hearing this, Yu Xizi couldn't help showing a satisfied smile, and winked at him a few moments. , I plan to reward him well in the evening.

Belmore on the side was instantly angered, choking on the peach.

Her little hands couldn't help but patted her chest smoothly, tremblingly, really dangerous!

I'm so mad, old pickle, you big-headed ghost, that's old makeup, old makeup, do you understand old makeup!

No, I have a gun, I will shoot him!

At this time, Kogoro Mouri changed his words: "But Sharon's daughter Kris is very good."

Hearing Maori Kogoro praise his other disguise target, Kris, Bell Mo was taken aback. The rising anger quickly faded.

The conversation turned again: "You look beautiful and have a good figure, especially if your butt is big enough, you can give birth at a glance."

"Bella, do you feel the same way?"

Hearing this, Belmod was choked again, patted his chest desperately, then picked up the cold water from the kitchen cabinet and poured it directly into it, which made it easier.

But the cool boiling water could not extinguish the heat in her body. She was so embarrassed by these words that the little face under the mask couldn't help but flushed.

At the same time, Moori Kogoro's fingertips revisited the old place, touring the place where he visited last time in the restroom of the Toto Aquarium restaurant. The taste is really wonderful!

"Huh?" Belmore took a breath.

On the other side, Yukiko couldn't help but roll his eyes: "Kogoro, how can you speak so rudely? Bella, don't you mind?"

Belmore shook his head in a panic: "It's okay, I'm used to it."

"Huh?" You Xizi looked puzzled.

"I was wrong. I think someone as clever as Mao Lijun is insightful even if he speaks vulgarly. It makes sense, heh, ho ho!!!"

Belmore was so nervous that his body twitched and sweat came out.

But there was a mask on his head, and only at the jade neck was the sweat bead, crystal clear, and it seemed to exude a strange fragrance.

"Bella is really insightful, no wonder You Xizi likes to chat with you so much."

Then he knowingly asked, "Hey, what's wrong with you, why do you sweat so much?"

Belmore immediately flicked the placket: "Really? Maybe it's a bit hot, right?"

The white greasiness in the skirt was looming, causing Xizi's eyes to squint and cold light, and Belmore stopped quickly.

You Xizi smiled satisfied: "Since you feel hot, let me add ice cubes for you."

She put the washed fruit in the juicer, pressed the switch, and the juicer immediately turned.

Then Yu Xizi turned to the front of the refrigerator to look for ice cubes.

At the same time, Belmod seemed to step on an electric gate, and his body trembled sharply, his aqua-green eyes staring at Kogoro Mouri, with disbelief that there is really electricity!

Mouri Kogoro's thunder-repellent technique was directly displayed, and the effect was amazing.

Fortunately, the top is a golden wig, and the headgear is still electrically isolated, otherwise it will definitely become an explosive head in seconds.

She couldn't bear it soon, couldn't help groaning, and then shook her upper body on the kitchen cabinet.

The scream was completely masked by the sound of the juicer.

Item 0315

At this moment, Belmod seemed to see colorful fireworks and rainbows in front of his eyes, and suddenly felt that the whole world was beautiful.

Her aqua-green eyes couldn't help but stare at Mouri Kogoro, her nose was very disturbed.

At this moment, she fully understood that her disguise technique was indeed vulnerable to Moori Kogoro, and he recognized them all.

Kogoro Mouri raised his eyebrows, the Thunderbolt technique dissipated, and the abundance he greedily rubbed with his left hand was really plump as a peach.

This woman is still wild and tasteful enough!

At this moment, Yukiko who had found the ice cube stood up, and Belmod, who had been lying on the kitchen cabinet like a surrendered cat, quickly got up.

The white and slender legs and upper body are very tall and straight, stepping on high heels like bamboo, even the body will tremble from time to time.

You Xizi pours the juice into the cup, then adds ice cubes, blueberries, and honey, stirs and sends it to Belmod.

She couldn't help but was shocked: "Bella, why are you crying?"

"Well, I'm so touched, I didn't expect to have the opportunity to taste the juice that my idol made for me. Thank you, Yukiko." Belmore made a gesture of wiping teardrops.

You Xizi waved her hand embarrassedly: "Bella, your reaction is too exaggerated. Oh, don't be like this."

Mouri Kogoro chuckled and said, "It seems that Bella really likes having Kiko. Please come often when you have time."

Hearing this, Belmore couldn't help but convulse: he won't be bullied again.

Her eyes looked at Mori Kogoro with a little horror.

Yukiko poured two more glasses of juice, handed them to Kogoro, and greeted the two to clink.


"Yeah!" The colorful mixed juice was really cold and sweet as expected. Kogoro Mouri nodded in satisfaction as expected.

Then Kiko came out of the kitchen cabinet, Mouri Kogoro pulled his hand back, and Belmod turned around in a panic, with a cautious look.