Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1467

After listening to this rule, Zi Tiao Lihua cried secretly, the manor is so big, and she can't really divination, how can she find it!

Item 0321

As the cameraman Masao Tamura started shooting, Lihua Zijo and Haruka Nagara put on eye masks and earplugs. They were immediately deprived of their vision and hearing.

The photographer turned the camera to the audience watching, and said, "Please cooperate and draw cards over the table, and then show the camera the size of the cards drawn."

Everyone was willing to cooperate and went up to draw cards one after another.

This kind of luck is naturally the big red hand Xiao Lan draws the biggest card, the king of spades, and she immediately looked excited.

Masato Tamura continued to direct: "Next, please have the audience who draws the largest card go and bury a personal item in the manor."

Xiao Lan went to the depths of the flowers.

The design of this manor is also original. Flowers in seven colors were purchased and designed into an arch bridge, like a rainbow bridge.

Xiao Lan walked into the blue flower soil and buried the handkerchief she was carrying.

Soon she returned to Mouri Kogoro's side.

Tamura Masato said, "Next, I will ask Miss Luchuan to help them take off the blindfolds. Don't give any hints."

Lvchuankla stepped forward and patted the shoulders of the two women, and they took off their eye masks and earplugs.

Zi Tiao Lihua was very guilty, but she kept bluffing and took out a small folding fan to block her lower face.

"Xiao Yao, or you can give up. The reputation of operating for so many years is not easy. If you lose again later, what if no one asks you for divination in the future?"

Nagara Haruka is unwilling to show his weakness: "This insecure senior sister is worried, I won't lose, you should still worry about your side by side!"

The brother and sisters really didn't deal with each other very much, and they became confused after a few words.

Masato Tamura opened his mouth and said: "From now on, the audience will come forward one by one and use crystal balls for divination. No verbal communication is allowed during this period."

"If there are results, please write them on the question boards separately, and finally show the question boards at the same time to see whose answer is more accurate."

"Next, I will ask Luchuan Kara and Shiraishi Youhua to come forward and perform rotation divination."

The two women immediately stepped forward, sat in front of the two fortune-tellers, held the crystal ball and began to communicate sincerely.

And Zi Tiao Lihua and Nagara Haruka also closed their eyes, making the appearance of psychic meditation.

This picture is like a cult ceremony.

But it is still, even a little boring.

Time slowly passed by, and everyone went up one by one without making any sound.

The picture is very boring, which must be edited in the program.

The picture didn't change until it was Moori Kogoro and Xiaolan's turn to step forward.

Nagaraya closed his eyes and meditated, and the crystal ball in Xiaolan's hand emitted a faint purple glow, and everyone present was shocked.

Even Zi Tiao Lihua opened her mouth slightly, looking like she couldn't believe it.

These two crystal balls are props in her house. They are ordinary crystal balls. How can they suddenly glow?

But soon, something he couldn't believe happened!

She felt that there was a big foot on her leg, a big foot wrapped in black socks.

Thanks to the extremely long red tablecloth of this particular divination, which can hang directly to the ground, everyone could not see what was happening under the table.

Zi Tiao Lihua shook her leg, but still couldn't get rid of the suppression of this foot.

As soon as she raised her head, she saw the bad embryo on the opposite side blinking at her, and she suddenly felt a little helpless: too rascal!The elasticity of this perfectly round thigh is great. Looking at the purple strip does not look like an exerciser, but the elasticity of this beautiful leg is almost comparable to that of Miwako. It is really strange!

Zi Tiao Lihua's small face was blushing, she was about to change, but she suddenly sensed that Kogoro Mouri's toes were pulling on her legs, as if she was writing something.

She immediately started to distinguish.

"Blue...color...flower...hui...area, small...lan...buried."

Is the Maori detective cheating for himself?

Zi Tiao Lihua's eyes shrank and she turned to look at the harmless Kogoro Mori.

[It's not right, he and Xiaoyao have such a good relationship, it must be pitting me, I don't believe it?

But in case it is true, maybe he apologized for his rude behavior just now and came to help me. Should I believe it?

Just as Zi Tiao Lihua was tangled, Mouri Kogoro gave her a kick, and then pulled her hind legs back.


The beauty of Hu Meizi trembled, and the jade neck with her small face was very beautiful.

His eyes glared fiercely and watery at Kogoro Mouri, his nose let out a threatening breath.

But Kogoro Mouri raised his eyebrows and ignored her. He got up and changed positions with Xiaolan.

It’s really exciting to run after you’re done!

Mouri Kogoro sat opposite Nagara Haruka, still holding the crystal ball with joy.

Then Kogoro Mori seemed to perceive that his mind was peeped, and suddenly felt something was wrong.

At this time, Nagara Haruka's eyes opened, the purple light in his eyes flashed away, and then his eyes stared at Mouri Kogoro fiercely.

In just an instant, borrowing psychic divination, she achieved the same ability as Fusang, reading the mind.

She instantly read what Mouri Kogoro was thinking.

Xiao Nizi suddenly became anxious: she had just been fooled by this bad guy, and he wanted to fuck his sister, it was shameless!

Even the master can't do this!

Under the cover of the tablecloth, Nagara Haruka's high-heeled shoes hit Moori Kogoro's thigh fiercely.

Kogoro Mouri dodges quickly, showing an awkward smile.

He smiled embarrassedly, and let Xiaoyao kick a few feet, anyway he didn't break the defense.

Then he pretended to have a painful expression, and used a bitter trick on his little slave girl.