Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1470

"For this operation, I have used dummies to train countless times behind my back, and there are no fewer than 50 bad dolls."

"Even if a Maori detective comes to rescue you, you two unarmed guys will cost you two at most, haha."

"Maori detective, don't blame me when you go to hell. If you want to blame, you can be nosy. Why do you save this stupid woman?

Hearing these words, Zi Tiao Lihua was scared back again.

She wanted to reach out to hold Moori Kogoro for a little sense of security, but it was a pity that the little hand caught nothing.

There seemed to be an afterimage in front of him.

I saw Kogoro Mouri swiftly stepping forward, but Kensuke Katsuragi, who was posing and pretending to be forced, did not react.

A brutal leg axe landed on his shoulders, with great force crashing down.

He was cut down in an instant, and with a bang, countless small cracks appeared on the floor immediately.

Katsuki Kensuke, who was just pretending to be forced, twitched his body, only to gasp.

Zi Tiao Lihua's eyes went round in an instant, and her mouth opened wide, as if she could stuff an egg in.

She didn't expect that Mouri Kogoro could solve this guy cleanly.

This is too cruel, too violent, too handsome!

Kogoro Mouri opened the mouth to the fallen Katsuragi Kensuke and said, "I hate others pretending to be forceful in front of me, especially such awkward force."

"You watched too many idiot movies, I really thought I was a killer!"

When Kensuke Katsuragi heard this, he couldn't help but fainted.

Zi Tiao Lihua rushed up immediately, constantly kicking the unconscious Gecheng Kensuke, and from time to time he kicked him with high heels to vent the fear in his heart!

Until she saw that she wanted to smash the roots of her offspring, Mouri Kogoro stopped her: "If you step on it again, you will die. Call the police."

Zi Tiao Lihua immediately picked up the phone and started calling the police.

After the call to the police, she saw Kogoro Moori observing the unfinished sandalwood at the table, she immediately panicked and took the sandalwood into the cabinet, and smiled guiltyly at Kogoro Moori.

She broke the subject and said, "Um, when did you come?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Just when you called me a bastard, a rascal, and you said you were going to squeeze me round, I was already there, and I was teasing a bird outside!"

Hearing this, Zi Tiao Lihua's heart instantly lifted up and took a breath.

Then she was pressed onto the table, and the familiar claw struck again.

Kogoro Mouri raised his right hand, raised his eyebrows, and said, "Now I want to ask, who exactly rounded and squashed whom?"

Chapter 0324

Zi Tiao Lihua's face flushed immediately, exhaling like a fragrance, and her heart could not help beating.

This is completely different from the feeling when I was in the corridor just now!

When I was in the hallway, I was squatting and looking up at him. I only felt that he was too hateful and evil, and I felt more humiliating in my heart.

At this moment, looking at Maori Kogoro’s smirking face, close at hand, he is no longer a lofty looking down at him, but a bit more domineering and scornful, and the look is so heartbreaking, Zi Tiao Lihua is very disturbed. !

It looks so good, it doesn’t seem to be as bad as it was just now!

Zi Tiao Lihua's eyes suddenly became a little blurred, and Moori Kogoro's five fingers swept lightly, this Fox Meizi gasped even more.

Kogoro Mouri nodded in satisfaction: "Hehe, it really is blessed, with excellent qualifications!"

Hearing this compliment, Zi Tiao Lihua's small face blushed again, and even her neck was dyed red. She whispered, "You let me go!"

This sound is similar to a mosquito, so you can't hear it unless you listen carefully.

Mouri Kogoro looked over, and she turned her small face shyly.

This vixen-like woman is unexpectedly innocent!

Lihua's feet lying on the table couldn't reach the floor, and her beautiful legs flicked from the edge of the red skirt, as if she wanted to hook Moori Kogoro's long legs.

Kogoro Mouri said, "What if I don't want to let go?"

Having said this, Kogoro Mouri smirked, and his right hand squeezed.

There was more water rhyme in Zi Tiao Lihua's eyes, but she didn't say anything, as if she acquiesced in what Moori Kogoro did.

Maori Kogoro smiled, and after the victory, he bowed his head and kissed Lihua's red lips.

This Nizi was dumbfounded, her eyes widened again, and she looked at this scene dumbfounded!

This was actually Zi Tiao Lihua's first kiss.

When the master-level kissing technique started, Zi Tiao Lihua was quickly stunned.

And Mouri Kogoro's left hand moved down the hem of the red skirt, and he lifted Lihua's right leg!

During the whole process, Zi Tiao Lihua did not resist at all, and obediently let Mouri Kogoro do it.

Soon, Kogoro Moori kissed the key with his head, and the master-level kissing technique was displayed again.

Zi Tiao Lihua couldn't help but leaning up against the table's head, her eyes narrowed slightly, and she looked extremely useful.

Sniffing the fragrance of his nose, Mouri Kogoro's eyes flashed a nasty taste, and he opened his mouth to bite it, and the two symmetrical tooth prints were directly given to Zijo Lihua.

"Yeah! Ouch!" Under the pain, Lihua Zijo immediately awoke, looking at Mouri Kogoro with a grieved little face, as if she couldn't understand why he did this.

Sure enough, it is a natural stunner, just this expression is unbearable!

Kogoro Mouri patted her with a big hand, and whispered, "If the police were not coming, I would take care of you now. I will stamp it first and I will pick it up next time."

Hearing this, Zi Tiao Lihua couldn't help humming softly, and she didn't know whether she was satisfied or not.

Mouri Kogoro glanced at his legs that didn't know when they reached his waist, but didn't let them loosen, he directly held Hu Meizi and hugged him.

Then he sat down on the sofa chair behind him, Zi Tiao Lihua naturally sat on him.


Mao immediately regained his dignity and began to ask: "Let’s talk about it, why is this Kensuke Katsuragi killing you?"

Zi Tiao Lihua's heartbeat was still extremely fast, but when she heard the inquiry, she answered obediently.