Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1496

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly, and reached out to hold Hideri's little hand.

"Of course I have to tell you, you are the hostess of the house, I would not dare to agree without you nodding."

Yingli's small face then smiled with satisfaction, and then she continued the topic just now.

"Kogoro, Mila told me a lot today. I think it makes sense. It's about Xiaolan."

Hearing Xiaolan, Maori Kogoro immediately started acting, frowned and looked helpless.

"What's the matter with Xiaolan? Is it possible that she dared to mess with you recently, Yingli, tell me, see if I don't teach her!"

He also deliberately pretended to be angry, Yingli immediately hugged him and stroked his chest and said, "No, no, don't think about it, Kogoro."

"It's just that Xiao Lan is in a very bad state now, and you also know what she thinks of me. This is like a dead button that will become tighter and tighter and will eventually pull Xiao Lan into the abyss.

Kogoro Mouri sighed in annoyance immediately, holding his head in both hands in a feeble state: "I don't know, but I can't help it!"

"It would be great if everything in the world could be as simple as a case, and the case could be solved directly by finding evidence, motives, and methods of killing!"

Yingli couldn't help but twitched when he heard this.

"But there is also a solution to the deadlock. In the final analysis, the reason for Xiaolan's Oedipus plot is that I am too good, which leads to its deep roots in love."

Hearing this, it was Mouri Kogoro's turn to twitch his mouth.

"But Mira is right. The Oedipus plot is split into a stimulating mixture of homosexuality and forbidden things. We can break through one by one."

"What do you mean?"

Hideri couldn't help but patted Mouri Kogoro on the shoulder: "Tsk, isn't it obvious? We can do it step by step."

"First solve the matter of her being gay, and then solve another problem, then we will have a normal daughter."

Kogoro Mouri deliberately pretended to be stupid: "Hiri, the more you talk about it, the more confused I become. What do you mean?"

"What I mean is to let you pull Xiao Lan from homosexuality back to heterosexual state, that is, let you soak Xiao Lan in your hands, take the strategy, and let's move on to the next step."

Mouri Kogoro's pupils shrank like a burst, and he pointed to Hideri, speechless.

It took a long time before he shouted: "Yi Li, are you crazy? What nonsense are you talking about?"

Yingli immediately pleaded: "This is dangerous for soldiers, but it is also a feasible way to fight this deadlock."

"Of course, the strategy I said is that you let Xiaolan know the beauty of love between men and women!"

"Hey, those pure love games on the market, don't you understand what I mean!"

"I'm not asking you to really fuck your daughter, you are just a wrench to pull Xiao Lan back to normal."

Maori Kogoro's face changed for a while, and the weather was uncertain.

After thinking about it for a long time, he said suspiciously: "In short, you just want to transfer Xiaolan from the Oedipus plot to the Electra plot. The more I listen, the more it seems that you want to throw the pot to me responsible. ?"

Yingli immediately wiped his head with a guilty conscience: "No, how could it be possible, how can this be the case?"

But in fact, she was really overwhelmed, and her selfishness accounted for more than half.

Mouri Kogoro narrowed his eyes and immediately ordered: "Come here, bite and talk."

Hideri noticed that Kogoro seemed to have agreed to come down, so he passed.

Item 0349

Seeing Hideri's hesitation, Mouri Kogoro put on an embarrassed expression.

"Yingli, it was not what I said, your idea is too dangerous!"

"If I really did what you said, and it was successful, then tell Xiaolan the truth afterwards, how much you said she should hate me!"

"She's already old. If she can't think of running away from home, she doesn't interact with us all the time, what should we do?"

Yingri Danfeng glanced at Mouri Kogoro: "That's why you have to do this. You are so experienced, you can definitely grasp the measure."

Maori Kogoro was depressed and wanted to vomit blood. He was really not good when he said it from Hideri's mouth.

Yingli took out the ice cream in his mouth, and his eyes flashed: "I don't care, Xiaolan is also your daughter. She has a great responsibility for her appearance now because of you."

"If you don't agree, then I will, then I will kill you!"

When he said this, Hideri was about to bite, and Mouri Kogoro hurriedly stopped: "Don't don't, please calm down, hey, what is this."

Hideri continued to speak: "Xiaogoro, this should be very simple for you. Xiaolan is not defensive against you, so why are you embarrassing?"

"Well, you have settled your daughter's matter. As for you to attract bees and butterflies outside, I don't care about you."

Mouri Kogoro's eyes suddenly lit up, but this is okay.

After Yingli said this, he put the ice cream in his mouth and licked it in small mouths.

Kogoro Mouri got a bargain and still behaved. After thinking for a long time, he finally sighed: "Okay, I will try it. If it fails, don't blame me. But this matter will not start until I return from Fukimaru. ."

Yingli licked his lower lip and chuckled lightly: "It just so happens that I have to arrange it too. I will choose some scenes for you when the time comes, and I will also install a monitor. You can just listen to my instructions with an invisible headset."

After thinking about it, Yingli felt that the plan would still have to be in control of the overall situation, otherwise it would be too easy to lose control.

After all, when Maori Kogoro attacked Mira last night, the scene of calling her Xiaolan is still vivid, which is really unreasonable.

Kogoro Mouri rolled his eyes silently, but didn't take it seriously.

However, interacting with Xiaolan under the supervision of Yingli is very exciting to think about.

This is an order to act. When the time comes, I will have a good time. Yingli has no position to blame himself. Xiaolan's idea of ​​disguising and instigating is really excellent.The thought of that scene made Mouri Kogoro a little excited.

After a long time, Yingli ate the ice cream clean, and swallowed the last cream in his abdomen. Then he slipped out quietly and returned to the afternoon tea in the living room.

Mouri Kogoro also went out soon, joining the ranks of the girls.

When he saw Xiao Lan, the father and daughter smiled tacitly, and everything was silent.

Entering the afternoon tea party, Mouri Kogoro became the focus of the five women.

All I smell is sweet fragrance, and I touch it on the left and right sides are all gentle, it is completely gentle and rural.

Kogoro Mori also showed his hand, brewing several cups of Duke black tea for the girls.

The mellow smell was so mellow that it continued to enter the throat, and it continued to return to sweetness, which caused the garden to scream and shout for another cup.