Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1510

"It turned out to be Xiao Ai. Let me introduce you. This is my assistant Huixiang. I was just communicating with my assistant just now. Don't get me wrong."

In the next life, I didn't believe it a little bit, and chuckled, "Laughter, I saw you all in the swimming pool just now. Does it feel great?"

Hearing this, Huixiang's face turned red with a bang.

Taking advantage of Moori Kogoro's unpreparedness, she struggled to break free, clutching her chest and ran away.

Looking at the beautiful girl with long legs, Mouri Kogoro secretly said that it was a pity that he wanted to find a chance to measure the length of these legs!

Huixiang's chest is not big, and she also has a B cup. In the eyes of Kogoro Mouri, she can be classified as a breast-poor area.

But she couldn't bear that her legs were really long and white, especially straight. They were perfect gun frames, and they naturally got a lot of points back.

In the next life, love holding the popsicle and shook it in front of Kogoro Mori, and said flatly, "Hey, come back to your mind, lascivious man!"

Mouri Kogoro immediately rubbed his hand on the head of the love of the next life a few times.

"Insolent girl, do you know what happened to me just now? That guy is Shinjuku Detective Meng Bo's partner. I finally tricked her into trying to ask her for information."

"Now that she ran away, how do you make up for my loss?"

Afterlife Ai then rolled her eyes speechlessly, and made a grasping motion with her right hand: "Is that how you are asking for information?"

"Ahem, you are still young and can't tell you too much. This is a way to attack weakness and distract your mind. It is a very difficult method. It doesn't matter if I sacrifice something."

What is sacrifice?This is obviously taking advantage, which is too shameless!

Love in the next life couldn't help but patted her forehead: "It's crazy, how can my eldest sister and second sister like you?"

Hearing this, Maori Kogoro immediately clasped Xiao Ai's soft shoulder with his right hand, his voice became extremely magnetic, and his warm breath hit the side of Ai in the next life.

The master voice changing technique was launched, and a heartbreaking voice rang!

"Don't you love me, Xiao Ai?"

Hearing this sound that could almost make the ear pregnant, I sensed that Kogoro Mouri was very close, smelling a full of masculine breath.

The heart of love in the next life trembled immediately, her face was slightly red, showing a twisting color, and she opened her mouth to deny it.

But she was in a trance for a few seconds, and soon recovered, and then the blue veins jumped, she felt a big hand on her right chest.She immediately stretched out the big evil hand that fell from her shoulder and opened it on her right chest.

"Damn it, you take advantage of me, do you want to tease me like yesterday? I won't be fooled this time."

Mouri Kogoro ran away with a chuckle, and then said, "Meixiang doesn't feel as good as yours!"

"Damn, I am going to kill you."

In the next life, Ai bites the remaining popsicle into his mouth, and chases after Kogoro Mouri, looking angrily.

Mouri Kogoro, who was running on the deck, turned around to provoke him from time to time. He only found it interesting to fight with this Nizi.

On the other side, in the casino on the first floor of the cruise ship, Yuanzi, Xiaolan, and Mira are all here.

Xiaolan didn't want to bet for money. Good boy doesn't gamble for money.

But she still couldn't bear the softness of Yuanzi and Mila, saying that if she didn't come to play a few on the gambling boat, it was nothing.The three girls didn't find Kogoro Mouri, so they ran into the casino area by themselves.

Yuanzi and Mila exchanged 10 million yen each, but the two women quickly lost everything, and they could look at Xiaolan pitifully.

Xiao Lan got into the Baccarat chair after being worn out.

She deserves to be the girl who has been blessed by the goddess of luck, the emperor of Europe possessed her body, and as soon as she sat up, she would kill the Quartet.

After a while, Xiao Lan not only brought back the 20 million losses that Mila and Yuanzi had just lost, but also made more than 100 million more. The chips in front of him were piled up like a mountain, and others kept watching.

Yuanzi and Mila were excited beside him, massaging Xiaolan's shoulders from time to time, feeding her fruit from time to time, they looked like a dog leg, and the scene was very interesting.

Sitting across from Xiaolan, there was only a young man, dressed like a night attendant. His name was Gundam, codenamed the prodigal son of the casino, and he was an old man.But no matter how strong a thousand skills are, it is hard to resist strong luck!

Gundam silently took a look at the cards in his arms, and couldn't help but complain: What is the origin of this girl, luck is too good, if you continue, there is no card to go out!

Gundam, known as the prodigal son of the casino, couldn't make waves in front of Xiaolan.

Yuanzi kept talking: "Lan, come on, that little white face has no more chips, so he won the bottom of his pants."

Xiao Lan couldn't help but scolded: "Yuanzi, you are so vulgar, how can you talk like this."

"Excuse me, my friend just can't help it."

"Huh, 2 and 7, it's nine o'clock again."

The dealer who dealt the cards couldn't help but wiped his forehead with the handkerchief.

This girl was so terrible, she took 23 nines and three eights when she sat down.

If it weren't for her clumsy movements that didn't seem to be a fake, the croupier thought she was out of business.

Gundam saw Xiaolan's cards, his face froze, he had no cards to play thousands, so he folded the cards and gave up.The croupier immediately pushed the chips in front of him worth tens of millions of yen to Xiaolan's table.

Gundam didn't leave either, instead he picked up a white cigarette and lit it, and pretended to be melancholy and blew into his own Liuhai, wanting to be handsome in front of the three girls!But this wave is obviously a misrepresentation, and the exuberant Yuanzi couldn't help but vomit: "It's all a pauper. What are you pretending? If you don't have any money, you will step down!"

Gundam coughed constantly with anger at these words, stared at the garden, and finally left angrily.

And Yuanzi shouted immediately: "Next!"

The onlookers around took a step back, and the fool went up to gamble with this lucky girl!

Mira followed and shook her head disdainfully: "What a bunch of useless people, let's go, Lan, let's change the project, how about playing slot machines?"

They asked the croupier to help convert a lot of chips into a large amount of 10 million yen, and then turned to other projects, and everyone quietly allowed a path for the three women to walk through.

On the other side, Moori Kogoro was chased by Xiao Ai and ran to the deck before stopping.

Xiao Ai, who was too late to brake, slammed into Mouri Kogoro's arms, full of vitality.

She was about to fight, but as soon as she raised her hand, Mouri Kogoro grabbed her.

"Don't move, look, there are dolphins there."

Love in the next life immediately turned his head and looked into the sea, and indeed there was a sea spirit who leaped continuously with the cruise ship.

"Wow, it's so beautiful, this is the first time I have seen wild dolphins!"

While saying this, the next life Ai directly hit the knees of Maori Kogoro's crotch, castration was extremely fierce!

Fortunately, it was quickly caught by its response.

"Hmph, lascivious uncle, want to divert my attention again, so I won't be knocked down twice by the same move!"