Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1515

The two chased behind the rows of slot machines, but they didn't see the foreign woman's trace at all.

Immediately after the two small pupils shrank at the same time, they all sensed the tube behind them. This feeling was a pistol!

But they didn't believe that anyone would dare to shoot in the crowded casino, so they all turned their heads in sync, wanting to see who was behind!When the howling wind rose, the hand-knife was swung down, and the dead two fainted immediately.

There were a lot of gamblers passing by, but they all passed by blindly.

A slot machine was pushed away. This was a cabinet disguised as a slot machine, and the disappearing foreign woman came out.

She looked at the two people who had fainted on the ground aloft, her eyes stopped for a while on Conan, and then she shook her head and smiled.

It was two strong white men who stunned them. One of the strong and beard-faced men said, "Boss, do you want to deal with them?"

"No, don't worry. Since people have given us gifts, how can they not accept them and take them back first? I have my own arrangements!" The two strong men helped one to leave, and then the foreign woman also Turned and left.

The hustle and bustle of the casino resumed, as if nothing happened just now.

Chapter 0010 Multiple Goddesses!

Xiao Ai's height is almost 1.6 meters, not as tall as the two sisters.

The chest is not fuller than the sisters, but it is very suitable for this small body.

If there is one word to describe Xiao Ai's figure, it is round, and there is no roundness in her body.

In the eyes of Kogoro Moori, Xiao Ai is like plump Japanese leaves.

But after all, he is a mixed race, and coupled with physical training, his physical endurance is better than that of Ye.

The energetic little Ai is very restless, Nizi is much bolder than He Ye, always wanting to rebel and make trouble, like a little wild cat.However, under the strong suppression of Kogoro Maori, the little wild cat can only call his father tenderly.

Yes, it is called Dad in a realistic sense!

Hearing Xiao Ai's blushing face to say this name, Mouri Kogoro thought he had heard hallucinations.

But after thinking about it carefully, it became clear.

The three sisters of the afterlife family lost their father since childhood, but they have a very good impression of their father. In the original work, the three sisters have a more or less Electra plot.

Uchikai Toshio looks like their father, so the three sisters would like him one after another.

But after Kogoro Moori made a move, Toshio Utsumi, who had been crippled, naturally had no chance again!

It is also because of this Electra plot that the three sisters will easily like the new year, especially the uncle Mouri Kogoro.

Electra plot?

I like!

A wicked smile appeared on Maori Kogoro's face. Seeing this expression on his face, Xiao Ai, who couldn't help but put his arms around him, gave a small muzzle.

And his perfectly round thighs were caught on Mouri Kogoro's waist at some point.

Mouri Kogoro held up Xiao Ai, naturally responding to the girl's heart enthusiastically!

He walked forward holding Xiaoai's petite body, walking in the aisle between the linen, and then to the side of Kiyoko Imamura who was lying in a coma.Xiao Ai was pushed against the white wall and spotted the unconscious woman next to her.

She was so scared that she shrank a few times, and couldn't help but lose her voice: "Why is there a woman here?"

Mouri Kogoro casually said, "Who knows, maybe it was smuggled onto the boat, or I was sleeping here."

"She's still asleep now, it's okay."

Then he teased Xiao Ai with wicked fun: "Xiao Ai, call him Dad, I am your Maori Dad now!"

Xiao Ai's eyes trembled, and then obediently shouted: "Smelly father, bad father!"

Kogoro Mouri let out a hearty laugh.

Today I have a goddaughter, which is pretty good!

Imamura Kiyoko, who was lying on the towel pile pretending to sleep, blushed, but it was very inconspicuous on that little black face.Kogoro Mouri naturally noticed that she was awake, and then came over.

He didn't want the little black girl to reveal what Chu saw in the linen room today, as well as the spiritual touch.

With a wave of his big hand, a primary psychedelic talisman fell on Kiyoko Imamura.

His memory for nearly an hour was tampered with, and when the Ant-Man robot exerted its force at the same time, Kiyoko Imamura really fainted.Kiyoko Imamura's skin color is similar to Hattori Heiji, but Kogoro Mouri doesn't like it.

After all, the most important thing for a woman is white skin, one white covering three ugliness, this is naturally not wrong.

More than an hour later, near noon, the two people who had been tired of the linen for a long time finally came out.

Xiao Ai, who opened the door, poked her head in a sneaky look. Seeing that there was no one in the corridor, she immediately pulled Moori Kogoro and hurried away.

After walking a little farther, the little Nizi returned to normal, but her small hand clasped Moori Kogoro's big hand with interlocking fingers.

When she walked, she would lean over from time to time, squeezing Moori Kogoro to the right.

From time to time, he would use its softness to rub against Kogoro Mori, and the corners of his mouth were always full of smiles, which seemed to be a happy satisfaction after success.

Maori Kogoro shook his head and chuckled, letting go of her little hand and turning to take Xiao Ai's arm, holding her away, and she settled down.

Soon, the two took the elevator to the restaurant on the fifth floor to prepare their meal.

In fact, there is a dining area on each floor of the nine-story cruise ship, but the fifth floor is the main dining area with a lot of choices. Most tourists will come here to enjoy the food. The two quickly sat down at the restaurant to order.

Little Ai, who has nothing to do with her free time, plays with Moori Kogoro's slender hand, only feeling that this hand seems to be magical.

"Little Love!"

The familiar female voice sounded, and Xiao Ai immediately put her hand back, and sat up in a precarious manner.

Moori Kogoro turned his head and looked, wearing a blue veil dress, the pupil of the next life came over, the goddess fan is full!

However, his pretty face was full of suspiciousness, and the two of them were still on the table.

She saw everything just now, and she couldn't help but wonder: Does the little girl also like Maori detectives?

Thinking of this, Xiaotong couldn't help but frowned.

Mouri Kogoro greeted, "Little Hitomi, you are here too, let's eat together!"

Xiao Tong sat down gracefully, and Xiao Ai became more guilty, lowered her head and dared not look at him. She always felt that she was very sorry to the sisters just now.This Nizi really doesn't know how to act, and this guilty look is completely unassuming.

Xiao Tong couldn't help asking, "Maori detective, Xiao Ai, how come you two are together?"

Kogoro Mouri replied: "I just met at the pool, so let's go together, Xiaotong, what have you gained?"