Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1523

Hearing this, all the women felt guilty and did not continue to question.

Mouri Kogoro then said: "Okay, it's almost five o'clock now, and we are all in a stinky sweat, so we have to take a bath, and then we are ready to have dinner!"

The girls also had no objection, and followed Mouri Kogoro to the hot water bath that had been entrusted a long time ago.

Swimming pools and hot baths are essential places on this cruise ship.

It is a pity that it took too much time to deal with small tears in the tennis court in the afternoon, and there are still many interesting projects that I haven't experienced.

Such as trampolines, bumper cars, bungee jumping, rock climbing, surfing, these are not played, but it does not matter!

Coming to the hot baths, because Fukimaru was built by the Yatsushiro Group in Japan, the hot baths have the same pattern as the hot springs.Yuanzi and Xiaolan stood at the front desk, holding the card and couldn't help but yelled.

"What, did you leave me a hot bath? Didn't I just call and say I want to book two?"

"With a distinguished guest, no matter how noble you are, you can't grab someone else's reserved bath!"

Looking at Yuanzi's exaggerated expression, Mouri Kogoro somewhat suspected that she had deliberately booked only one hot bath.

After all, Xiao Se Nu Yuan could do such a thing.

He stepped forward and said: "It's okay, you can just soak, I'll go back and take a bath myself!"

Kogoro Mouri was about to turn around and walk back, but Xiaolan grabbed his wrist: "If it's Dad, it's okay."

Mira also followed gently and said: "Kogoro was so tired just playing football, he must take a comfortable hot bath to relieve fatigue!"

And Yazi, who leaned against the wall and hugged her breasts, also smiled slightly: "I just took advantage of us so skilled, now I am timid and want to run? No way!" After saying this, Yazi turned his head and looked to the side and tried to lower. Tears of presence.

Afterlife's tears were startled, and his face blushed and whispered: "I, whatever, it's okay."

Yuanzi immediately passed the card in his hand, laughed and said: "Then it is decided, uncle, let us take a bath with us!"

Hearing these words, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but feel a little fanciful.

The front desk clerk on the side stared at this scene dumbfounded. Five beautiful girls actually took a man to take a bath. What kind of world is this?Although the man is handsome, he still can't help being jealous!

Immediately afterwards, Kogoro Mori was hugged and headed towards the bathing place.

The bath under this blanket is completely Japanese style.

A closed room with a large bath on the inside, all made of wooden boards.

There is also a big white water bed next to it, and the atmosphere is quite weird!

But Kogoro Moori who entered the bath felt a bit painful.

These women are too tightly wrapped, right? They all came to take a bath. Why are they all wrapped in towels? Are they not given any benefits? What is this?

And this water is too clear, how can you fish in troubled waters if the water is so clear!

Mouri Kogoro could only sigh silently, and immediately got down to take a bath.

At this moment, Mira quietly leaned over and said warmly: "Kogoro, I'll give you a massage."

After all, it was Mila who would hurt people, so Kogoro Moori turned his back, stunned by the hot pool with both hands, quietly enjoying Mila's service.

And while Kogoro Moori was quietly enjoying a hot bath and a massage, Conan woke up in the cold and narrow space.

This seemed to be a cabinet, and Conan reached out and hammered the hammer, making an iron sound.

He turned on the flashlight function of the watch, and he saw Hattori Heiji next to him.

Conan immediately smoked Hattori Heiji's cheek: "Hattori, wake up soon, we are locked up."

After being slapped several times, Hattori Heiji regained consciousness and couldn't help but say: "Wow, it's so cold, what the hell are we in? Kudo, what's the matter?"

"You ask me, who am I asking, we must have been calculated by that lady. It really deserves its reputation. It's a powerful character, Hattori, do you bring a cell phone?"

Hattori Heiji searched for a while: "No, they took it away. It seems that there is no way to ask for help."

"Damn, my booster shoes were also taken off by them, otherwise I can kick out directly."

Hattori Heiji couldn't help frowning: "Then what should I do now? Do you have to wait for Uncle Maori to save? But we didn't tell Uncle anything, how could he save us!"

"Kudo, you really killed me this time, and no one was seen, so I was locked up here. Do you think we will be frozen to death?"

Item 0018

Conan shook his head: "It's definitely not enough to freeze to death. Although this temperature is lower than normal, it's not to the point of freezing to death."

Hattori Heiji seemed to feel a little cold, and reached out his hand to hold Conan in his arms: "Then where do you think we are now? It feels a bit like inside a refrigerator in a kitchen refrigerator."

The little devil shook his head: "It is possible, but it may also be in the morgue!"

Hattori Heiji's face changed immediately: "What the hell, you said we lie where the dead are lying, how can a cruise ship have such a place?"

Conan couldn't help rolling his eyes: "On the cruise ship with thousands of people, there were accidental deaths during the journey. Naturally, the corpses must be preserved. It is not normal to have a morgue."

Hattori Heiji couldn't help but spit out: "Kudo, this time I was really fucked by you."

When he said this, the little devil turned his head down, wanting to see if the top side of their heads could be opened.

The two looked at each other, and suddenly the air seemed to stop for a few seconds.

Then the two children turned their heads in a panic.

Conan's watch flashlight swept across the iron surface above his head, saw a few small holes, and quickly changed the subject.

"Fortunately, we will not suffocate and die. There are holes for supplying air. Those who want to trap us don’t want us to be suffocated. Let’s wait for someone to save us, even if Uncle Maori doesn’t know. Our business, but my father knows."

Hattori Heiji immediately looked puzzled: "Your father, Uncle Yusaku, has he also boarded the ship?"

"I don't know, he always keeps half of his words, but I think he should be on the boat!"

The little devil old god comforted Hattori Heiji leisurely, and the two of them stopped talking and waited patiently.

It's just that the atmosphere in this narrow metal cabinet is really strange!

On the other side, Mouri Kogoro was completely enjoying the emperor.

Before he was besieged and abused by five women on the basketball court. When he got here, the five women finally treated him better, and now he can enjoy the massage services of the women.First, Mira, Nizi, softly pressed Moori Kogoro's muscles with her soft hands.

Although the technique is not proficient, Kogoro Moori is very moved by this intention.

After all, as a queen, she still learns this from Xiaolan to serve herself, which is already very hard.