Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1526

When the eldest sister came back, Hitomi took the lead to speak: "Eldest sister, younger sister, she is too much. This guy taunted us two in the morning, but when she came back at noon, she had already done it with Mao Lijun!"

Hearing this, the afterlife who was drinking water couldn't help but burst out tears.

What the hell?how can that be?

Wait a minute, the brown-haired screenwriter just said that Kogoro was with a short-haired girl in the morning, wouldn't it be his third sister, right?

No, this is not realistic either, Xiao Ai is a good boy!

But the guilty love for the next life took off the goggles: "I don't have any, second sister, don't slander me!"

Hearing this, Laisheng Tong laughed: "You don't have one, so why don't you let me check it, after all, it's a sister, there is something I dare not see." Laisheng tearfully persuaded: "Xiaotong, you misunderstood. , Xiao Ai would not be like this."

The next life Hitomi became more and more excited: "How could it be misunderstood, I saw her and Mao Lijun buckle their fingers together during lunch, and they laughed sweetly. Then when I walked, the pace was strange, like an injury."

"For the sake of Xiao Ai, Maori Jun specially bought the Eggs of Memories and gave them to us. Isn't all this explanatory?"

The afterlife looked surprised with tears: "Give us the egg of memory?"

"Yeah, it's in the safe in our suitcase."

"I can't guess wrong, eldest sister, if you believe it or not, help me, I can prove it to you." With this, the next life rolled up his sleeves and walked towards the next life.

Love in the next life immediately looked panicked: "Second sister, what are you doing? Didn't I just come out without saying that I didn't do anything?"

In the next life, his pupils narrowed slightly, his eyes flashing with a dangerous cold light.

She chuckled slightly: "What else can you do, take your pants off, the eldest sister is here, I don't believe you can still run into the bathroom this time."

With these words, the next life pupil stepped on the wall and jumped up with strength, and pounced on the next life love.

Afterlife Ai was about to bend and go back into the bathroom, but suddenly found that her wrist was clasped by her elder sister, her face was full of horror.

The tears of the next life also looked like a smile: "Sister wants to know the truth too!"

After a pause, the tears of the next life were caught by the second sister and dragged back to the bed.

This Nizi couldn't help screaming: "Second Sister, let me go, you are not keeping your promises, you are not moral, you are too disrespectful of people like this!" And the next life Tong couldn't help but glared at her: "For some guys who steal their sister's men secretly, there is no need to speak any morals."

"Eldest sister, you help me lock up the little girl, I'll pick her pants!"

Love in the next life kicked her legs wildly: "Ya Chuan, you are invading my privacy, you can't do this." Unfortunately, it's useless, and the love in the next life can't break free from the suppression of the two sisters.

Soon, the orange shorts she was wearing were stripped off, and her white legs were revealed.

The face of the tears in the next life instantly blushed, and he pulled the quilt directly over his head.


The two sisters took a breath, it was already clear.

Seeing this scene, the eyes of the next life were furious.

She immediately got up and went out and went to the room of Kogoro Mori next door.

Soon, she came to the next room, the door was concealed, she pushed the door directly in.

However, as soon as he entered the room, Hitomi Shimori smelled a strange fragrance, and she didn't care, and started looking for Kogoro Mouri.Walking to the closet, the closet suddenly opened.


What appeared was the garden wearing a yellow dress!

The frightened pupil of the next life subconsciously acted, and directly chopped the garden with a hand knife.

Yuanzi fell back into the closet, but the next life Hitomi looked confused.

But then, she felt a little out of control of her body, and her face changed immediately.

In the next life, Hitomi's heartbeat gradually speeded up, her face was flushed strangely, her body gradually became hot, and she couldn't help pinching her legs.How can this feeling be like an aphrodisiac!

No, the smell just now.

Item 0021

The eyes of the next life Hitomi shifted to the green smoke rising up on the bedside table, which was an aromatherapy burner.

She looked back at the garden in the cabinet, and instantly understood.

The medicine burned in this aromatherapy furnace is the secret weapon used by the garden to attack Uncle Maori, and it's the secret smoke.

The gods couldn't help but smell it!

Yuanzi painstakingly moved Xiaolan and Mila apart, hoping that the two of them would never come here tonight, and come back alone by themselves.She just wanted to set up an ambush in Maori Kogoro's room, planning to do it in one step, get on the train first, make up the ticket, and then go back to fight her mother internally.Unexpectedly, he waited for an uninvited guest, who was the next life of Xingshi’s questioning.

It was tragic enough that he was knocked unconscious in the cabinet when he faced the garden.

In the next life, Tong only felt that his consciousness was gradually diminishing, his body was sweating, his breathing became heavier, and his eyes gradually blurred.She couldn't help but bit her arm, trying to stay awake with pain.

This approach is effective!

And after all, the pupil of the next life had undergone drug resistance training, and his consciousness gradually returned.

But soon, the door to the room was opened, and it was Kogoro Mouri who entered!

Seeing the man he liked suddenly appeared, under the action of the medicine, pupil instantly lost his mind in the next life.

She threw directly into Kogoro Moori's arms and pressed her body tightly, while her little hands fumbled frantically, and her pink lips were directly blocked.

Mouri Kogoro put his arm around Kotobu's thin waist, and he was very surprised, especially when he saw that there was a calf in the closet.

He stretched out his hand to cover the door, and then walked forward with his arms around the soft body of the next life Tong.

Soon Mouri Kogoro saw the unconscious garden and smelled the strange smell in the room.

As soon as he smelled this, he felt a strange feeling in his heart. He instantly understood what was going on and couldn't help shaking his head and laughing bitterly.

However, the little Hitomi in his arms was already so active. Kogoro Mori only thought about the inferiority between the animal and the animal, and quickly made a choice.God's will so!

He directly hugged Xiaotong up his waist, put it on the big bed, and then kissed him.

With the display of his master-level kissing technique, Xiaotong was relieved immediately, and his arms around his neck no longer moved.

Maori Kogoro raised his eyebrows, and the girl underneath her starry eyes were very clear and conscious.

Isn't this Nizi pushing the boat along the river?

Since the beauty is interested, how can Mouri Kogoro bear to let it down.