Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1537

Huixiang became nervous immediately, her eyes widened.

She wanted to break free to confront the enemy, but Mouri Kogoro was reluctant to let go of her mouth.

His left hand directly penetrated into the system space and took out the Golden Desert Eagle, without raising his eyebrows, he shot directly.


With two gunshots, the two-meter-high Russian brawny fell directly to the ground and died, unable to die anymore.

Hui Xiang's brow trembled, and then she felt relieved.

It seems that adrenaline is secreted, and this Nizi is also very excited.

With his arms around Kogoro Mori's waist, his soft body pressed against it, and he began to respond enthusiastically.

She is very savvy, and she gave Moori Kogoro the first kiss yesterday. At this moment, her kissing skills have improved by leaps and bounds, and it almost made Moori Kogoro unable to hold the gun.After five or six minutes, Mouri Kogoro let go of Huixiang, Xiao Nizi's face flushed, and the water in her eyes waved.

Mouri Kogoro leaned his head against his snow shoulders and said to his little ears: "Wait when you return to Tokyo, don't partner with Meng Bo, come to me."

Huixiang didn't hesitate, and nodded softly, "Hmm!"

Hearing such a reply, Kogoro Mouri gave a satisfied smile.

"Well, now we have to save people."

Having said this, Kogoro Moori handed another pistol given by Meeko to Huixiang, and the two went out of the corridor.

On the other side, Conan finally waited for Hattori Heiji to finish using the toilet, and then the two followed the route Moori Kogoro just said.

Soon they came to the central elevator and took the elevator directly to the fourth floor.

But just because it took too long to enter the toilet, the mercenaries in red had reached the fourth floor.

The elevator door opened, and three masked mercenaries armed with guns appeared at the door, immediately raising their guns to shoot.

Irene had removed all of Conan's equipment, and Hattori Heiji didn't have a long sword beside him, so he couldn't use Kendo to subdue his opponent.

Subconsciously, Hattori Heiji hugged Conan, intending to block the bullet with his body.

Bang bang bang!

The gunfire soon sounded, and the two mercenaries standing in front of the elevator were directly attacked and killed by the mercenaries behind.


Hattori Heiji and Conan suddenly looked confused.

The remaining mercenary took off his hood, with short shredded hair, wearing contact lenses, and a moustache attached to it.This is Yusaku Kudo!

Conan couldn't believe it, and couldn't help asking: "Dad, why are you here? You still dress like this!"

Kudo Yusaku sabotaged the two terrorist's walkie-talkies and semaphores, and explained: "Why are you two here? If you didn't happen to meet me, you two would be dead."

"Did you see Mr. Holmes? When they boarded the ship, they said they were going to deal with Ms. Irene's affairs. I was originally in the driver's cab to support them. But then a little girl in white clothes and a Shinjuku detective came over and told me that there was something on board. Terrorists hijacked the ship."

"I checked and found the traces of these terrorists, so I stunned one of them and got involved."

Conan looked at his father who was handling the corpse expertly, and he only felt strange.

"Dad, you killed someone."

Yusaku Kudo frowned: "If I don't kill them, you will have to die. Shinichi, you can't talk about the benevolence of women at this time."


Kudo Yusaku's face became serious: "It's not in China now, it's not under the shelter of your Maori Uncle, it's a war, look clearly!"

Hearing this, Conan's face instantly paled. He had solved so many cases, and in his father's eyes it turned out to be a playhouse.

Conan suddenly felt that his faith was broken.

Yusaku Kudo asked, "Where is Mr. Holmes?"

Hattori Heiji quickly replied: "We didn't see him. Uncle Maori rescued us from the freezer."

"Then where are you going now?"

"Uncle Maori said let us go back to the fifth floor and follow Officer Yazi."

"Meeko Nogami, Interpol, there should be reinforcements..." Yusaku Kudo seemed to know the origin of Meeko Nogami.

He turned to speak: "Forget it, don't drag people down, you come with me, there is still something else I want you to help!"

Hearing this, Conan couldn't help but be surprised: "Dad, don't we go to the first floor to save people? Nearly a thousand tourists on board have been coaxed into the casino."

Yusaku Kudo shook his head: "It's not necessary. Kogoro and Mr. Holmes will take care of this matter. After all, they are the two most prestigious great detectives in the world, so there must be no problem!"

Having said this, Kudo Yusaku entered the elevator, threw the seized pistol to Conan and Hattori Heiji, pressed the upper floor, and the elevator door slowly closed.

On the other hand, the McDonald in the casino is rampant.

He looked at the crowd of Wu Yangyang squatting in front of him, only felt that countless money was beckoning to him, he kept laughing wildly and shot at the ceiling.

Among the crowd, Xiaolan and Mila, who were wearing blue and blue dresses, were also squatting.

The two women were eating breakfast on the deck, but they came into the casino when they heard the broadcast. When they came in, they realized that something was wrong. It turned out to be a terrorist robbery.With a frightened expression on her face, Mila put her arms around Xiao Lan and whispered, "Lan, what should I do? How come there are so many terrorists."

Xiao Lan was not too scared, her guidance technique had strengthened her body to the limit of the human body, and ordinary bullets could not touch her at all.

Even if he takes a few bullets, as long as it is not the key, it is only a minor injury.

Seeing Mira's face of fear, she quickly hung the death-free gold medal she wore on her neck on Mira.

"It's okay, Dad will definitely come back to save us."

Xiaolan knew the effect of the death-free gold medal. If this group of mercenaries massacred, she would protect Mila's ten-second barrier with the death-free gold medal to break through.

But McDonald's self-proclaimed gentleman would naturally not commit such a thing as a massacre.

Standing in front of the crowd, he told the rules of baccarat and made the hostages line up to bet with him.

Under the threat of terrorists, everyone quickly lined up the line.

The first one to go up was a hapless piggy rich businessman. He lost the first one and was shot headshot by McDonald.

Everyone in the casino was immediately frightened and squatted down. Only then did they understand that this was a life-and-death gambling game and their lives were being bet on.