Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1547

The unarmed giant cruise ship is the dead whale, waiting for the encroachment of various carnivorous fishes, and the people on the speedboats are the carnivores!Koshisui Qitsuki and the crew put the self-inflating lifeboat suspended on both sides of the cruise ship into the sea, and the lifeboat automatically inflated.

They towed the lifeboat and directed the passengers to evacuate.

But this is obviously a drop in the bucket. With thousands of tourists and two to three hundred service personnel, it is so easy to evacuate.

The pirates on the speedboat were about to come over and looting after a few minutes. The passengers were in a panic and rushed to the rescue boat.

On the deck, Kogoro Maori still had a calm and breezy appearance, and he did not put the pirate cruiser in his eyes.

His eyes looked at Moriarty in front of him, and he continued to speak: "I think there is a word that can describe your current situation, alone and helpless!"

"Dr. Watson's clothes are pulled, and his arm has obvious tremors, which is enough to show that he has just gone through a big battle. That is to say, your men who designed an ambush at the bottom of the cabin were dealt with by Watson."

"As for your design of ambushing Sherlock on the skating rink, I have solved it!"

"Those are your cronies, there are a total of more than forty people, all gone."

"As for the infiltrating crew members in the cabin, they are the ones you assembled urgently in Japan. The good and the bad are mixed, so I can easily handle them."

"The subordinates I arranged were originally intended to deal with McDonald's and the others, but to deal with you, it is a wrong trick!"

"As for..."

At this moment Sherlock interrupted suddenly and spoke very quickly: "As for Irene Adler, the lady, she is a hostage under your control. You are actually using her as a bait to let her Haunted on the boat, intending to lead me to appear."

"The cronies in room 620-630 are not protecting her, but detaining her!"

"It's just that suddenly a mysterious woman appeared and made a deal with you that you couldn't refuse, and you gave Irene to her."

"The cigarettes, the ladies' cigarettes in room 623, are of the same brand, but the remaining lengths are different. Irene only smokes two or three."

"This is enough to prove that she is trapped. She doesn't even have to smoke cigarettes. She can only smoke cigarettes by others."

"Then you settled the owner of this rich pill, Yashiro Entaro, under the cabin, and blamed the matter on Hiyoshita."

"Hisaka Hiroshige thought that his revenge had succeeded, and planned to blow up the cruise ship, cause a commotion and leave."

"And Irene was taken away by the mysterious lady, but she is not an easy one. She has already arranged a back hand. The Chamorro pirate summoned is here to retaliate against you."

"I'm right, Moriarty!"

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but vomit: "Sherlock, it is very unethical to interrupt other people's reasoning, and what you said is exactly what I want to say. "You are already mentally ill, you are sick. Govern!"

Doctor Watson on the side spoke again: "Maori detective, please forgive me, this is his habit and cannot be changed."

And Xiao Ai couldn't help but vomit: "Huh, the stinky habit of being pushy!"

Moriarty narrowed his eyes, grabbed and paced towards the crowd, clapping his hands.

"Wow, wow, Excellent! It's so touching, the two most outstanding detectives in the world, working together to investigate my actions, is simply the supreme honor."

Then he turned his head and looked at the two of them, tears in his eyes instantly.

He spoke affectionately: "Kogoro, Sherlock, I am so happy, so happy, in fact, we are like people!"

Kogoro Mouri immediately said with a look of disgust: "Who is the same as you, especially you guy, how embarrassed to say such things."

"I love beauties and solve cases. How can I have the heart to play with you? I guess you guess I can guess the game you guessed. This is purely spiritual self-interest and self-improvement. Illness, cure!"

While saying this, Maori Kogoro put his arms around the fragrant shoulders of two big beauties, Meako and Xiaolei.

The screaming appearance made the onlookers feel that what he said was reasonable, but Sherlock and Moriarty frowned with anger.

Then Sherlock also spoke to Moriarty in disgust, "I am not the same person as you, I am just a pure antisocial personality with high intelligence, um, I am not gay either!"

"From the tight thigh muscles and slightly bent knees when walking, it is enough to prove that you often kneel down."

"And when you are talking, you unconsciously use your tongue to lick your lips, which proves that you use your tongue often."

"And the slightly raised buttocks don't match your figure with a small belly. This is done by doing the hip-lifting exercises in yoga."

"And this kind of action usually appears in the doctor's order, and it is mostly used for, uh, rectal disorders, pelvic muscle problems, so obviously you are the one who suffers, and the sexual partner you have experienced should not be inferior to the Maori detective. It's boring!"

"Some sick reactions are imitated. Several sexual partners have committed domestic violence against you. How can you be ashamed to say that you are of the same kind as me!"

Hearing these words, Moriarty's face instantly became gloomy, and the feeling that his privacy was undoubtedly revealed was really upset.

But what is even more uncomfortable is that he has a feeling of sympathy for Kogoro Mori and Sherlock, but the two men attacked himself with contempt.

This feeling of being insulted, trampled, and crushed on dignity made it more painful.

"Shut up!" Accompanied by a roar, the gunshots continued to sound, and several bullets swept across the side of Juan Fu.

The crowd onlookers inevitably took a few steps back.

The good old man Watson inevitably spoke again: "Moriarty, sorry, you also know that Sherlock is such a temperament, and he can't control it." The garden below couldn't help but said, "Who is this curly-haired guy." Ah, why is it so awkward to speak, and also specifically talks about privacy."

Xiao Lan replied softly: "Sherlock Holmes, the new idol is here!"

Yuanzi couldn't help but vomit: "The new idol is him, haha, it's no wonder that his temper is so bad. It turns out that he likes such a person, he really smells similar!"

When Conan, the little devil on the side, heard this, he couldn't help glaring at the garden with a full face.

At this moment, the sudden change, Moriarty paced to the side of the crowd, suddenly violent, held a woman with a gun, and then roared: "Get out of me, or I will kill her!"

Sherlock immediately looked annoyed and couldn't help but patted the fence: "Oh, this kind of plot is too old-fashioned."

Moriarty smiled triumphantly and tightened the gun tighter: "Hehe, Sherlock, all fairy tales need a classic villain, and I am such a character!"

Chapter 0041 Killing Millions

The woman Moriarty kidnapped was Akiyoshi Mimiko who looked very similar to Hideri.

Akiyoshi Mikoko looked terrified, with tears in her eyes.

With this expression on this face, Kogoro Moori's heart was immediately picked up.

Moriarty hugged Akiyoshi Mimi and leaned toward the top of the deck, and he hid his body behind Akiyoshi Mimi.

And Juan Fu pulled up the pistol in Watson's back midfielder and pointed at Moriarty: "Tell me, where is the key!"

Watson couldn't help but said, "Didn't the Maori detective say that there is no master key? Sherlock, don't do stupid things."

Juan Fu shook his head and laughed: "It's impossible without the master key. I know Moriarty. Although he and I are not the same, his wisdom cannot be denied."

"There must be a key, otherwise it is impossible for so many forces to enter London."

"Furthermore, McCoff told me that there is already a secret nuclear weapon base completely out of control. If the key is not found, London will be destroyed."