Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1555

Qian Xingxing will say that such a thing is normal. Looking at the whole world, there are only less than 20 aircraft carriers in active service. Only superpowers are qualified to occupy this heaven-defying strategic resource.

Kogoro Mouri himself has such an aircraft carrier is definitely guilty.

Now attaching it to the Kingdom of Wisbanya can also avoid some troubles.

And after Kogoro Mori also ordered Red, let it behave like an ordinary aircraft carrier in this world, not suspended, just floating on the sea.

If you let others know that this aircraft carrier can not only dive, fly, but also be invisible, and there are various high-tech battleships and high-tech weapons inside, it will definitely be coveted by many big countries, and then it will be troublesome!

Now this situation, with the financial resources and manpower of Kogoro Moori, it is very simple to settle.

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Mira couldn't help asking in a low voice: "Kogoro, what's the matter with this aircraft carrier?"

Kogoro Mouri replied softly, "I bought it for a big price, and I will use it to protect your kingdom in the future."

Upon hearing this, Mira's eyes immediately flashed with joy!

She thought that Kogoro Moori had brought this aircraft carrier specifically for her country, and she was immediately surprised!

After all, ordinary people need an aircraft carrier inexplicably, which is very unreasonable.

Mira couldn't help but embraced Moori Kogoro's neck, kissed him, and then whispered to his ear: "It's our kingdom." Hearing this, Moori Kogoro also laughed.

Yuanzi watched this scene full of resentment. If she hadn't been knocked out last night, she would be able to put her arms around Uncle Maori openly.

Yuanzi looked back at this wide dark deck. There were no rooms, and the vacation trip was soaked. The strategy plan completely failed, and she suddenly felt like weeping.

At this time, the broadcast on the aircraft carrier sounded. This was the voice of the Red Queen.

The voice is mature Yu Jiefeng, but it is still a bit stiff!

"The wind at sea is strong, please move to the rest cabin to rest!"

"The wind at sea is strong, please move to the rest cabin to rest!"

At the same time, the door next to it was opened, and all the ordnance inside was transferred, making room for the passengers to rest.

More than a thousand passengers in the crash retreated into the rest cabin in an orderly manner, and the deck gradually became empty.

Immediately afterwards, Yusaku Kudo came forward, looked at the cruiser floating in the distance, and couldn't help but ask: "Kogoro, what should I do with the remaining pirate ships?"

Maori Kogoro chuckles and said, "Didn't the money-shaped police officer come with Interpol? You can't let anyone come here for nothing, let him deal with it!" Meako grabbed Maori Kogoro's arm and began to act coquettishly. Up.

"Kogoro, the pirates on the cruiser still have the ability to resist. If the Interpol attacks, there will be casualties, so you can help!" When he said this, the vixen-like bud was still rubbing lightly. Maori Kogoro.

There is no doubt about the charm of Meeko, and Kogoro Mouri quickly succumbed.

He immediately pulled his button and said directly: "Pirates on the cruiser, hello."

After being processed by the Red Queen, this voice immediately came out from the cruiser's broadcast.

Irene couldn't help listening, and the Chamorro pirates on the ship were quiet.

"I am the owner of the aircraft carrier that appeared in front of you, sorry, the operating system of your cruiser has been hacked by me."

"I believe you have also rushed for repairs for a long time, with little effect!"

"Now I announce that all of you have been captured, please immediately put down your weapons and attack, otherwise..."

The artillery on the five cruisers moved away and began to fire at the sea next to each other's hulls.

The sea is constantly surging, and the mountains are shaking again, and the pirates on the ship are unsteady!

"You know the consequences."

"From now on, I will give you twenty seconds."

"Twenty seconds have passed. If I see a person with a gun in his hand, I guarantee that your entire ship will sink to the bottom of the sea, and everyone on board will go to the sea to feed the sharks."

"Now start timing, 19, 18..."

At the same time, the aircraft carrier under Moori Kogoro's feet also made a sound.

One huge gun barrels turned from the bottom of the sea.

Each barrel is five meters long in diameter and tens of meters in length, locking five pirate ships in the distance.

The pirates on the cruiser saw such a terrifying cannon for the first time. They were so nervous that they couldn't hold on themselves, swallowing frantically.

Then the group of CIs hurriedly threw the guns and bullets on their shoulders to their feet and directly surrendered.

Irene looked at the huge barrel and pressed the eaves weakly: this is too foul!

Twenty seconds later, the female voice of the red queen came from Mouri Kogoro's buttons.

"After scanning, most of the people are on the deck, and a small number of people are hiding in the lifeboat in the bottom compartment. All threats have disappeared and they can board the ship to receive prisoners."

Everyone around him heard this voice, and Kogoro Mouri raised an eyebrow at Meako.

Gezi immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and said, "Police Officer Qianxing, you can now send someone to board the ship and control the situation!"

Hearing this, the circling helicopters turned and headed towards the cruiser.

Yusaku Kudo couldn't help asking: "Kogoro, who is your assistant? Such a powerful one can help you hack the pirate ship system!"

"A friend, a computer genius, this time I couldn't get it done so smoothly without her help."

Kogoro Mouri didn't want to disclose about artificial intelligence, so he didn't say much.

Then he patted Yusaku on the shoulder and said with a light smile: "But Yusaku, you guys are not interesting enough, don't tell me when you board."

Yusaku Kudo smiled bitterly: "I didn't play a big role either. I thought it would help you relieve some of the pressure. I didn't expect to be taken down by a few small thieves. It's really embarrassing."

"Is that little girl who saved us yours? I want to thank her very well."

Hattori Heiji on the side also echoed: "Uncle Maori, was that Koshisui Nanatsuki just now? It has changed quite a bit. The hair has been cut short, and I almost didn't recognize it. Now she is helping you do things?"

Kogoro Mouri nodded: "Forget it, Koshisui is very capable. She helps me collect and process a lot of information!"

"But you don't need to thank you, Yusaku, what kind of friendship is between us? Why are we talking about these things!"

Yusaku Kudo laughed loudly: "Yes, when we return home, let's have another drink."

At this time, the little devil head Conan couldn't help but interject: "Uncle Kudo, Aunt Yukizi has been living in Uncle Maori's house recently. If you return to China, do you want to take her home to live?"