Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1562

Item 0054

Soon, a gorgeous piece of music spread within this extremely empty aircraft carrier!

Following the instructions given by Kogoro Mouri to Empress Hong, the music began to play.

The movement surging along with the turbulent sea.

These sounds were absorbed by the surrounding special materials and did not come out for half a minute.

Huixiang's small face was delicate and beautiful, and her eyes shone with gleaming stars, and the waves of water flowed like a galaxy.At this moment, Huixiang no longer had the attitude of a careless female man before, and her voice seemed extraordinarily tender.

His fingertips touched Kogoro Moori's chest, and couldn't help asking: "Where did I hit your gunshot wound before?"

Mouri Kogoro kissed his pink lips, then whispered softly into his little ears.

"The bullets you fired have already penetrated my heart. I'm afraid I will never be able to get them out!"

Hearing this, Huixiang couldn't help but tremble, and she embraced Kogoro Mouri with affection.

At the same time, Kogoro Mouri gave another order after turning red in his heart.

In the area below the water of the aircraft carrier, all the surrounding walls became transparent, and the light was shining on the seabed.The two of them seemed to be on the underwater promenade, and instantly saw the magnificent underwater world.

The fish are swimming, clusters together like a storm;

Corals of various colors are swinging, and clown fish are walking through;

The crabs are migrating, climbing one on top of another;

But the clumsy white jellyfish was spinning in place, but it was directly hit by the aircraft carrier;

There is also a big whale turning over in the distance...

Hui Xiang was shocked, eyes full of surprises. Such a scene is much more romantic than a cold aircraft carrier.Listening to the sound of music, looking at the surrounding creatures in the sea, the corners of his mouth could not help but raised.

Kogoro Mouri asked gently, "Do you like it?"

Xiao Nizi nodded subconsciously.

Kogoro Mouri continued to ask, "Then do you like this scene? Or do you like me?"

Hearing this, Huixiang tried her best to prop up her head and ate Kogoro Mouri's mouth.

And his slender legs are even more hung on the waist of Kogoro Mouri.

Such an answer naturally made Moori Kogoro extremely satisfied.

Mouri Kogoro patted Huixiang's buttocks with a big hand, and chuckled lightly: "More!"

As soon as the voice fell, the layer above the two people's heads instantly became as transparent as the countless crowds were moved by the two people underneath.It is transparent when viewed from the inside, and the deck is still viewed from the outside. This is the camouflage function of this SHIELD aircraft carrier.

And directly above the two of them, it was Meng Bo's position.

Huixiang saw the embarrassed Meng Bo at a glance, and her little hand couldn't help but patted Mouri Kogoro on the shoulder, blushing abnormally.

"You are too bad, so will he see it?"

Kogoro Mouri smiled and scored extraordinarily evil: "Don't worry, it has the same effect as a single-sided perspective lens. It will never be discovered. Look, his expression has not changed at all!"

"Little Huixiang, this is interesting!"

This scene is also very exciting for Kogoro Moori, he likes doing such things the most!

"Bad guy!"

Mouri Kogoro picked up Huixiang's long legs and hugged it, and then put another kiss on her pink lips, and the time passed very happily.

Almost three hours later, Mouri Kogoro returned to the private lounge where Xiaolan and the others were.

This place was arranged by the Red Queen. There are sofas, tables and chairs, snacks, coffee, and games. Naturally, it is not comparable to the windshield refugee cabin with thousands of people next to it.

Now Xiaolan, Yuanzi, Afterlife Tears, and Afterlife Ai, they are playing card games, passing the time.

Xiaolan had the highest bargaining chip, followed by the next life sisters, and the bottom was Yuanzi.

The two sisters in the next life must have cheated, otherwise it won't be the result.

As soon as Moori Kogoro came in, Xiao Lan couldn't help but ask: "Dad, why are you going for so long?"

"Dad has to arrange for other passengers to prevent them from catching a cold!"

As soon as his gaze turned, he saw Irene who had a good conversation with Yazi.

I have to say that this woman's social skills are really extraordinary. When Moori Kogoro ordered Meako to guard her, the two became friends.

Although there are also reasons for Meazi's own character, it is undeniable that Irene is capable.

As for the little ghost head Conan and Hattori Heiji, the two young men ran to chase stars again, following Sherlock and Watson, like a follower.

At this time, the two little ghosts looked a bit like normal young people.

Yusaku Kudo felt uncomfortable with being alone in the pile of women, so he ran out to smoke alone.

Irene turned to the side and said: "Detective Maori, when do you want to untie the handcuffs for me? I will definitely not be able to escape on this carrier."

Kogoro Mouri shook his head and walked to Irene and sat down: "I don't dare to untie it easily. It is safer for a dangerous figure like Ms. Irene to be handcuffed. If a group of pirates pop up in the middle of the journey, That would be miserable!"

"Hahaha, Maori detectives are joking, how can anyone dare to attack Maori detective your aircraft carrier without opening their eyes!"

"Furthermore, the Maori detective, who is well-known in the East, would be afraid of me, a weak woman. I can't believe it."

Meeko on the side couldn't help but persuade: "Kogoro..."

In just a few hours, Yazi turned to help Irene speak.

Mouri Kogoro took Irene's little hand and opened the handcuffs with the key given by the money-shaped police officer.

Irene had red marks on her wrists. As soon as she got out of trouble, she rubbed her wrists and continued to question.

"Detective Maori, you plan to let me go?"

It seems that Irene knows Sherlock's habits well, knowing that he will definitely save herself, and she is confident when she says this.

"This is not in a hurry. Since I am back in Japan, let me do my best as a landlord and let me have a good treat!"

Hearing this, Irene frowned: "Maori detective, although I really want to stay in Japan, there are still many things in Eagle Country! You know, that guy kidnapped me, I I have to go back!"