Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1563

People who don't know thought that the two who were talking were old friends, and they were discussing the entertainment.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "If Miss Irene is willing to cooperate and answer a few questions, she will naturally return to China soon. If she does not cooperate, I believe that our country's prisons are also very interested in pirate leaders. "

Hearing this, Irene frowned more and more: "What's the problem?"

"This is not in a hurry, wait until you get to the shore!" Mouri Kogoro got up and walked away.

Item 0055

Irene looked at Moori Kogoro's away back with a puzzled face, not knowing what he wanted to ask.

She sighed silently in her heart: It seems that it is not so easy to get out this time!

Mouri Kogoro walked to the side of the first born pupil, and the elementary psychedelic charm was torn apart, separating himself from the little pupil and the girls.Xiaotong stood next to the glass window, arms folded, looking at the sea in a daze, her eyes seemed to be deeply confused.Everything is over, and Kogoro Mouri can finally come to coax this Nizi.

What happened last night must have hurt her, who would have thought that it would be like that for the first time.

But Kogoro Mori does not regret it, and if he chooses one more time, he will follow the boat.

After all, the difficulty of capturing the three sisters after all is not so great.

Just looking at Xiaotong's expression, Mouri Kogoro also felt guilt in his heart.

Soon, he had an idea.

He snapped his fingers, attracted Xiaotong's attention, and then pointed his big hand at the sea.

Suddenly a stupid killer whale bubbled, spitting water toward the window.

Little Hitomi was taken aback, and subconsciously got into Mouri Kogoro's arms.

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Wow, it seems that this'big chubby' is also amazed by Xiaotong's beauty, so I came to say hello to you!"

Hitomi reacted, and her hand slapped Moori Kogoro's chest relentlessly, and said in embarrassment, "It must have been trained by you, otherwise there is such a coincidence, it will pop up as soon as you show up. coming."

Kogoro Mouri put his arms around Xiaotong’s soft shoulders and shook his head: "No, how can I direct it here? It must be Xiaotong who looks too good-looking, just like Shen Yuluoyan in ancient times. Look... …"

With a big finger from Mouri Kogoro, the invisible fluctuations of the beast control technique spread, and the seagulls that had been flying well in the sky fell down.

But the sea was turbulent, and the school of fish went violently, and countless fish jumped out of the water, and then they lay down and sank into the water.

Xiaotong's eyes immediately showed surprise, and couldn't help asking: "Kogoro, how did you do it?"

Standing behind him, Kogoro Moori wrapped his arms around his waist and locked his big hands on his abdomen. He pretended to be surprised and asked, "I want to ask you how to do it, Little Hitomi, how can you look so good? They are all overwhelmed!"

Hearing this straightforward compliment, the eyes of the next life pupils smiled and snorted softly: "Just be silly, you, I want to be so good-looking, you wouldn't just look at Officer Yezi last time."

"Oh, how old is the old vinegar long ago? Why are you still eating it!"

Kogoro Mouri immediately kissed Xiaotong's cheek.

This Nizi panicked instantly, glanced back, and felt relieved when no one saw it.

She didn't know that there was a psychedelic array isolation, and thought that Kogoro Mouri was so bold and kissed herself in front of so many people.

Although a little panic, this Nizi is more happy: Kogoro does this, he still cares about himself!

Her expression gradually settled down, and she leaned against her arms, entrusting her weight completely on him.

Mouri Kogoro rubbed the tips of his hair, and said warmly: "Little Hitomi, I'm sorry, what happened last night..."

Xiaotong's fingertips blocked his lips, and he chuckled, "No need to apologize, but I want to know what you plan to do in the future?"

She turned around and looked at Mouri Kogoro gently, completely ignoring the other women created by the psychedelic array.

Mouri Kogoro pretended to be hesitant, hesitated for a moment, and then said: "I have always been a greedy person. I have been caught by me. Don't think about me letting go, so follow me!"

Although he had expected it, his face was flushed with anger when he heard this.

She suddenly stepped on the back of Mouri Kogoro's instep and cursed in a low voice: "Smelly shameless!"

Immediately after his small fist hammered Mori Kogoro's chest a few times, he was put in his arms domineeringly and could only hammer his back angrily.

It took a while for her to lose her breath, and then she turned to speak: "You bad embryo, how can you say such things, it's too much."

"Hmph, I won't promise you unless..."

"...Unless, you can convince my eldest sister!"

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help being stunned.

"What's wrong, you hurt my eldest sister last night, do you plan to leave it alone?"

"Don't look at my eldest sister being so strong in front of outsiders. She is capable of everything, but in fact she is very fragile inside."

"Now this indifferent look is completely disguised, maybe it's more broken than me!"

"You have to coax my elder sister first, otherwise, don't even think about it, do you know?"

"And don't think my eldest sister looks like a big woman. In fact, her favorite is all kinds of dolls. When you return to Tokyo, you will first buy some big dolls for her...

Only then did Mouri Kogoro reacted, daring Xiaotong thought that Xiaolii had the same experience as himself!

If you have a personal companion, you won't appear to be particularly miserable, no wonder Xiaotong is so coaxing.

Sure enough, she is a good woman, and now she is still helping to make suggestions and help coax future tears!

But obviously this is not necessary. Kogoro Mori still remembers playing the net with tears in the next afternoon. The friendly match was sweaty!The little tears were eaten first, and then come back later, how could the soul be hurt!

However, Kogoro Mori would naturally not be stupid enough to expose him. He also planned to ventilate with Xiaotui to minimize the damage to Xiaotong.

Maori Kogoro put his arms around Xiao Hitomi and listened to her tips to help her elder sister. He only found it very interesting.

After talking about a lot of information, Xiaotong suddenly remembered something, and couldn't help asking: "Kogoro, did you come to the strange thief'Gentleman'?"

They are already their own women, and sooner or later you need to know.

Mouri Kogoro pretended to be embarrassed and stroked his nose: "I was hiding so well, but you discovered it. It doesn't make sense!"

Anger flashed in Xiaotong's eyes again: "Let's just say, the feeling of beating my ass last night is like the obvious one on the rooftop before, it turns out it's really you!"

Having said this, this Nizi viciously stepped on the back of Mouri Kogoro's other foot.

Seeing his efforts so hard, Kogoro Mouri could only make a painful expression in cooperation.

But is his big hand really so discerning?Yazi recognizes it this way, and Xiaotong recognizes it this way, really incredible!

"Why are you sabotaging our Dongdu Bank's actions?"