Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1564

Kogoro Mouri rubbed Xiao Hitomi's head with a big hand, "What is destruction? I just want to have more intersection with you cats? Can't it?"

"And don't you think it's very romantic? That's an encounter under the night sky!"

"Romantic you big-headed ghost, hurry up and return the painting to me!"

"Okay, okay, I'll definitely give it back to you. Let me give you the same treatment last night again, and the original painting will be delivered immediately."

"I want to kill you big pervert, um, mua"

Item 0056

Mouri Kogoro held the soft body of the next life Hitomi for a long time, and Hitomi became more gentle and responded from time to time.

If it hadn't been for Huixiang just ate, the anger had mostly disappeared, and maybe Xiaotong would be provoked again.

Huixiang, Nizi, is still sleeping and resting on the big bed in the aircraft carrier's cabin, with a huge physical exertion, so let's wake her up before the aircraft carrier gets ashore!

However, under the influence of the psychedelic array, the intimate gesture of the two at the window seemed to others to be just talking, and nothing transcended.After that, the psychedelic array was removed, and Xiaotong's grievances were all eliminated and returned to normal.

She followed Moori Kogoro to the table where she played cards, her pretty face flushed, her eyes filled with joy, her expression of melancholy and loneliness no longer.

Afterlife Tears and Afterlife Love also breathed a sigh of relief when they saw their expressions. The three sisters get along day and night, and naturally they know each other very well.

The two of them also knew that Hitomi's condition was not right, but they didn't know how to deal with it, so they had to hand it over to Kogoro Mouri.

Seeing that it is all right now, they nodded in satisfaction, and quietly gave a thumbs up to Mouri Kogoro!

Immediately after Kogoro Moori came to his daughter's back, he saw a large stack of chips in front of her.

Each bargaining chip is worth 10,000 yen. There are hundreds or millions of yen in this large stack.

"Wow! Lan, have you won so much again?"

Hearing this, Xiao Lan had a small proud expression, her head raised, as if she was asking for praise.

Maori Kogoro touched Xiaolan's head, and Nizi looked like it was used.

Sure enough, no matter how high the Thousand Skills are, it is still lost to Fortune!

The two sisters in the afterlife ran out of cheating cards, and they could only lose afterwards.

Xiao Ai couldn't help but said, "No, I don't believe that someone is lucky enough to be so lucky. You must be cheating!" Chu Qian's Xiao Ai beat him up, and the wicked complained first. It was too good.

Yuanzi spoke out of righteousness and began to talk about Xiaolan's deeds from childhood to great fortune, and the girls were stunned.Later, Xiaolan simply said that he would not touch the cards, and let the card be dealt directly to help him open the cards.

But even so, the ending is the same!

No matter how the cards were dealt, it was a situation where Xiaolan killed the Quartet, and all the women believed it.

Immediately afterwards, they boycotted Xiaolan's children's shoes, which were out of luck, and replaced them with Moori Kogoro on the court before the game continued.Hitomi also joined the battle, and the three sisters joined Yuanzi and Mira to fight against Kogoro.

Kogoro Mouri didn't cheat either, so he put out his daughter's chips.

Xiaolan looked upset when she saw this, and couldn't help but speak: "You are too mean, Dad, I will lend you luck."

Having said this, she stepped directly onto Moori Kogoro's lap and continued to gamble.

Yuanzi Mira frowned upon seeing this: This guy is really getting bolder and bolder!

Maori Kogoro was so happy, with a smile at the corner of his eyes, he put his arms around Xiaolan's thin waist, and put his big hands on her smooth legs, a little serious.The father and daughter teamed up, and the situation turned around, killing five girls!

Xiaolan was constantly waving the flag and shouting, cheering up, and when she saw the win, she even got a few mouthfuls of Mouri Kogoro.

In the pleasant atmosphere of this rest cabin, the aircraft carrier continued to head towards Japan!

At about seven o'clock in the evening, the aircraft carrier finally arrived at the Mito Port above Tokyo.

In fact, it can be reached within ten minutes. It must match the speed of the aircraft carriers of various countries in service, and cannot exceed them, so it travels so slowly.

It's not that Kogoro Moori doesn't want to stop at the closer Tokyo Bay and Yokohama Port, but the big guy is too heavy, more than 200,000 tons, and can't get in at all.

It can't be said that it can't get in, it can actually fly in.

But it didn't want to expose its flying ability, so it could only dock at Mito Port, which has a long coastline.

The high technology content is also an annoying thing!

As soon as it approached the port, all the people in the rest cabin came out, and the people who came up were gathered on the deck, their heads moving.

Until the aircraft carrier landed, Moori Kogoro and his party appeared on the deck.

At the port, police personnel have long been maintaining order, and there is still an area where long guns and short cannons are set up, constantly flashing lights, that are paparazzi from all over Japan.

Fuguimaru lost contact with the first flight, this is a very big thing!

In particular, the signal sent before the loss of contact, the murder on the ship, made countless people worry.

Later, in areas where there was a signal near the sea, some passengers informed their family members, and the news spread like a plague.

After all, the whole incident was full of gimmicks, terrorists, pirates, crime consultants, two famous detectives Sherlock and Kogoro Mouri, as well as the sinking of Tokimaru, and the appearance of the aircraft carrier in the sky.

The information that came out was so vague that it aroused the imagination of countless people.

The paparazzi were moved by the wind and wanted to come here to interview and get first-hand information.

As soon as the aircraft carrier landed, the female voice of Little V rang.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the theater version of the case "Conspiracy on the Horizontal Line", rewarding 50,000 points and one lottery!"

"Congratulations to the host for completing the main mission detective duel, defeating Yusaku Kudo, and rewarding 30,000 points and one lottery!"

Two tasks were completed in an instant, and Kogoro Mouri immediately made up a wave of blood.

The four previous lucky draw opportunities have just been squandered, and now there are two more lucky draw opportunities. It's really a return!

"Hey, that's not right, Xiao V, I should not only be naked Yusaku Kudo, but Sherlock should also count, why he has no reward."

Little V's female voice rang: "The defeat mentioned here means that the loser's heart truly surrendered and surrendered. After the system's judgment, Sherlock didn't really admit defeat in his heart!"

Kogoro Mouri frowned, "In other words, as long as Sherlock doesn't admit defeat, then the detective duel task about him can't be completed?"

Little V's voice stopped for a few seconds, and then he spoke with some guilty conscience: "Strictly speaking."

"In this case, it is a bit difficult. It is really difficult to convince someone so proud of him."

Mouri Kogoro shook his head, and didn't think about it anymore.