Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1565

Anyway, he is now rich in points, plus this new 80,000, a total of more than 365,000, and there are two more chances to draw.There is no rival on this planet, so it is not too urgent to complete tasks, earn points and rewards!Soon, Huixiang was also awakened by the help of Hong Empress, and walked out of the side passage.

A group of people gathered and walked along the stairs towards the port.

The flash was constantly shooting, taking pictures of the faces of Kogoro Mori, Sherlock, Moriarty and others.

Volume XII Everyday

Chapter 0001

There are not only police, but also soldiers in the port to maintain order.

A temporary resettlement area was built on the spot next to it, all consisting of tents.

There are still interview helicopters hovering in the sky, it's really a big battle!

The passengers got off the aircraft carrier in an orderly manner.

The Maori group walked on a separate passage and returned to the shore with Sherlock and Watson.

As soon as they came to the shore, Meihezi and Youxizi greeted them.

After the news came, the two women were also frightened for a long time, and drove here alone to greet them. They were relieved after seeing Kogoro Mouri.Because this is an important international case, the ranks of police officers are not enough. Those who come are all senior figures from the Metropolitan Police Department and the Self-Defense Force.

Leading the team is Odagiri Toshiro and senior officers of the Self-Defense Forces.

Miwako plunged directly into Mouri Kogoro's arms, while Yukiko took Moori Kogoro's arm, paying no attention to Kudo Yusaku behind."I know that the calamity has survived for thousands of years. You bad guys won't have trouble!"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled and said, "You are still waiting for me in Tokyo, how am I willing to die, but Yusaku is here too."

Hearing this, Xizi gave up and pretended to be natural.

After seeing this scene, Conan hurriedly tugged at his father's clothes: "Dad, look at it, mom and her uncle, I will say there is a problem!"

Yusaku Kudo patted Conan's head: "Don't think about it, they are good friends, there are too many people, we are also normal if we haven't noticed!"

And the Hattori Heiji next to him looked at Yusaku Kudo with a weird look, only thinking that his heart was too big.

The reporter on the side was very crazy, holding a microphone against the police line of defense.

"Maori detective, can you talk about this case. I heard that the mastermind was Moriarty. Is it true?"

"Detective Sherlock Holmes, say something, did you really encounter terrorist attacks and pirates this time?"

"Is it Moriarty, the master of crime in London?"

"Can you tell me who arranged this aircraft carrier?"

"Detective Holmes, I heard that this is a duel between two major detectives from East and West. Can you tell me who won this duel?"

Hearing this, Sherlock's face changed slightly, frowning a little unhappy.

Seeing this group of reporters so excited, Odagiri Toshiro stepped forward and said: "Reporters don't worry, after the police know the details, we will hold a press conference later, and you can answer your questions one by one!"

Odagiri Toshiro said so, and the reporters were still very excited.

Because the plane arranged by McCoff did not arrive until tomorrow morning, Moriarty, Sherlock, Watson and others had to stay in Japan for one night and wait until tomorrow.

Then Odagiri Toshiro stopped Maori Kogoro and his group, and wanted to take them to the temporary settlement nearby to ask about the aircraft carrier and the incident.

But he was stopped by the senior officer!

The senior officer directly showed his credentials and spoke with a strong attitude: "Officer Oda, this case is related to national defense security and international relations. It must be handled by the Ministry of National Defense, and the police can assist in relocating passengers."

Hearing this, Odagiri Toshiro hesitated for a moment, and Moori Kogoro nodded again before turning around to settle the passengers.

Kogoro Mori walked with the senior officer and whispered softly: "084, the information will be delivered to you when it becomes popular."

"What can be said and what can't be said, just follow what you said at the press conference. Is there a car arrangement?"

The mechanical sound came out: "Master, it has been arranged, it is at the back door of the temporary resettlement area."

"OK, then you can help me deal with other things, and we will leave first."

The Ant-Man robot nodded, then turned and left.

Maori Kogoro led the people behind him through the resettlement area and came to the road behind the tent. Rows of brand-new black cars were neatly parked, with keys still inserted in them.

Sherlock and Irene instantly realized what was going on, and they couldn't help but marvel that he even had people in the military!

Dr. Watson still couldn't figure out the situation and couldn't help asking: "Should someone come to answer it? Take us to some hidden place to ask, and then busy for a while?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Although you are looking forward to it, there is no such link."

"In Japan, I still have something to do. Don't worry about the complicated things. Now I am free, unless you want to go back to the press conference and ask countless reporters."

"Well, I have been busy at sea for so long today, and I haven't eaten anything. Next, I will be the host. Let me entertain you."

"You are tomorrow's plane, then Sherlock, Dr. Watson, Yusaku, and you all live with me. It's only one night. I have to clean up when I return to Kudo's house. It's too much trouble."

Dr. Watson pulled La Moriarty's handcuffs and couldn't help asking, "What about this guy?"

—Yoshisui Qitsuki by the side walked up: "If you don't mind, let me watch it. I will definitely return it to you tomorrow."

Dr. Watson was about to laugh at Yueshui Qitsuki's overwhelming ability. At this moment, two brawny bodyguards in black suits came up, and he had no objection in an instant.Mouri Kogoro didn't want to do anything, but just asked someone to help guard him.

Sherlock naturally nodded and agreed.

Koshimizu Nanatsu and his bodyguard escorted Moriarty away.

The others drove to the restaurant in batches.

But Akiyoshi Mimi didn't come with him, so Mouri Kogoro asked her to take her back.

The car where Moori Kogoro was in was driven by Xiao Lan, and Yuanzi, Mira and Huixiang were in the back seat.

No way, he has to answer the calls one by one, so he stopped driving!

It was all his women who got the news, calling one by one to care.

Maori Kogoro endured Xiaolan's leg-stripping attack while comforting the women.

And Huixiang in the back seat looked faintly at Moori Kogoro in front, always feeling that she was on a thief ship.

Yuanzi silently counted the incoming phone calls, only to find that he was too pitiful. With so many calls, he couldn't get in even one of them.Soon, a foreign number came in. This was a video call from Istanbul.

As soon as Mouri Kogoro connected, the picture in the bathtub appeared, and the welfare was full again.

Feng Fujiko was soaking in the bath, and the bubbles just blocked the key, and he couldn't see anything.