Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1569

"I don't know how to be ashamed. There are all guests downstairs. What are you doing so blatantly? Go to the hallway!"

"I have put all the bath water away for you, and return to the room after the shower."

Hearing this, Conan's expression instantly froze.

Aunt Yingli also knew about it a long time ago, and she accepted it?

The little devil felt his scalp numb for an instant.

Yukiko couldn't help but chuckled: "Hyori, did you say that you should go to your room or go back to my room after taking a bath?" Hideri, who was wearing a bath towel in the distance, snorted proudly: "Kogoro, I'll give you fifteen minutes, and you can figure it out!" After that, she turned around and went to her room.

You Xizi suggested: "Kogoro, if you don't go to my room, let's hang it out for another night, Yingli!"

"I want to dry you, believe it or not, I will tie you up with a red string."

Having said this, Mouri Kogoro patted Yukiko's buttocks and walked towards the bathroom with her in his arms.

"Hmph, I don't believe it, I'm so cute, why are you willing to tie me up?"

"Seriously, you can give it a try. Has my binding skills become very powerful now?"

"Don't believe it, don't listen or listen, the eighth chanting!"

"Okay, dare to say that I am the bastard, see how I deal with you, I want to call!"

"Woo! Husband spare my life..."

Listening to the fading sound, Conan the little devil gradually collapsed to the ground.

His whole body was soaked in sweat, his whole figure looked like he had been salvaged, and his eyes were red.

The desperate little devil walked hard towards the office, completely ignoring the Hattori who said hello, lying directly on the bed, and didn't want to say anything.

Countless images in his mind are intertwined, and the clues he has discovered before gradually come to his heart.

Dad and mother have a close relationship with each other, the separation of the two places, the intimate gestures of mother and uncle, the kisses that flashed past on the street before, why mother did not live at home but lived with Aunt Yingli, and then suddenly lived with Aunt Yingli with uncle Home, and the attitude of Dad every time he responds to the phone...

All this seems to have explained that the two of them have been together a long time ago.

Conan only realized at this time why the mother who went to receive the Oscars was named Fujimine Yukiko, and she lied to herself that it was a stage name.

In fact, their parents have divorced a long time ago!

I was a fool!I was a fool!

At this moment, Conan is in the state of Xianglin's wife and cannot extricate himself from it!

Hattori Heiji at the door looked at the autistic Conan and couldn't help sighing.

Some things are called the authorities' fans and the bystanders.

Hattori Heiji has long been aware of the close relationship between Uncle Maori and Kudo's mother.

He wanted to help find evidence to expose this extramarital affair, but after listening to Kudo's sharing of his father's attitude, he stopped acting without authorization.Since Uncle Yusaku is acting stupid like this, why should he be such a villain.

Hattori Heiji closed the door up, leaving Conan alone to be quiet.

On the other side, Ms. Irene on the second floor was very restless.

It was already more than ten o'clock in the evening, and she was constantly exploring in this suite.

With the decoration of the three rooms, she has already sketched the characters of the original owner in the room.

Except for Mary's inaccurate drawing, Mingmei and Shiliang Zhenchun both painted quite similar.

Irene even discovered all kinds of life-threatening organs on the ceiling and floor of the suite, and she couldn't help being surprised.

This seemingly ordinary suite seems to be able to become a steel fortress at any time. It is so powerful!

She also opened the door a few times to make sure that the stairs outside were not guarded, no one was watching, and there was no camera, and she seemed to be able to leave easily.But smart people have too many ideas, the more mediocre, the more problematic they feel.

Irene never dared to escape from the stairs.

She went back to the only empty room, and started to sleep on the bed.

Data 0005

After three o'clock in the morning, when the human body was the most sleepy, Kogoro Mouri opened his eyes.

Not long after he fell asleep, he was awakened by the red queen with electrical stimulation.

Before, he called Honghou to help monitor Irene.

I have to say that the help of artificial intelligence after the addition of red has really reduced a lot of his burden. A lot of monitoring does not need to be paid attention to.In the past, Kogoro Maori asked Xiao V to help with monitoring, and Xiao V always used points for this scam.

Now that there is a red, Kogoro Mouri does not need to be distracted and multi-purpose, taking care of all major monitoring.

The Red Queen can communicate with Moori Kogoro in my heart like the system wizard little V.

However, the Red Queen cannot perceive the existence of Little V, but Little V knows the existence of Red Queen.

Mouri Kogoro felt the softness of the left and right as soon as he woke up, and the exercise before going to bed was very hearty!

Both Yingli and Yuxizi are so tired that they are sleeping deeply now!

It's just that even if the two women are sleeping, they have to hug Mouri Kogoro.

Otherwise, he would just lie on his body and don't want to separate for a moment, with a beautiful leg on the left and right.

Mouri Kogoro stretched out his hands and moved the two women's silky legs one by one, pushed the two women apart and lay them down, and then withdrew from this gentle village.He doesn't need to be too careful with his movements, after all, the two girls are sleeping too dead now.

Mouri Kogoro yawned, got up and put on his clothes, and then walked out of the room to stop Ms. Irene who was escaping.

It's really not until the Yellow River that the heart will not die, it's okay to find something in the middle of the night, disturbing people's dreams!

At this moment, Irene thought she had found an escape route and was crawling down the secret passage in the kitchen area on the second floor.She propped her hands on the left and right walls and moved slowly.

According to her speculation, the passage should be a retreat route prepared by Kogoro Mori himself, connecting the underground drainage pipe.But even with this speculation, she still didn't dare to slide like this.

Soon, Irene, who was crawling quite embarrassed, came to the exit, and it was pitch black underneath.

She probed the probe, irradiated it with a flashlight, and saw a cushion underneath.

This is a storage area. In addition to firearms and food, there are also several motorcycles.

Irene was overjoyed when she saw this picture, and immediately went down and took her backpack to select some food and guns.