Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1581

Poor Chiba still doesn't know how his childhood sweetheart is being treated by people he admires!

Officer Mumu laughed: "Brother Chiba, you should talk to Maori brother next time about these flattering words." "But the strange thing is, why is this pantry suddenly repaired?"

Chiba couldn't help but leaned forward, looking at the covered glass window, but couldn't see anything.

"It looks like there was an accident, let's go downstairs to get the water." With these words, the two fat police officers walked downstairs together.

The seedling's heart hanging high in the pantry gradually let go, and he couldn't help but hammer Maori Kogoro several times.

Miaozi couldn't help coughing a few times, and just swallowed a whole ice cream, she couldn't stand it, it was obviously choking!Miaozi turned around and went to the washbasin. He coughed a few times, dealt with it, and then eased.

Then his red eyes glared at Mouri Kogoro, without speaking, the cat's eyes looked straight over.

A small smile appeared at the corner of Mouri Kogoro's mouth, and he stretched out his hand slowly, very slowly.

Miaozi caught a glimpse of the slow motion of his big hand, and his body trembled, but he did not move.

Mouri Kogoro grabbed the slim waist of the seedling and put it in his arms, and then kissed his cheek and pink lips.Miaozi's little hand grasped the hem of Maori Kogoro's shirt, his eyes trembled, hesitated for a moment, and then spoke quietly.

"I don't want to know what Police Officer Chiba likes, Maori-kun, can you tell me what you like?"

With these words, Miaozi's red cat eyes were full of firmness.

Mouri Kogoro turned his mouth and smiled, leaning his forehead against Miaozi's forehead and rubbing it gently."Well me, you are enough, nothing else is needed."

Hearing this, Miaozi's eyes also filled with a smile, shining like stars.

"Sorry, Miaozi, I seem to be Lang Lang again this time..."

Before the words fell, a plain finger fell in front of Mouri Kogoro's mouth.

"I don't believe it, every time it's like this, obviously deliberate."

"Yes, I did it on purpose, who made the seedlings grow so cute!"

"Nonsense, it's obviously the predecessors are cuter, Yali, um, Mua..."

The chirping sound spread from the pantry again, full of the sour smell of love!

After a long time, Yumi-chan waited for a long time to return to Kogoro Mouri, so she couldn't help but look for it.

She was worried that Yingyingyanyan would hook up with her man in the Metropolitan Police Department, but she didn't want to have a few more comrades in arms.

Soon, at the corner of the corridor, she saw Moori Kogoro and Miaozi walking from the direction of the pantry.

Even if the two walked normally, there was still a distance between them.

But the sixth sense of a woman is inexplicable.

Yumi observed the blush on Miaozi's face, and suddenly felt like she was green.

Especially Miaozi smiled at Maori Kogoro's low eyebrows, her shy attitude, which can explain the problem.

"Yumi-chan, what are you doing here?" Kogoro Mouri reached out and took Yumi's soft shoulders.

Yumi chuckled lightly: "It's nothing, it's just that Qiumi and the children have finished recording their confession. I want to see how you arrange it."

"That's OK, it's almost noon now. I will take the children to dinner and send them back. Yumi and Naezi, let's eat together."

Miaozi was about to accept, but Yumi was covering her mouth.

"Xiaogoro, you go eat, Miaozi and I have patrol missions, so I won't accompany you."

Having said this, Yumi pulled Miaozi and ran away.

This Nizi, temperament is really upbeat!

Mouri Kogoro turned around and headed towards the confession room, picked up Qiumi and his party, and drove to a nearby restaurant.

Item 0016

Yumi and Naeko returned to the patrol car and started patrolling.

Miaozi's face was so guilty that he didn't dare to glance at the senior beside him, and drove the car obediently.

My words and deeds in the pantry just now are not hesitating to seduce senior men!

Yumi leaned sideways against the window, her arms propped her cheeks, her eyes squinted at Miaozi, and weird low laughter sounded from time to time.The laughter made Miaozi panic!

Miaozi couldn't help asking: "Senior, why are you laughing like this?"

"I was thinking, since Miaozi, you like Officer Chiba so much, let me organize a friendship for you so that you can get close to each other. I like to match people the most, and I have a home with Miwako, so I can’t watch it. You are alone."

Hearing these words, Miao Zi secretly cried out: "This is not a jail, seniors worry about it, I can handle it myself."

Yumi-chan laughed like an elder sister, patted her chest, and trembled in her pride."Don't be shy, how can you do it yourself, leave it to me and keep you satisfied."

Miaozi's face became more and more ugly, and the speed of the patrol car continued to surge.

She finally recognized her intentions just in the pantry, and she had just interacted closely with Kogoro Mouri.Now that the senior wants her to have a friendship with Officer Chiba, I can't accept it even after thinking about it. I can't stand it at all!Seeing Miaozi's face became more ugly, the cold light in her beautiful eyes trembled, and her smile became more weird.

"Why, is there a problem? Is it because Miaozi, you have transferred your love, and you no longer like Officer Chiba?"

-The words pierced his mind, Miaozi's face suddenly became flustered, and the patrol car immediately lost control.

It swings and stops on the shoulder of the road.

Miaozi's face was caught, and sweat oozes from his forehead, instantly turning into a pitiful little counselor.Yumi leaned over, domineering and terrifying: "Could that man be Kogoro?"

Miao Zi subconsciously refuted: "How is it possible?"

"Oh, isn't it? What a pity, I thought that Miwako and I would have an extra sister."

Having said this, Yumi shook his head and sighed, making a regretful expression, which instantly made Miaozi look confused.

Miaozi was easily bewildered by it, and couldn't help asking: "What? Senior, you and Officer Sato, how can you two?" Yumi smirked, and licked her lips, full of charm. .

"Yes, you don't know, Kogoro is very fierce, it takes several hours at a time, but one person can't teach it."

Hearing this, Miao Zi frowned subconsciously.

"It's not right, although it is very big, but the time is normal!"

Beware of everything, but in the end I missed it inadvertently.

As soon as Miaozi looked up, he saw Yumi's sly gaze.