Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1593

"Kogoro, you have to call the shots for me, Yazi bullies people!"

Mouri Kogoro's big hands comforted Huixiang's small soft back.

And the four women who originally stood behind Kogoro Moori frowned.

In this posture, how can they not see that this long-legged girl and Mouri Kogoro have a leg.

Meeko took off her sunglasses and looked at the four women beside Mouri Kogoro with fox-like eyes.

They are all beautiful girls again, and all of them have never been seen before!

Kogoro is really capable, haha!

Although he sneered, Yazi's face remained calm.

"Because all the police from the Beihu Metropolitan Police Department were assigned to help deal with the thousands of passengers, the reports were transferred to the Toya Metropolitan Police Department."

"Most of the people in our Metropolitan Police Department are also busy with information on the shipwreck case, so let me wait here to have a look. The forensic team and others are behind."

And Huixiang couldn't help but said, "Meadzi, she's not an idle person. This time, Kogoro, you helped her make such a great contribution. You rewarded her for jumping two levels. Now she is on paid vacation. ."

After being upgraded to two levels, Yazi was already a police department when he returned to China. If he was upgraded to another level, he would become a police officer.

This already belongs to the senior commander!

The authority is second only to Superintendent Odakiri Toshiro, and is still above the Matsumoto Police. It is properly used by the high-level Metropolitan Police!

Maori Kogoro couldn't help but exclaimed: "Wow, I didn't expect Yazi you to become an official. It seems that you will hold your thigh in the future." Yazi stunned her beautiful legs and said domineeringly: " Just hug."

The women next to them looked away in an instant, even Belmod didn't dare to stun her.

rbq (unable to provoke), rbq (unable to provoke), the police is still a bit powerful, and Belmod does not dare to underestimate it.

Sure enough, this kind of internationally important case was so powerful that it broke a vision that not only made a big splash in the world, but also directly entered the high level of the police.Mead's career is much better than police officers Mumu who have worked hard to solve cases in China.

Chapter 0026 is coming again!

Meeko made a look of distress.

"But it's really promoted, I won't be able to visit the scene in person in the future."

"I may also be transferred to the police station as a high-level, sitting in the office every day meetings, thinking about it is annoying."

"I blame you, Kogoro!"

Mead's words are too hateful, if the police officer Mumu heard it, they might fight her hard.

The position that others dream of is so worthless to her.

When women don’t make sense, men can’t do anything.

Kogoro Mouri could only reply: "Well, I blame me, I blame you for saving so many people, causing you to get a promotion and raise your salary, and bear the burden that you shouldn't have when you are young!"

Yazi gave him a dull look, and continued to speak: "I only met the three cats at noon."

"They said that a guy who had eaten up nothing after returning to Tokyo, he is preparing to jointly attack you."

Mouri Kogoro immediately retorted: "Nonsense, they obviously said that the master is here today, so I don't want to go there."

Yazi laughed lightly: "You are afraid of their master, I don't believe it."

"The three cats also asked me to tell you. To lie down with them tomorrow, you can do what you promised others, Kogoro!"

"Know it!"

And the headscarf man Caijin Ukihiko stepped up to remind him in a low voice: "Miss Police Officer, our company is dead."

Yazi glanced at him, showing his domineering expression: "I'm not blind, the body is so big, it's not that I didn't see it. Waiting for my subordinates, have any comments? Very anxious?"

"Not in a hurry, not in a hurry." Caijin Fuyan wiped his sweat and quickly backed away.

They were all big people, so he didn't dare to interrupt the conversation between the two.

As soon as the voice fell, the forensic class staff and Yazi's subordinates pushed in.

Meako turned her head to look at Kogoro Mouri, and asked directly, "Kogoro, what do you say?"

Kogoro Mori opened his mouth and said: "This President Dejima was poisoned and died when he just ate a hamburger. The poison is cyanide. Now you should look for the poison residue."

"He just came out of the toilet before eating the burger, so the forensic officer should conduct inspections from his desk to the toilet."

"Then I asked the three members of this company what they did, what they ate, and what they drank before Dejima President. Hey, no, you are the policeman, Meako. You do it right."

Meeko chuckled lightly: "You can do more, Kogoro, you are so powerful, it doesn't matter if you help me deal with this case!"

With these words, Mei Zi rubbed his head like a pet.

Mouri Kogoro immediately covered with black lines: This lazy woman!

Belmore on the side couldn't help but stare at Ye Zi, always feeling that his man was being molested, and his mood was particularly upset.

However, Yazi is quasi-police after all. As a member of the organization, Belmod still wants to give her some face, and this has not happened.

The staff in the forensics class had good eyesight, and after listening to Kogoro Moori’s orders, they checked the desk and toilet area of ​​President Dejima.The investigation began, and Yazi finally recovered a little more serious.

She asked the three employees: "Before the incident, besides burgers, what else did your president eat?"

The bald designer Cheo Imai replied: "In addition to eating hamburgers, the president also asked me to make coffee. I made a cup for each person and also took some from the kitchen

Cookies come out to entertain the guests."

"The president drank coffee, ate biscuits, and suddenly had a stomachache, so he ran to the bathroom."

"When he came out, Xia Jue bought the hamburger back, and the boss died after taking a bite."

The headscarf man Choitsu Ukihiko continued: "Because the president has hemorrhoids, he usually has the habit of taking laxatives."

"When I was in the trumpet, he knocked on the door and urged it. It felt like he couldn't hold back after taking a laxative."

Meako's gaze shifted to Zaizu Ukihiko, speaking suspiciously.

"That said, you also entered the toilet, but you entered before the president. It's interesting."

"That's not to say that you might have poisoned the president somewhere in the toilet."

Caijin Ukihiko panicked immediately and said quickly, "I am not the only one who goes to the toilet."