Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1594

"Except for me, Imai Kazu, Natsumi, and foreign ladies who came with the Maori detective also have toilets."

Hearing this, Belmore couldn't help being speechless. He came to look for the tape, how could he become a suspect!But Bella, played by Belmod, is visiting here for the first time after all, and the suspicion is relatively small.

Caijin Ukihiko held his chin, his face was thinking.

"I remember the order of going to the toilet is Natsumi first, then this lady, then Imai, then me, and finally the president." Everyone next to him also nodded in agreement. This order is in contrast to the memory. Ok.

Yazi turned to look at the long-haired Xia Jueyong: "You bought these burgers. Then you might poison the president in the burgers?" Xia Jueyong immediately panicked: " Miss police, don't talk nonsense, there are eight cod castles here, one for two."

"Furthermore, he chose the president first. How would I know which one he chose? This is completely random."

"Just check if there are poisons in the rest of the burgers to prove my innocence."

Hearing this, Meeko turned his gaze for help to Kogoro Mouri.

Mouri Kogoro immediately said: "Be safe, don't worry, the cyanide poison reacts very quickly, let's wait for the report of the forensic personnel."

Yazi waited patiently, while she was constantly observing the desk and toilet.

In less than ten minutes, an old forensic expert came forward to report.

"The field police department, based on the poison reaction, we detected cyanide on the deceased's right finger, the burger that fell on the ground, and his suit pants."

"As for desks, toilets, and toilet doors, no cyanide was detected in any other places."

Hearing this, everyone frowned, thinking hard, but Mouri Kogoro smiled.

Meadko noticed Moori Kogoro's expression, so she leaned in quietly and took his arm.

She felt her arm in the moment of kneading, and Mei asked in a low voice, "Kogoro, do you already know it? Don't sell it, tell me.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled and said, "Doesn't someone like to come to the scene to investigate cases? How can I deprive her of the pleasure of investigating cases?"

Hearing this, Meadko did not hesitate to launch a beauty offensive, rubbing against Kogoro Mouri, and quietly acted like a baby.

"Xiaogoro, what do you think, it's a big deal, someone will send you another post!"

Mouri Kogoro's big hand then tapped Meeko's small head.

"I'm about to be a watchful person, and I'm going to come and hang on to each other. What a decent way!"

"Besides, you are mine. Wherever you need to be, I will come as I want."

Yazi laughed lightly: "Okay, come as you want, my Maori detective, what's the matter with this case?"

"Obviously, there is a toxic reaction on his pants, which means that someone has poisoned in the toilet."

After hearing this, Mead still had a dumb expression on his face.

When this sentence is separated, every word can be understood, but when combined, it can’t be understood.

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Kogoro Mori patted Meeko's head again.

"Idiot, there is poison on the pants. He will only get it when he lifts his pants after going to the toilet."

"That means the cyanide is indeed in the toilet."

Yazi frowned, still looking confused: "But there is no toxic reaction in the entire toilet."

"Oh, I see, it must be the murderer who sprayed cyanide on the paper towel. The paper towel was later thrown into the toilet and washed away with the flush."

"I will ask someone to check the sewer pipes now."

"Hey! But that's not right! When the deceased comes out, you have to open the door with your hands. There should be cyanide on the doorknob."

Meeko scratched her head, looking like she was thinking hard.

Kogoro Mori watched this scene with interest.

Shi Liang Zhenchun on the side carefully observed the deceased's table decoration, looked at the deceased's gestures, and then ran to the toilet door to spy, and she understood the mystery, and she immediately looked clear.

After thinking about it for a long time, Yazi, who still couldn't figure it out, directly used force.

She grabbed Moori Kogoro by the neckline and pulled him over.

"Hurry up, Kogoro."

The forensic officers and the police nearby were shocked when they saw the gesture of the two, but Yazi didn't care at all.

Kogoro Mouri broke free, cleared his throat, and then began to reason.

Everyone put their attention on it.

"Cyanide is not sprayed on the paper towels, but on the paper tube of the used up paper towels."

"As for why there is no toxic reaction on the doorknob, that is the reason for the deceased's dominant hand."

"You can see President Island's desk, his coffee and cookie wrappers are on the left hand side, which shows that he is left-handed."

"When I entered the toilet with a stomachache, President Dejima saw a paper tube hanging on the right wall, and he would naturally take it off and put on a new roll of tissues."

"The taken out paper tube is placed on the left hand side of the toilet bowl, and it is convenient for him."

"When the convenience is over, when he changes the paper roll, he tore out the cyanide-soaked tissue and used it, and then flushed it."

"You see that the toilet switch is on the right hand side, so President Dejima will flush with his right hand instead of his left."

"After that he lifted his pants, so the poison on his left hand got on the pants."

"He then picked up the paper tube full of cyanide with his left hand, his left hand was so empty, he opened the toilet door with his right hand without any poison, and walked out."

"That's why there is no cyanide poison in the toilet."

"The paper tube really contaminated with poison was taken out by the dead and thrown away under the design of the murderer."

"I think it should be found in some trash can."

At this time, Shiliang's Zhenchun voice rang: "Uncle, here it is."

This is the trash can at the corner of the toilet, and inside it is a newly discarded paper tube.

The forensic personnel on the side picked it up quickly, bagged it and took it for testing.

Meako looked at the headscarf man Zaizu Ukihiko: "You are the murderer. You were the one who entered the toilet before. This must be your arrangement. The voice of Kogoro Mouri dismantling the stage immediately sounded: "Unfortunately, Meako, you guessed wrong. Now, the real culprit is not him."

"Did you just hear him say that he was in a trumpet? Since it is a trumpet, I don’t need a paper towel, so I didn’t find the mystery on the paper tube." Geko's gaze shifted to Zaijin Ukihiko. A person who goes to the toilet is a bald man, Cheo Imai.