Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1595

"In other words, the murderer is..."

Kogoro Mouri nodded: "Yes, the person who really poisoned is Mr. Imai!"

Hearing this, Imai Cheo's face instantly turned pale, and his body couldn't stop shaking.

Mouri Kogoro continued to speak: "Because there must be a prerequisite to complete this technique, that is, shortly after the poisoning, the deceased must go to the toilet and replace the paper tube. This technique can be established."

"And to let the deceased with hemorrhoids go to the toilet, you only need to add a little laxative to his coffee, and you can control the whole process."

"So, forensic officer, can you please check the cup of coffee on President Dejima's table. There should be laxative ingredients in it."

The forensic officer on the side nodded respectfully, then picked up the coffee cup and checked it.

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak: "The most crucial evidence is the container used to contain cyanide poison."

"Mr. Imai has never gone out, nor has he ever been on the second floor. The container must still be on this floor."

"And he often goes in and out of the kitchen, so please ask the police to go to the kitchen to check it carefully, and you should be rewarded."

"Especially in areas like the blind corners under the washbasin, we must pay more attention to inspection!"

After hearing this, Cheo Imai's eyes trembled a few times.

Then he closed his eyes and instantly became extremely despairing.

He shook his head frustratedly: "You must find that bottle!"

Everyone suddenly looked suspicious. Is this a confession?

Zaizu Ukihiko couldn't help asking: "Why did you kill the president? You failed to start a business that year. Isn't the president taking you in?"

In an instant, Cheo Imai burst into a painful foot, and yelled: "The entrepreneurship failed, if it weren't for the president to use his connections to block me, how could I fail."

"He just doesn't want me to surpass him, he just wants me to make coffee for him for the rest of my life, and be a lifelong servant."

"Do you know? I have worked hard for ten years to make a cup of coffee that he is satisfied with, but I have wanted to kill him for more than ten years!"

Hearing this, Caijin Fukihiko and Xia Juyong were silent.

At this moment, Lihua Zijo, who was a bit nervous, couldn't help asking: "Well, don't you know that he is Kogoro Moori, a detective Moori?"

"Why did he choose to commit the murder today when he visited? This is not asking for trouble."

Cheo Imai shook his head with a wry smile: "Oh, I didn't choose it, but the president chose it himself."

"I made a total of nine cups of coffee, and only one had a laxative."

"But he chose the cup of coffee with laxatives. Maybe it's God's will."

Chefu Imai raised his head, and there seemed to be tears in his eyes.

Then Tetsuo Imai was pulled out by Meako's family.

Before he left, he still said: "Detective Maori, you are such a great detective. I shouldn’t have a chance to face you. Kogoro Maori chuckled lightly: "Make a good reform, fight for a commutation, come out early, and say Maybe we can still meet."

Chefu Imai nodded, then got into the police car, and soon disappeared from the sight of everyone.

This small case is over, but the trouble caused by Souhei Dejima's briefing has just begun.

Then Kogoro Mouri took Meako, took her to the corner and whispered.

Item 0028

After listening to Maori Kogoro's instructions, Meeko suddenly looked suspicious, and frowned slightly.

"There is such a thing, Kogoro, are you sure you want to do this? Isn't it too dangerous?"

Kogoro Mouri looked like a bamboo in his chest: "Don't worry, my car has been modified, and it has bulletproof functions. There will be no problem." Meazi was slightly relieved: "Okay, I will go and set it up. Now, you are careful."

Immediately after that, Mei Zi came up and kissed Kogoro Mouri with her pink lips before turning around and pulling Huixiang out.

Huixiang immediately struggled: "Damn woman, let go of me, I haven't told Kogoro about your evil!"

"Kogoro, save me so I won't go back with this bad woman."

Seeing Huixiang's aggrieved expression asking for help, Mouri Kogoro replied with helpless eyes, only to make up for her next time.

The two women quickly got on the red supercar at the door, the unique engine sound rang, and the supercar quickly disappeared on the street.

A group of police officers in the house still collected evidence methodically, searched for evidence, and filmed the scene.

But Bel Mod came over quietly, and his plump body was next to Kogoro Mori.

She pretended to be nonchalant and said, "Kogoro, the case is over, are we going back? There is nothing to forget, right?"

Belmod has always remembered the tapes overheard!

This woman is really getting more and more arrogant, and surely Maori Kogoro will not do anything to her, she just asked!

But where Mouri Kogoro will act is what she can predict.

In the corner, in a place invisible to others, his fiery hand directly stroked the position where the tooth mark had just been bitten, and gently twisted it.There was a smirk at the corner of his mouth: "Of course I have to go back, Mingmei will leave when we get out of the toilet!"

Belmod's body tightened instantly, her aqua-green eyes trembled, watching the reactions of everyone nearby in a panic, her heartbeat became extremely fast!

unacceptable!unacceptable!How can so many people do this?

Hey wrong!He wanted to interfere with my thinking, so sinister intentions!

Mingmei went to the bathroom?

That is to say, the tape is hidden in the toilet.

Impossible, obviously I have already searched, how could I not find it?

Annoyed emotions instantly filled Belmod's heart, but gradually, this emotion was replaced by tension and excitement.

Soon, the toilet door opened and Mingmei walked out.

She walked towards Moori Kogoro, with a relaxed smile.

Only then did Kogoro Mouri withdrew his big hand for the mischief and asked, "How is it, Akemi?"

"all the best."

"Well, we should go back, Shiliang, Lihua, let's go."