Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1615

"Hehe, are you Miss Judy from Hopper Magic Group?"

"Actually, your kind of comparison is really unpleasant. The so-called magic is nothing more than a blindfold, and it is also a game that children only like."

"Relying on various organs and tactics to get through the pass, and being seen through the pass will only produce the illusion of fooling."

"The detective is different. What he needs to see is the murder, the murderer's life as a bet, all kinds of tricks and all kinds of conspiracies weaved with hard work."

"The really powerful criminals will even create a perfect case over several decades."

"If they make mistakes, they will fall into a bottomless abyss. The cost is different, and the effort is different."

"This kind of opponent is not what you magicians who say a few witty words on stage can imagine."

"So you said that your grandfather is the world's number one magician, but you can't. Really smart people don't bother to play magic!"

Hearing that Kogoro Moori belittled Magic so much, both Judy and Kuaido looked ugly.

There is no doubt that both of them regard magic as an extremely important part of their lives.

Judy stood up with an angry face and couldn't help but whispered: "Since a Maori detective claims to be a wise man, then I have a little magic that I want to show you. A smart person like you should be able to It's right to see through at a glance."

"If you can't see through, please apologize for the remarks just now."

"After all, a true magician is not just against one person, but against thousands of spectators!"

The smell of gunpowder rose in an instant, and Judy had said it to this extent, how could Kogoro Moori refuse.

Item 0046

(Judy Hopper is the character in the 22nd episode of Magic Fight!)

Hearing that the head of the Hoppa Magic Group, the talented female magician Judy was about to challenge the wisdom of Kogoro Moori, everyone in the cafe couldn't help but look over.

The more attention he receives, the more vigorous Judy is.

As if performing on a stage, she took up her posture and spoke slowly.

"I have never performed this magic in front of anyone, because I promised that the old gentleman who taught me would only perform it once in my life."

"It's also what the Maori detective just said, let me use it."

"This is when I went to India to learn the rope rope five years ago and saw an old man set up a stall on the road."

"He separated the two mixed balls of sand in just five seconds, and said that whoever can do it will get a bonus."

"I watched it for a long time, but I couldn't figure out how he did it."

"From disorder to order, this kind of thing that goes against the common sense of physics is extremely difficult in magic."

"I begged the old man countless times, but he refused to tell me the mystery."

"I thought about it for five months after I got home, but I still couldn't understand it. Later I went to India to find him."

"The old man was finally moved by my sincerity, but he said that this is his housekeeping skills. If he taught me, I can only perform once, and I can't make him run out of food in his later years."

"I agreed."

"So, today I performed this magic trick."

When Judy said this, the curiosity of everyone present was aroused.

Kogoro Mori doesn't need to listen to know that this is all Judy's nonsense.

Magicians usually use words to add some magic to their magic, purely pretending to be force.

Hongzi, who is not very ruthless, doesn't want to be used to her, wants to spoil her performance and directly make her face down.

As soon as his bare hand under the table was raised, Mouri Kogoro's big hand pressed his small hand and pressed it back to Hongzi's leg.

"It's okay, let her continue."

Speaking softly, Moori Kogoro's big hand clasped Hongzi's small hand, and the back of his hand gently rubbed Hongzi's absolute area.

The touch was so smooth, as if it were about to slide down accidentally.

Hongzi's cheeks became more flushed, and he turned his small face proudly.

Mouri Kogoro leaned over, sitting closer to Hongzi.

Judy also interacted with the audience present.

"This lady in cheongsam, can you cooperate with me and bring the salt shaker on your table."

"And the long-haired lady by your side, can help bring pepper, thank you!"

The outstanding looks of Kasaka Natsumi and Pu Si Qinglan were selected.

They came over with the salt shaker and pepper shaker.

"Now, please pour the coarse salt and pepper on the table and mix them together, it's okay!"

Pu Si Qinglan and Kasaka Natsumi did so.

The white salt grains and the green-brown pepper mixed immediately.

Judy also stirred gently with a spoon, mixing it up a bit.

"I have to explain first. I don't know these two ladies. I didn't prepare the salt and pepper. They are all genuine spices in the coffee shop."

"Moreover, the performance of this magic is a temporary intention. All the supplies come from this cafe."

"The next thing I want to do is to separate the two condiments that have been mixed together."

"Please keep your eyes open and don't miss the next picture."

Having said this, Judy's little white hand was shown to everyone, empty.

Then he overlapped his hands and directly covered the mixed pepper and salt, holding his breath and moving slowly left and right.His face was extremely concentrated, and his forehead seemed to be sweaty.

People who don't know thought she was performing some supernatural power!

five four three two one

After five seconds passed, the overlapping hands were divided into two sides, covered on the desktop, and then slowly raised!The two flavoring agents that were originally mixed really separated into two small groups.

A ball of salt is as pure as snow, and a ball of pepper is green and brown as a mountain!