Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1616

One is white and the other is brown, and there is no half of them mixed with different colors.

Seeing such an amazing scene, the cafe instantly boiled.

The audience nearby couldn't help but applaud for it.

They didn't expect that Judy would just rely on these hands without borrowing any props.

And Hong Zi Qing Zi Ke Zi, the sisters of the next life, Qian Ying and other women are all thinking about it, and Kuai Dou and Bai Ma Tan are no exception.Everyone is thinking about cracking methods, but the simpler the performance, the harder it is to crack.

Everyone knows that Judy didn't use any props.

The table is in the cafe, and the salt and pepper are also in the cafe;

It is Kasaka Natsumi and Pu Si Qinglan who mix the two together, and they can't be the support.

What Judy did was just cover up his little hands, and separated the mixed salt and pepper after a few moves.

Completely incredible!

Seeing everyone scratching their heads and bewildering, Judy Hoppa smiled triumphantly at the corner of his mouth, proud!

"The real magic is like this, with dozens of people, even thousands of people, and tens of thousands of people. Everyone thinks about how to break it, but they can't."

"This is the real high IQ game. It is not a game for children to engage in intellectual confrontation with countless people."

"Detective Maori, don't force it if you can't think of it, just apologize to me."

Hearing someone calling his name, Mouri Kogoro came back to his senses and reluctantly withdrew his big hand on Hongzi's leg.

He stood up directly, walked to the table, raised his brows slightly, and said with a slightly joke: "That's it?"

Judy's face immediately changed slightly: "What's it like, do you know this magic trick?"

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "You don't need to think, you can see through it at a glance. This is too trivial."

Saying this, Moori Kogoro stuck out his index fingers with both hands, and then slowly pressed against the two separated balls of powder.

I lightly printed the seal, then raised my finger and showed it to everyone in the cafe.

The index finger of the left hand was covered with green-brown pepper, but there was nothing on the index finger of the right hand.

Seeing this scene, Judy's face suddenly turned ugly: He really knew it!

"It's just a trick that uses electrostatic magnetism. Just before starting, rub your palm with a wool handkerchief to let it adhere to static electricity."

"Press it down and the pepper with electric ions on the surface will be adsorbed, just like a magnet, so it can be easily distinguished."

Having said this, Kogoro Moori performed again in front of everyone, this time separating the two condiments in less than three seconds.Everyone in the cafe learned of such a simple principle, and suddenly felt fooled.

Thinking of just cheering and screaming at Judy Hoppa like a fool, everyone felt more and more uncomfortable.

Usually the magic is revealed, and the audience's psychology will change.

How excited the people cheered before, there will be so many remnant thoughts in my heart at this moment.

Therefore, magicians all hope that the audience will not reveal their magic tricks. They have always created suspense and made money.

Mori Kogoro usually doesn't do such a thing, but this time this Judy chick has too strong a sense of superiority, it really can't be done without being hit!

Chapter 0047 Maori Detective, Where's My Chest?

Judy didn't even dare to look at others' gazes.

This was just after performing the magic, it was directly exposed, and it was still such a simple technique!

The face slap came too fast, like a tornado, making them feel a little embarrassed.

As a magician, she knows exactly what the audience thinks at this moment.

Judy wants to escape from this cafe.

At this moment, Kogoro Moori spoke: "Miss Judy, you just said that changing from disorder to order is an extremely difficult type of magic." "It just so happens that I like to think about coffee on weekdays, and I also figured out one. Magic, you help me appreciate it."

Judy couldn't help laughing at this.

what?Fortunately to see through my magic tricks, and now I want to show my magic in front of myself, is the Maori detective crazy?Judy spoke up: "Maori detective, you can be laughed at when you make a fool of yourself."

"Are you a famous detective who knows magic?"

Maori Kogoro chuckles and said, "If you don't understand, just think about it!"

The curiosity of the audience next to him was provoked again, and they looked at Mouri Kogoro intently.

It is really rare for the world's first detective to perform magic tricks, and the audience in the cafe is also looking forward to it.

I saw Moori Kogoro come to Judy's table and took a sip of Latte coffee.

A transparent glass with brown coffee underneath, and a maple leaf shape drawn by a layer of milk tea on the top, but a corner is missing.

This cup of latte coffee is Xiaotong’s skill!

Kogoro Mori directly picked up Judy's coffee cup, and then said: "Miss Judy, please cooperate with me and use a spoon to stir your coffee garland completely."

Judy frowned slightly, but did so.

The milky white milk tea was immediately mixed into the brown coffee, swirling in the cup.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "This state should be considered disorderly now."

"Although it is difficult to turn disorder into order, sometimes it can be very simple if you master the method."

With that said, Kogoro Moori took the spoon in Judy's hand and began to stir it counterclockwise.

At the same time, his water-repellent skills were also used.

Then, an unexpected scene appeared in front of everyone.

This cup of coffee is like going back in time!

The mixed gray milk coffee was stirred with a spoon and slowly separated into brown coffee and white milk tea.

The white milk tea continued to gather, and finally came to the top of the coffee, and then condensed into a maple leaf shape with a missing corner.

Exactly the same as before Judy searched!

The audience in the cafe couldn't help but screamed, staring wide-eyed at the transparent glass in Kogoro Moori's hand, which really turned into a brown coffee and milk tea garnish.

The girls cheered. They saw that Kogoro Moori's magic was successful, and they all looked like Yourongyan!