Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1617

But Kuroba Kaito couldn't help rubbing his eyes.

If he faintly guessed the principle of the five-second separation of condiments just now, then this milk coffee turned into coffee and milk tea, he is really like Zhang Er's monk-he can't figure it out!

How can this be done!

But Kogoro Moori's performance was not over yet, so he just let go of his hand without holding the handle of the cup.

Judy was shocked, thinking that the cup was about to fall, and squatted down to pick it up.

Unexpectedly, this coffee cup was suspended in mid-air.

Kogoro Moori smiled lightly: "This magic of mine also incorporates some other elements. Levitation magic should be familiar to Miss Judy!" Judy ignored Kogoro Moori's words, and his little hand touched the suspension. Half empty cup.

His hands hovered around the cup repeatedly, but he couldn't find the mechanism to hang it.

Judy's face was full of surprise, his mouth opened slightly, and he couldn't close it.

How could she be able to find her mortal womb with naked eyes? Under the coffee cup, Kogoro Moori used the touch of spiritual power to hold it up.

Immediately afterwards, Mouri Kogoro snapped his fingers.

Disappearing magic!

The coffee cup suspended in the air suddenly disappeared, and everyone's eyes were clearly gone.

The audience was in an uproar immediately. They couldn't help but stand up and search left and right, and from time to time they asked loudly: "Where is the cup? What about the cup?"

Judy, who couldn't believe it, waved to the disappearing position, there really was nothing.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled softly: "I am a detective after all. I am very cunning when I meet criminals. They will hide the evidence. This is a little inspiration from it."

"However, these criminals who secretly hide exhibits are nothing, on the contrary, they are some vicious criminals who use the method of dividing the body to hide the corpse. This is especially difficult, just like this!"

Saying this, Mouri Kogoro snapped his fingers again.

The horror appeared immediately, the screams continued to sound, and the cafe was immediately chaotic.

The standing people couldn't help but step back a few steps, and some even fell to the ground, covering their eyes, watching this scene from the cracks of their hands.

Kuaidou and Baima Detective both have eyes widened, and their faces are full of incredulous expressions. They only feel that this scene is a supernatural event.

Everyone looked at Judy with horror.

Judy turned around with a confused look.

Soon she noticed everyone's eyes and couldn't help but look down.

All her chest and abdomen disappeared!!!

This picture is scarier than all horror movies.

Underneath are slender legs wearing black dresses, while above are shoulders, arms, and head floating.

The lower abdomen and breasts disappeared completely, and the middle was empty!

Divide magic!

Kogoro Mori performed the dismemberment magic in front of everyone.

They didn't use those special organ boxes for corpses, and didn't use blades for cutting.

He snapped his fingers like this, and Judy's chest and abdomen disappeared, leaving only the shoulders and legs.As a genius magician, Judy looked incredulous and looked at the reflective glass of the window, no different from a ghost.Her image was so powerful that all the audience in the cafe was frightened.

Qingzi hugged Keiko in fear, and kept squeezing into the deck.

Xiaotong also hid behind his sister Xiaoai in fear, only Xiaolei and Qianying could barely calm down.

Judy swallowed his saliva and brushed his little hand towards the chest and abdomen.

Didn't touch anything!

I really didn't touch anything!

His little hands were pulling frantically, and he swiped over, the picture was terrifying.

Judy was frightened in an instant, tears burst into his blue eyes and looked at Kogoro Mouri begging for mercy.

"Māori detective, where is my chest and my belly? Why are they missing?"

"What is going on, who of you sees it?"

Judy couldn't help running to the next table of spectators, and the two corpses trot over, full of impact!

The middle-aged man on the table turned his eyes and fainted.

On the other hand, Kogoro Mori snapped his fingers lightly, and the latte coffee floating in the air appeared directly.He grabbed the cup directly and took a sip.

"There will be such a disorder when dismembered, so I really hate dismemberment cases."

"Don't worry, Miss Judy, it's just a magic trick. Your chest and abdomen are still there. There will be no problem."

Chapter 0048 - Swordsmanship

Hearing this, Judy, who was split in two, immediately turned to face Kogoro Mouri.

His hands wrapped Moori Kogoro's arm, and he did not let him leave for a moment.

This picture is full of burdens for anyone.

This strange phenomenon is naturally caused by the small invisible enchantment!

Kogoro Mori is already very comfortable with the use of barriers.

Within five meters, you can create as much enchantment as you want.

A small invisible enchantment just covered the coffee cup, causing the disappearance magic!

Another enchantment covered Judy's chest and abdomen, and a disappearing picture appeared in the middle.

Everyone can't see the hidden things with naked eyes. If they reach out and touch the enchantment, there will be perception fraud and visual fraud.

Judy didn't feel why, but everything was in place.

Judy, who had just been extremely arrogant, looked at Mouri Kogoro in panic at the moment, completely different from the domineering British talented female magician.

Kogoro Mouri was also considered angry, so he stopped playing tricks on her.