Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1618

Another snapping finger!

All the invisible barriers were removed, and Judy's chest and abdomen reappeared.

The perception of fraud effect disappeared, and Kogoro Mouri felt that two spheres of elasticity were full of his arms.

Judy cried out in surprise immediately, took two steps back, and pressed his chest and abdomen with both hands.Thank God, I'm really back!

She breathed a sigh of relief and couldn't help bowing to Moori Kogoro in gratitude.

Seeing this scene, the audience in the cafe was all boiling.

One by one couldn't help but shout out!

This horror magic completely violates the common sense of physics, is completely unscientific, and even terrible.

But it is undoubtedly very exciting, and it impressed all the audience.

Kuai Dou's eyes were full of disbelief, he only felt his scalp numb.

It's terrible!

He couldn't understand Mouri Kogoro's teleportation before. Today's magic is even more terrifying.Does Kogoro Mori know magic?

The flash of Kuaidou was actually very close to the truth, but it was soon overthrown by its self.Impossible, there must be flaws.

It must be the woman Judy Hoppa, she is the trust of Kogoro Mouri.

The two of them cooperated in the act to fool everyone.

Yes, it must be so!

Kuaidou didn't want to believe that the man who took away his childhood sweetheart even surpassed himself in magic skills.

Mouri Kogoro waved to the audience before returning to Hongzi and sitting down.

The three sisters in the next life are all leaning on the railing beside them curiously.

Little Hitomi exclaimed: "Kogoro, you are too amazing!"

Xiao Ai said coquettishly: "Xiaogoro, I want to learn, you teach me quickly!"

And Xiao Lei couldn't help asking: "How did the magic that disappeared just now do it?"

Listening to a series of questions, Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Hush, a secret!"

His voice is full of magnetism, his eyes are deep, and his body exudes a seductive and mysterious atmosphere.

Xiaocai couldn't help but feel itchy looking at this charming Moori Kogoro.

She wanted to pull it to the top, and then severely ravaged her, using the whip to ask him about his magic tricks.

Little Hitomi and Little Ai beside him were actually just ordinary thoughts, both of them stared at Mouri Kogoro fiercely, with affection in their eyes almost real.Unfortunately, Master Qianying is here, and the three sisters from Congxin dare not act rashly at will!

And Kuroba Chikage was because of her son here, otherwise she would have left Mouri Kogoro long ago.

The perceptive Mouri Kogoro instantly noticed the elves around him, and he only felt like a piece of Tang monk meat.

Hey, why is Pu Si Qinglan's gaze so explicit?It's not because I saved her in the sea before!

Miss Kasaka's eyes have also become strange?

I had known that I would not perform magic, and had another wave of girls' hearts.

What a crime!

Fortunately, this is a coffee shop, a public place;

Coupled with the restraint between the women and maintaining a fragile balance, this Shura field was not detonated.

After calming down, Judy came back to Kogoro Moori and apologized sincerely.

"Detective Maori, I just made a mistake. I shouldn't be so narrow. You are an outstanding person. I take back what I just said."

"You are a real wise man, a real detective, and the magic that you can think of is so amazing, it's incredible."

"I believe it now, Mr. Holmes may be defeated by you."

—The Qingzi next to him hurriedly said: "It's not possible, it's true."

"You thought my Uncle Maori would lie to you."

"I tell you, Buckingham Palace has issued a statement that it was Uncle Maori who prevented the explosion of the nuclear power plant."

"The Queen of England also intends to confer a knighthood on Uncle Maori, but it was rejected by my Uncle Maori."

"Does your Sherlock Holmes have a knighthood?"

Judy immediately looked shocked when she heard this. She has been rehearsing for a while, and watching the news is also watching the news. The statement issued by this country Yihao didn't see it.

"There is such a thing, Maori detective, I'm sorry, I shouldn't doubt you."

Judy began to bow again. He was clearly an eagle, but the Japanese etiquette was very good.

Immediately afterwards, she raised her little head, and looked over with pleading blue eyes.

"Maori detective, you are so clever, you can easily create such a shocking magic, so high in magic, can you accept me as an apprentice?"

Judy, who was completely impressed, wanted to apprentice at this moment, which was really unexpected.

Hearing this, Qingzi Hongzi became vigilant, and quickly refused to help.

Seeing the two women said this, Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Miss Judy, let's just go to the teacher, I'm just a detective and can't teach you anything. Besides, isn't Friday your farewell magic show?"

Judy chuckled, "Uh, it's a farewell performance. I won't do it anymore, but I can continue to study magic and magic, Father! Maori detective, just accept me as a disciple!"

"Da Ba!"

Qingzi grabbed Mouri Kogoro and drew him outside the door, and Hongzi quickly followed.

Keiko hurriedly took out the money, threw it on the table, and ran out.

Judy didn't chase it out, instead, his face was firm: "I must let the Maori detective accept me as a disciple!"

The next three sisters in the next life laughed speechlessly: Hey, no, how did Kogoro be abducted by those three female high school students?The three sisters looked at the door of the cafe with reluctance.

Qianying also felt extremely sorry in her heart, but since Kuaidou was here, she did not dare to leave without authorization.

It’s okay. Tomorrow, I’m going to Yokosuka with Kogoro, some time to be together!