Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1629

Ayako on the side was completely dumbfounded, and she couldn't help but exclaimed: That's amazing!

Seeing this situation, Mouri Kogoro suddenly had a headache. This was the last thing he wanted to see.

Tomoko was caught off guard by this questioning, and couldn't help but lose his mind.

But after all, she was a battle-tested business queen, and she was full of negotiation skills, and she calmed down.

His hands folded his chest, his eyes flashed coldly, and he began to fight back.

"Yuanzi, I told you about this at the beginning, isn't it possible?"

"And up to now, you still want to lie to me, your uncle Maori told me that the blood on that handkerchief is pig blood, it's not proof of what you said about love."

"There is no relationship between you. No, there is still a relationship."

"In the future, I am married to your Uncle Maori, but you have to call his father!"

Speaking of this, Tomoko also smiled twice, proud and annoying.

Ayako and Yuanzi were immediately itchy with anger, and they both looked glaringly.

"Yuanzi, you are still a child, how do you know what love is."

"Listen to mom, and treat Kogoro as a father in the future."

"When you become an adult, my mother will look for a few young talents for you, so that you will not lose to your uncle Maori!"

Tomoko quickly grasped the rhythm, and the words brought the garden into the ditch.

But no matter where the garden would eat this set, she stepped forward and sat beside Mouri Kogoro.

His body nestled against Mouri Kogoro, making a birdie.

She pretended to be shy: "Who said that I have nothing to do with my uncle? I did everything that uncle and I should and shouldn't do! That handkerchief is indeed not my blood, I was only worried that you would not believe it, so I made it out. of."

"After all, the real blood was on Uncle's body and he was washed away!"

"From now on, mom, you and your uncle will marry, and I will be the uncle's stepdaughter.

"Dad, you have to love the garden well in the future, you have to love me like Xiaolan!"

Mouri Kogoro was stunned for an instant. This was a naked slander, or planted in his own face.

He really never did it with Yuanzi!

Just as Kogoro Mori wanted to explain, he couldn't stop pinching with a small hand around his waist.

This is Yuanzi's little hand, I hope he can help.

Ayako, who was on the side, could not help but exclaimed again when he saw the bombing of the little girl: Nice job!

Ayako has completely replaced herself in the role of the little girl.

But Tomoko had just listened to his daughter's words, her blood pressure suddenly rose, and she felt her brain buzzing.She was a little unsteady and couldn't help holding the table, but her purple eyes couldn't help staring at Kogoro Mouri.Kogoro Mouri shook his head slightly, blinking constantly.

He was hijacked and wanted to use this method to remind Tomoko to calm down.

But Tomoko was calm, and the little hand immediately grabbed a fruit knife.

"Okay, very good, in that case, let's not live!"

Having said this, Tomoko immediately rushed towards the two with a knife.

Mom sells it better!Who puts so many fruit knives on this fruit plate, old housekeeper, wait for me!Yuanzi saw her mother violently approaching to kill, and immediately froze.

Mouri Kogoro was not stunned, grabbed the slow fruit knife, took it down and threw it away.

Then he pulled Tomoko, pressing her on the back of the sofa, and backhanded the garden to Tomoko's side.

The touch of spiritual power was directly used, and it instantly condensed into an invisible big hand, binding the two women, "If you have turned you back, dare to make such a fuss, have you put me in your eyes?" He was justified and unreasonable. Scream first, then suppress it!It's all so troublesome, how can this work?

Mouri Kogoro's big hand immediately attached to the thunder and lightning, and he opened his bow from left to right, continuously swinging it down.The upgraded version of the Maori family's family method is displayed in the living room of the Suzuki family.There was a crisp and loud clap, and the two women immediately screamed again and again.

Let him lie on the sofa immobile.

Chapter 0058

The tiny thunder and lightning continue to jump and spread, invisible to the naked eye, but it can be clearly perceived.

As the clapping sound continued, and the family practice continued, the mother and daughter's hearts were all riding in waves.After a while, the two rather similar faces were flushed.

Yuanzi's reaction was even more exaggerated. At this moment, she was punished with her mother, and the shame continued to spread!The amber eyes also misted up, and he could not help but pursed his brows, and began to endure bitterly.

This scene made Ayako next to him stared blankly, and she was an eye-opener today.

Both mother and younger sister are very good!

Fighting against each other, no one backs down, no one loses!

Seeing Yuanzi working so hard for her love, Ayako, who is a sister, is actually a little discouraged.Compared to Yuanzi's situation, Ayako is the woman of Kogoro Mouri.

But on the contrary, the straightforward garden started this struggle.

Just inspired by the little sister's spirit, Ayako had the urge to blew herself up.

I'm just afraid that I'm really angry with my mother, and then this crazy idea is stopped.

However, even though Kogoro Moori's Thunder family law is constantly being used, the mother and daughter still keep on playing.

Their heads were facing each other, only seeing each other's red faces, but they kept cursing at each other.

Like the enemy of life and death rather than mother and daughter!

And the power of the falling thunder and lightning seemed to just add fuel to the fire.

Tomoko shouted: "You unfilial daughter, don't you even listen to me now?"

Yuanzi replied: "There is no mother who snatched her boyfriend from her daughter in the world, and it was obviously Uncle Maori and I first met."

"You still want to grab your love with a sword. It's horrible. I want to sever the mother-daughter relationship with you. I want to run away from home. I want to elope with my uncle!"

Hearing this, Tomoko's eyes widened!

"Are you trying to piss me off? If you break the mother-daughter relationship, you will cut off the mother-daughter relationship. From now on, I will not give you a penny, but will give it to your sister."

Yuanzi immediately made a grimace and mocked: "Slightly, slightly, you think I am rare, I am enough to have Uncle Maori, and I don't want your bad money."