Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1633

His little soft hands slapped hard, but he couldn't stop his physical strength from passing quickly, and his strength gradually faded.

The mother and daughter who couldn't move in front thought it was Ayako who was gradually releasing the water, and the slap gradually became lighter. There was no doubt about him!However, Ayako's little soft hands have no strength, and the situation is worse.

The little hand slapped it and was unable to stroke it, light and soft.

Where the injured place can withstand this kind of operation, it makes people want to die.

At this moment, Tomoko couldn't help but speak: "Ayako, let me go!"

"Kogoro, stop making trouble, why do you involve Ayako?"

"Listen to mom, Ayako, go back to the study. Mom still has a few reports that have not been processed. Please help her to deal with it." Ayako's crying voice immediately sounded, and she was a little out of breath from crying.

"Mom, Yuanzi, I didn't mean it, sorry, sorry."

"Kogoro, please spare me, I won't fight, don't continue."

A huge sense of guilt and shame filled Ayako's body, making her completely unable to control herself, and her body trembled from crying.Kogoro Mouri squeezed his chin and closed Ayako's pink lips, making him speechless.

Then his index finger was raised lightly, making a silent gesture.

Ayako, who was originally emotional, stopped immediately, but the tears were still flowing, and her body twitched.

She only really saw Moori Kogoro's evil methods today, and she had never seen such a bad one.

"Well, Ayako, just listen to your mother and go back to the study!"

Having said this, Mouri Kogoro directly picked up Ayako, put it back on the sofa behind the coffee table, and motioned her not to make any more noises.

Then he walked towards the door of the living room alone, making footsteps and opening the door, making Tomoko and Yuanzi mistakenly think that Ayako opened the door and left.After that, he turned back lightly behind the two women who were bound.

Ayako, who had gradually calmed down, was confused at first, and then reacted to what Moori Kogoro wanted to do, and her eyes were suddenly full of disbelief.

She didn't dare to stop her. In Ayako's eyes, Moori Kogoro at the moment was like a demon.

In the perspective of the two women lying on the back of the sofa, Ayako has already left.Only them and Kogoro Moori are left here.

Perceiving Kogoro Moori standing behind him, the two women who were bound also became nervous.

What is he doing?Is the punishment not over yet?

You have been playing tricks like that just now, for so long, are you still not satisfied?

Tomoko immediately asked: "Kogoro, don't you help us solve the acupoints? It has been more than forty minutes!" Mouri Kogoro smirked, "It's not time yet."

He leaned his head to Tomoko's ear and whispered, "At least, for Tomoko, it's far from time." Now Tomoko, the smartest thing you can do is to keep quiet and don't be found to be abnormal."

"Otherwise, I don't know what the consequences will be!"

Upon hearing this, Tomoko's pupils shrank sharply, and she instantly realized what Kogoro Moori wanted to do.

No way?

Sure enough, Mouri Kogoro's big hand wandered off expertly, and Tomoko's eyes were full of panic.

She kept shouting in her heart: No way, no way!

But as clever as she knows she can't shout, otherwise Yuanzi will react and will undoubtedly not make a move.

Tomoko, who was completely bound by the touch of spiritual power, had no resistance at all.

Ever since, the situation slid towards the side she didn't want the most.

Ayako, who was on the sofa behind, stared blankly, clutching her mouth, her eyes widened as never before.

On the other side, in the house of Kogoro Maori, Irene, a lady of the Eagle Country, is playing chess with Mary boringly.Irene, who was upset and lost soon, couldn't help but speak.

"Mary, can you help my sister? We are all white people. We should watch and help each other. Will you let my sister go?"

Mary shook her head blankly, she was ordered by Moori Kogoro to guard Irene.

Irene has been at Maori's house for two days, but she has been hanging by Maori Kogoro since yesterday morning until now.Irene was naturally unwilling, and wanted to run away again.

She had just implemented an escape plan, but before she got out of the alley next to her, she was blocked by Mary.

In the hands of Mary, a CIA agent, Irene could not please.

"Really, you are only twelve or thirteen years old, still a child, why are you so good?"

"It was Kogoro who trained it. How long has he trained you? Tell you, he must be uneasy."

"You look so good-looking, when you get older, he will definitely take care of you, then you will be miserable, and you will have to serve the old man Hou."

"Why don't you go with your sister and go back to Eagle Country. My sister can buy you a lot of beautiful clothes, beautiful jewelry, and dress you like a little princess?"

Listening to Irene's words to coax the child, Mary couldn't help but roll her eyes: "Idiot!"

This tucao instantly made Irene's blood pressure rise.

What was even more annoying was that she couldn't even beat this little girl, and she didn't dare to throw fire at her.

Irene picked up the sofa pillow on the side and hammered it wildly: "Asshole, bastard, why did you grab the old lady and ignore it?"

"Don't know I have a lot of things to deal with? I don't know how many people will die if I don't go back!"

"You bastard, you dared to tie me up before. When I catch you next time, I will show you the true ability of the abuse queen. I will use chili water to fill your back door!"

Upon hearing this, Mary instantly covered with black lines.

But she quickly caught the key word: Bundled?

"Let's stop, Uncle Maori tied you up?"

"Yes, just the first night staying at Maori's house..."

Irene thought that Mary was just a little girl with abnormal physical fitness, so she didn't take much precaution, and directly told her about the night.As a result, the face of this childlike blonde little Lori with big breasts gradually became gloomy.

Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 0062

On the back of the sofa in Suzuki's living room, Tomoko's purple eyes were completely rounded, her pupils kept shrinking, and her body arched into a big bow.How can this be done? The garden is still nearby!

Is this crazy?Stop it!

Tomoko strangled his throat and resisted not letting him make any noise.

Although hope is slim, she still hopes not to be discovered by the garden beside her.