Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1636

The sisters stared at each other and couldn't help but snickered.

Those who don't know thought they were planning some terrifying case!

On the other side, in the study, Kogoro Mouri accompanied Tomoko in the energy purchase case.

Tomoko's face in the arms also softened a lot, no longer the hostility of just killing someone with a fruit knife.

This is naturally very different after being moisturized.

Sure enough, women have more than one reasonable mouth!

With the help of Kogoro Mori, many details in the plan were quickly clarified.

Tomoko gradually recovered the calmness of the business queen, thinking about what had just happened, and suddenly felt something was wrong.

Damn, it was done by Kogoro's physical routine!

Just now Kogoro Mori hit 50 boards each, and he didn't really express his position, "Kogoro, about the garden..."


Mouri Kogoro's eyes narrowed slightly, and the air seemed to have dropped a few temperatures.His big hand threw it over without mercy and patted Tomoko's side hip.

Tomoko felt heart palpitations again, so she didn't dare to say more.

Hmph, let's not talk about it, what a fierceness!

It's all about playing with the mud, there is no choice at all!

Item 0064

But Tomoko couldn't help but recall the scene on the sofa.

Because the garden is on the side, everything seems so unreal and crazy under the tension.

It was the garden that gave Tomoko a little more strange experience.

Thinking about it at this moment, there is actually some ecstasy-like magic, and the excitement makes people want to fall into the abyss.Thinking of this, Tomoko twisted her body with difficulty.


Another big hand whizzed out and hit Tomoko's side hip.

"Why, still want it?"

The magnetic male voice of Kogoro Mouri rang, and Tomoko's head immediately shook like a rattle.

She really can't bear it!

Tomoko at this moment is caught in a contradictory situation of thinking and fear.

Mouri Kogoro saw it through at a glance, and couldn't help but chuckle: As expected, she was a useless woman. She didn't use much effort yet, so she couldn't stand it.

He stretched out his hand to embrace his friend and hugged him into his arms, slid his big hand into the hem of his clothes, caressed his delicate body, and stayed with him for a long time.

After that, Kogoro Mori still spoke: "The garden is still a child, and your attitude will scare her."

"If the child is not sensible, you should be sensible too, and you must be guided, how can you use a knife!"

"We will stay together for a long time in the future. There is still a long time to go. You can't be so impulsive next time."

Hearing this, the pretty blushing friend lowered his head and nodded like a young wife: "Well, I listen to you!"

The young man flexed slightly against Mouri Kogoro's shoulder and neck, and a gentle smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak: "Besides, can't you still believe me? I am a person with good self-control, how could I start with the garden. He shamelessly said different things, but what appeared in his mind was just now. The flexibility and warmth of the picture is life-threatening!

"Besides, hasn't it been all right for so long?"

"You can't listen to wind and rain, you believe in whatever the garden says, you know?"

Tomoko's blush face lifted up, her purple eyes were full of different colors, and she faintly said, "Xiaogoro, do you still have self-control?"

"When talking about the garden, you, you, you are all energetic!"

"Okay, you also have ideas about the garden, are you still thinking of having both mother and daughter, and see if I will kill you!"

Before Tomoko had finished speaking, Kogoro Moori's big hand was the first to shake it.

"Don't sue the wicked person first. It's obviously because of you that you don't sit well and you are not at ease at all."

Hearing this, Tomoko's face flushed again, as if quite satisfied with her charm, she showed a rare cocky expression.This looks really like a garden!

"Or, Kogoro, let me help you."

Tomoko Xiaoxiang rolled her tongue and licked her pink lips, but was stunned by Moori Kogoro.

"Don't be fooling around. With so many reports and plans, the job still has to work."


Tomoko didn't do what he thought, picking up a copy of the acquisition case and starting to look through it.

She asked Moori Kogoro's opinions from time to time, and Moori Kogoro always has unique opinions.

Tomoko doesn't need to think, the whole person is a lot easier, and it's all in the hands of Kogoro Moori.

Such time is also very enjoyable for her!

At five o'clock in the evening, Moyo handled the affairs of Suzuki's house, and Kogoro Moori drove home.

As soon as she got home, Irene looked for her with a look of anger.

She took Moori Kogoro to the office, sat on the sofa, and directly questioned: "Moori Kogoro, what do you mean? Moori Kogoro smiled jokingly: "What do you mean?Irene, you have confused me."

"I thought it was the girl I failed to come to the door and let me be responsible!"

Irene glared at Maori Kogoro: "I don't have any more garlic. You brought me to your house and left me alone. What's the point."

"You don't know that I have a lot of things to do? Just a few days later, do you know how many people will die?"

Maori Kogoro raised his eyebrows: "Wow, it looks like a little bitch who doesn't care about it, begging for mercy, begging for the owner's love!"

Maori Kogoro's face then returned to seriousness: "Well, how many people you said will die, but none of them died."

"Regarding the transaction with the Juarez gang, I have already called your assistant Cooper in your name, and she will take that map for the transaction."