Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1639

Obviously it's less than one meter three, how can it grow into a small cow?

My breasts are almost as good as my own, damn, dad likes big breasts the most, how can this be tolerated?

But, after all, this is a child, and he is not a rejuvenating peer like Xiao Ai, so my father shouldn't do it on her!But maybe, Dad can even start with Xiao Ai's child form, Mary is a few years older than Xiao Ai!

Xiaolan's gaze was patrolling the two of them. Mary, who was holding a book and posing like a book, seemed to be steady, and her heart panicked like a dog.Especially when she had to endure the invasion of the big hands below, the whole person felt extremely tortured.

Fortunately, Zhenchun was able to help cover and pushed Xiaolan.

"Come on, Xiao Lan, we have to go up and cook dinner, so don't disturb them."

"Besides, uncle will continue to help my sister with treatment!"

"Yes too!"

Xiao Lan temporarily pressed her doubts into her heart, took the purchased ingredients, and followed Zhenchun upstairs to cook dinner.

Mary was relieved as soon as the two women walked away.

She turned around and bit her silver teeth directly on Mouri Kogoro's arm.

Bite!Bite!Enough bites today!

Women just use these tricks, pinch people, pinch ears, and bite people. The aggravated ones are like friends who use a knife to search for life.The old driver Maori Kogoro was not afraid at all, and it didn't hurt anyway.

His big hand was along Mary's blonde hair, and the little soft back slowly moved down, soothing the little loli.

Then the enemy will be saved, the effect is outstanding!

Mary's little bitch immediately burst into tears and let out a small mouth with a whimper.

His sluggish body was in the arms of Kogoro Mouri and he dared not move.

Xiaobai's hand was still holding the hem of Kogoro Mori's clothes, and he refused to let go.

Immediately afterwards, a cold loli voice came from the door.

"It's not night yet, you two are so sticky, really!"

Little Lori Huibara stepped into the office with her short legs, followed by Mingmei who helped with her schoolbag.

Seeing this scene, Mingmei couldn't help her face flushing: "Kogoro, Aunt Mary, why are you doing this?" Although she had expected it, she felt burdened by this scene.

No way, she has a traditional temperament.

It took a long time to get used to the scene when I saw Kogoro Mouri and his own shrinking Shibao you and I.Seeing this scene now, it's pretty good to be able to hold on.

Seeing the two sisters coming in, Mary immediately wanted to get up and leave, but was dragged by Moori Kogoro.

Even if she couldn't move, she couldn't help but stared at Mouri Kogoro again.

The little Lori Hui on the side sat on the other leg of Mouri Kogoro expertly in principle.

With the two little loli sitting on one leg alone, Mary felt less embarrassed.

Mouri Kogoro stretched out his hand again and pulled the standing Akemi to his side and sat down.

The right hand is wrapped around his thin waist, and the left hand is wrapped around the belly of two little Lori.

Embracing the three girls, at this moment, he felt very satisfied: "This will be very good. You can stay with me for a while."

The small faces of the three women were all red, and although they were a little uncomfortable, all of them were greedy for warmth and refused to get up.

The distraught Mary couldn't help but change the subject: "Kogoro, do you have time this Friday?"

"Hideyoshi will have a celebrity chess game on Friday, so come with me to see it."

"Regarding who Haneda is in the absolute pen, when the chess game is over, I just ask Hideyoshi and let their cousin and cousin recognize each other."

Mouri Kogoro remembered the hapless guy who had been robbed of his girlfriend Yumi and was so shocked that he immediately agreed.If at that time let him know his relationship with Mary, I think Hideyoshi Haneda's face will be particularly wonderful.

Item 0067

We had a lot of warmth with the three daughters, and before Hideri and Yukiko returned home, Kogoro Mouri separated from them.

He came to the kitchen on the third floor and looked at Shiliang's cooking modestly while Xiaolan was guiding him, and he couldn't help feeling sigh.

"Unexpectedly, Zhenchun, you can also cook, it seems that you will be able to take care of others after you get married!"

Hearing the praise, Zhenchun's little face couldn't help but blush.

"Although it is not as good as the cooking skills of my uncle and Xiaolan, I have been taking care of my sister before, so I can still make some."

But Xiaolan untied the bib, pulled Moori Kogoro into her room, closed the door and couldn't help acting like a baby.

"Dad, what have you been up to these days? Why don't you see anyone?"

Xiaolan couldn't find him last night, and didn't see him this morning, so naturally she felt resentful.

Coming down from Fukimaru was a lot of things in the Miyano family, a lot of things in the Suzuki family, and a lot of things in the Eagle country, but it left the baby girl out.

Mouri Kogoro embraced Xiaolan's waist, pulled her onto the bed, bowed his head and kissed her snow-white forehead.

"Lan, I'm sorry. After Moriarty was arrested, there were a lot of follow-ups to follow, and a lot of miscellaneous things happened. That's why I'm so busy, and my father will accompany my baby girl."

Xiaolan smiled gently when she heard that, she threw off the slippers, and put her snow-white legs directly on Mouri Kogoro's.

The little feet swayed gently, very happy.

His little hands were wrapped around his waist, and his little head leaned up, showing an extremely attached appearance.

Maori Kogoro's big hand covered Xiaolan's long legs and rubbed it lightly.

He enjoys the tender moments with his daughter, and it always gives people peace of mind.

"Dad, do you know what's going on with Xiao Ai's fucking sister? It's Miss Mingmei."

"We all know Xiao Ai's temperament. She doesn't get close to people easily, so how could she recognize someone as a goddamn sister?"

This is Xiaolan's problem from last night to now!Xiaolan and Hui Yuan slept together so many times and united in the War of Resistance so many times, their friendship is no better than the woman she just met.

This was something Xiao Lan couldn't believe at all.

"Also, I always feel that Xiao Ai and Mary look alike, especially the side face, which looks very similar."

"They sometimes whispered together, and Shiliang also joined them. As soon as I approached them, they separated. I always felt that they were hiding something from me."

Although focusing on the balance of mother, but the wisdom improved, let Xiaolan observe many details.