Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1648

Huiyuan looked around several times before turning his head: "It's nothing, maybe I'm worried!"

The two loli passed the side door of the castle and saw Dr. Akasa and Motota Mitsuhiko not far away, and they reconciled with them.In the woods just now, a group of figures protruded from behind the trees, looking gloomily at this ancient castle.

Inside the castle, after Kogoro Moori answered the phone, a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

He wanted to settle the matter here quickly, and went camping with Xiao Ai and the others.

I have to say that the castle that can be printed on coins has excellent surrounding scenery and is a very suitable camping place.

The fragrant grass luxuriant, the fallen leaves are colorful, there are valleys and lakes not far away, which are very good.

Just according to the plot of the original book, you might meet with all the kids in the crypt under the castle.

Thinking of the episode in the theater version where the small people fell into the crypt, Kogoro Mouri ordered the Red Empress to arrange a few more robots to follow Ayumi Huihara to avoid them falling.

As for Dr. A Li, they are all men, so it doesn't matter if they are beaten!

After the arrangements were made, Mouri Kogoro returned to the emperor's room.

Chikage greeted him, and Mouri Kogoro's arm fell into Chikage's warm embrace, almost squeezing it out of shape.

"Kogoro, whoever's phone calls, come out to play with me and don't pay attention. This is not good."

Kuroba Kuaito on the side saw this scene and was vomiting blood: too unhappy!

Maori Kogoro chuckled and said, "It's Xiao Ai's call. What are you going to eat?"

Having said this, he still glanced over in front of Kuroba Kuaidou, and lightly pecked Qianying's white cheek.

Qianying wiped her face pretentiously with dissatisfaction: "Really, it's dirty, don't be like this, you will be seen by others..."

She let go of Mouri Kogoro's arm and walked towards the mural next to it.

And Kogoro Mori also patted his butt, and then separated from him with a smirk.

When Kuaidou saw this scene, his liver and gallbladder were almost splitting, and his breathing became extremely heavy.

Damn Moori Kogoro, how dare you?

Mom, mom, how can you like such a man? How can you be like this!

The scenes that came after a series of blows caused the fighting spirit to fade a little.

At this moment, the horrendous traitorous merchant asked: "Butler, where is the toilet?"

The butler pointed to the right direction: "Get out of the corridor and walk to the end."

As soon as Gan Jiang walked out of the emperor's room with his toolkit on his back, as soon as he avoided the sight of everyone, he quickly ran towards the noblewoman's room.Kogoro Mouri naturally saw through his mind, but he didn't want to take care of it. This profiteer might have to suffer a bit.

At this moment, Kasaka Natsumi leaned over and couldn't help asking: "Mori-kun, have you noticed anything?"

Kogoro Mouri smirked and said, "Apart from discovering that Miss Natsumi you are a D cup, there are no other clues."

Kasaka Natsumi's small face flushed immediately, but she didn't go away, instead she glared at Mouri Kogoro with her big eyes.

"Huh, you are a lip service, and you have no actual actions at all."

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help raising his eyebrows.

What do you mean?Could this Nizi mean that Kogoro Moori didn't actually act in the kitchen just now?

This can't be tolerated. It was Xia Mei who ran away just now, but now she raked her back, saying that she didn't dare to do it, which was completely insulting herself.

Mouri Kogoro planned to take Natsumi to the queen's room, let her know what is meant by'actual action', what is called pain, and what is called cruelty.But before he could act, the screams of the profiteer rang from Gan Jiang.

Everyone's complexion changed a little immediately, and they hurried to follow the sound. Kogoro Mouri and Natsumi Kasaka were no exception.

Soon, everyone came to the lady's room that had just passed by.

In a safe full of jewels behind the mural, Qianjiang was locked by an anti-theft device.

He was close to the wall, and behind him a sharp sword fell from the sky and stuck in the floor..

Item 0075

Hu's Gan Jiang was sweating profusely, and his face was full of fear.

The back of his arm was scratched by the long sword that fell from the sky, and the blood flowed continuously.

Had it not been for his short stature and agility, he would have to confess to this trap.

When the bald butler Sawabe saw this, a pity flashed in his eyes.

Then he took out the key and stepped forward, making a gesture to unlock it.

"This is an anti-theft device made by Master Xiyi eighty years ago. There are other institutions in the castle. Please don't walk around casually."

Seeing this, Kogoro Mouri stopped him and said: "Wait, Mr. Ganjiang's behavior is already a crime of robbery. Butler Sawabe wants to let him go without asking the owner's opinion? Isn't it too appropriate?"

Hearing this, butler Zebe's actions stopped immediately.

He turned to look at Kasaka Natsumi, and said with a chuckle: "I'm sorry, I'm getting confused, Miss Natsumi, what should I do now?"

Xia Mei has never had experience as a master. After 26 high school, she went to study in Paris.The family has always been headed by her grandmother, and she has been working in Paris after graduating from university, and she has never returned to China. Naturally, she does not know how to deal with this situation.

His big eyes looked at Kogoro Mori for help, but his words were calming: "Why don't you just forget it?"

Seeing this, Qianying on the side immediately said, "What a naive girl, everyone has stolen the door and wants to let him go."

"I have long heard of Mr. Gan Jiang's reputation in the black market. He is not a good person at all. If you really let him go, you will find the egg of memory, maybe he will snatch him away. "

Gan Jiang immediately exclaimed: "There is absolutely no such possibility, Miss Xia Mei, I am just a fascination with money for a while, and I am blinded when I see gold, please raise your hand and let me go."

"I will find the eggs of memories later, I am willing to buy them all at a high price, how about 3 billion yen?"


Kogoro Mouri took photos of this embarrassment with his mobile phone, and said with a chuckle: "The evidence collection is complete. You should tell the judge these things!"

Then Mouri Kogoro squatted down and pulled off his tool bag, and took out a roll of tape to seal his head, and the noisy old turtledove stopped the noise.

"In my opinion, there is a rope here too. First tie him up. After we find the egg of memory, we will call the police and let the police take him away. How about?"

Natsumi nodded obediently when Moori Kogoro instructed, and the butler Sawabe obediently did.

He tied the stem first, then untied his locked wrist, and then tied it to the railing.

After a busy day, the housekeeper Zebe was sweating, and Gan Jiangyi was tied into a zongzi shape.