Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1669

She bowed in panic again, and trot towards the hotel as if fleeing.

Pu Siqinglan stared at Moori Kogoro with a bit of resentment, and then invited again: "Do you really want to find treasures with me? The treasures at the end of the last century are definitely more interesting than your case in Tokyo."

Thinking of my own speculation, the treasure is not attractive, but there are still points and lotteries!

Kogoro Mouri chuckled softly, "Well, let me know when you are going to leave."

Originally, Qing Lan just mentioned it casually, but she was immediately surprised when she agreed.

She didn't have to ask Moori Kogoro to help, she just wanted to get in touch with her further, but she didn't know how to act, so she just invited him as a treasure.

Hearing a satisfactory reply, Pu Si Qinglan walked to the hotel contentedly.

And Gray Principle poked his head out of the car window, jokingly: "It is another two ignorant women who have been tricked into sinking!"

After the satisfaction, Xiao Ai softened her whole body, and she was no longer jealous.

"What deceit is sinking, Xiao Ai, you are slander."

Little Lori immediately retorted: "It's just a trick. Just now, Bu Mei kept telling me that you are bad. Did you do something bad to her again?"

Kogoro Mouri said with a guilty conscience: "How could it be possible that Ayumi is so small, how can I attack her, I have to raise it a little bit!"

"Wow! I asked you to come out. You are really thinking about Bumei. You are a big pervert, porno, pedophile, no, I have to call the police to catch you."

Mouri Kogoro lowered his head and kissed Huihara's cheek lightly, and the eyes flashed with evil.

"Even if it's really a pervert or a pedophile, you have cultivated Xiaoai. You have to bear 90% of the responsibility for this matter."

"Besides, even if you really become such a person, what's wrong with it!"

"After all, this kind of little grief, uncle likes it the most!"

Hearing this, Xiao Lori's face flushed instantly!

She couldn't help but whispered: "Why are you standing outside? Come in and drive!"

Kogoro Mori turned around and got into the car, and drove towards his office.Not long after, the voice of Mouri Kogoro's call came from inside the car.

"Xiao Ai, if you sit on me like this, you can't drive well."

"There will be a car accident if you kiss again, itching!"

More than ten minutes later, the dangling Lexus stopped under the Polo Café.

Moori Kogoro got off the car with the blushing little Lori and walked upstairs excitedly, planning to educate Xiaomae again.Let's do another experiment. It's still not enough to have fun on the plane tree before, otherwise Xiao Ai won't be so energetic.Little Lori's little white hands hugged Moori Kogoro's neck tightly, her face didn't resist.

But the plan never keeps up with the changes!

I thought that there were not many people at home in the afternoon.

But when he passed the office on the second floor, Ying Li's voice rang.

"Kogoro, see who is here?"

Before he finished his words, a delicate body rushed forward, grabbed Kogoro Mouri, and kissed him on the cheek."Uncle, I want to kill you!"

The visitor is the energetic Yuanshan Heye!

But before he had waited for too long, he was pulled away by the red leaf wearing a pink kimono: "Heye, you are so rude."

Having said this, Hongye hugged him up and kissed the other side of Kogoro Mouri on the cheek.

Hongye's blue eyes were full of affection, and he whispered: "Husband, do you miss me for many days?"

The Haibara who hung on Moori Kogoro immediately rolled up his standard blind fish eyes: These two dead women, do you really think I don't exist?

Shi Liang Zhenchun, who was wearing the same tomboy as he was wearing, couldn't help but scolded.

"Hey, what are you two doing?"

Mother is not here, the responsibility of optimistic about Uncle Maori has spontaneously fallen on Shiliang Zhenchun, and she naturally does not allow other women to be presumptuous.He Ye Qing smiled and said: "You are out of date, this is the most popular way of greeting in Osaka nowadays, it's normal!"

Hongye also echoed: "After all, this side belongs to Kanto, and it's normal not to know if information is blocked."

The nonsense way of greeting the two women together instantly blinded Shi Liang Zhenchun.

Zhenchun looked confused: "Really?"

On the other hand, Kogoro Mori's gaze fell on Hattori Jinghua who was sitting on the sofa, dressed in a light blue kimono, and looking at him tenderly.

Due to her identity, Hattori Jinghua couldn't get up, otherwise she wanted to rush into Kogoro Mouri's arms like Futaba.

What wind is blowing today, how did Jinghua, He Ye and Hong Ye get together?

He held Hui Yuan and sat down beside Yingli: "Jinghua, why are you all here too?"

As soon as Huiyuan took his seat, he walked away. Yingli and Jinghua's aura is too strong here, and the experiment has been ruined, so naturally they have to avoid the edge for the time being!

Little Lolita leaned behind the cousin Zhenchun, and she felt more at ease.

Jinghua said, "That's it. I received a letter, but the sender is a friend who has been dead for ten days, so I went to Tokyo to ask you for help."

Letter from the deceased who died ten days ago?

Item 0094

He Ye couldn't help but speak: "This is terrifying, uncle, you will know when you listen to it."

Jinghua began to narrate: "This person who died was my university classmate, named Wakamatsu Kohei, the president of a Tokyo design company." "He is also a small accomplished entrepreneur, in Osaka, Tokyo, light Iizawa has purchased real estate."

"But ten days ago, he was found dead in the bathroom of Karuizawa's villa."

"On the day of the incident, it was the birthday of his wife Ruosong Qinxiang. Everyone attended the birthday party in the living room."

"The local police investigated and concluded that someone broke through the empty door and entered the villa and killed him."

Kogoro Mouri asked, "What did that letter say? Couldn't it be sent by the deceased before he died?"

Jinghua wiped her head and handed the letter to Kogoro Moori: "This letter was stamped five days ago. It was originally sent to Heiji, but Heiji went to Eagle Country. I can’t find anyone. I took it apart and took a look."

"Although the sender is Wakamatsu Kohei, it feels like it was written by the murderer."

Kogoro Mouri opened the letter and read it through.

[Mr. Hattori Heiji, I desperately want to meet with you, a high school student detective, to confess my crime to you.