Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1676

It's a pity that Kogoro Mori has to wait for Wakamatsu to receive the lunch before talking.

Seeing Moori Kogoro's expression, Officer Megome smirked, and then spoke to everyone.

"In other words, this poisoning case is related to the Baumkuchen."

"There were four people who touched this cake. At first, the manager Shiina who bought the cake, Mr. Fujihami who stole the cake in the car, and Miss Yonehara and Secretary Satake who cut the cake and put it on the plate, all four of you have a chance to be poisoned. "

Hearing this, Ruosongqinxiang, who is like an old pickle, said: "Then I have no doubts, I have not touched the cake in the whole process, this matter is not my business!"

Officer Mumu nodded: "Yeah!"

At this time, the forensic officer walked in from outside and whispered to police officer Mumu.

Officer Mumu exclaimed: "Nani? No toxic reaction was detected on the other seven cakes? Could it be that the poison was only on the cake that the deceased ate, how could this be possible?"

"What should I do if there is no poison to the dead? Does the murderer want to kill randomly without distinction?"

Officer Megome looked at Kogoro Mouri with a begging look.

But Kogoro Mouri ignored him, and instead whispered to her with Zhenchun's soft shoulders.

Chapter 0100: Xiao Ai Has Chest

Hearing the information shared by Kogoro Moori, Zhenchun couldn't help but utter a surprise, and quickly pulled him toward the bathroom.

She also said to others: "Uncle lend me first."

The two quickly disappeared from everyone's sight.

Maori Kogoro's arm was embraced by Zhenchun. He couldn't help but want to take it out, but he couldn't do it. Zhenchun hooped very tightly!But this girl is really super poor!

Yi Ma Pingchuan, there is no feeling at all, and her mother Mary is simply a difference!

To be honest, she can't even compare to Xiao Ai.

Don't think Xiao Ai is just a seven-year-old Lolita, her chest is still slightly up and down.

Zhenchun sensed Moori Kogoro's movements, her face flushed, but she said nothing.

The two soon came to the bathroom and the lights turned on.

What caught the eye was the neatly arranged diamond-shaped tiles, showing a verdant color.

Looking down from above, the whole body shows a trend of shallowness.

Zhenchun stared at it, slowly stepping into it, and then gradually reacted: "This is..."

Kogoro Mori nodded slightly: "Well, the diamond shadow illusion, it seems that the color is gradually becoming lighter, but it is actually just a calculation error in the brain when the human eye captures the focus. It is similar to the illusion of magic."

"If you remove the top tile that is processed by the brain as the darkest color, it will actually be the same color as the bottom tile. It's so easy to deceive the senses sometimes."

Zhenchun nodded involuntarily: "In other words, the death message that disappeared in the Karuizawa villa and the EYE that disappeared in the Osaka villa both use this principle, so the explanation will work."

"They all exchanged tiles with messages with tiles from other places. No one in the room could see through this principle and mistakenly thought that the message had disappeared."

Kogoro Mouri walked to Zhenchun's side: "Yes, I just asked Sakurako. She said that the initial letter of the disappearing bloodstains she saw was S."

Zhenchun held his head and started thinking again: "S, everyone in this villa except Wakamatsu Yurou who was just poisoned, everyone else has S in their surnames and names, which seems to be useless!"

Seeing his serious thinking, Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Come on, this case is up to you, it's pure. If you can solve the case, uncle will give you a mysterious gift. "

This sentence was said with pure ears!

Zhenchun froze suddenly, and his cheeks turned back to Kogoro Mouri flushed again, and ripples appeared in his heart.

No way, what are you thinking about!

Uncle and mother are a pair!

But the leaping thoughts couldn't help her at all, and the scene that she had peeped at the bathroom door appeared in Zhenchun's mind.

That majestic perfect body, that terrible 28!

Hey, no, leave it to me. What is the uncle going to do? Zhenchun couldn't help asking.

Maori Kogoro chuckled and rubbed his pure short hair: "Looking around, this simple case is your exercise!" But what he wanted to do was to help the murderer as a cover!

In fact, the murderer poisoned him in front of him, and then threw the plastic capsule into the black tea in a mess, but he couldn't hide his magic. He didn't need to investigate to know who the murderer was.

It's just that Kogoro Mori just asked Sakurako, and Wakamatsu Kohei is a very good person and is loved by others.

His two words after Karuizawa's death message are Son, which is Wakamatsu Ikurou!

This is the information found by the Ant-Man robot sneaking into Ruosong Qinxiang's safe.

If it were not for his wife to act as a cover for her stepson, and to unite to make an alibi, the investigation direction would not turn to outsiders committing crimes.

Moreover, Ant-Man robots have gained more than that, they have also found a lot of shocking information.

Wakamatsu Qinxiang and Wakamatsu Yuro are both inferior to the mother and child!

That's why Kogoro Mori changed his position and planned to stand on the side of the murderer and help him out of crime.

Commands were issued towards the red queen, and the change happened quietly.

The inquiry was over, and the others in the villa were arranged to wait in the study.

In the living room, full of vitality, He Ye Zheng argued with Officer Mumu.

"Big Fat Police Officer, don't you believe me? The deceased is clearly a glutton."

"I obviously saw him reaching for the larger one of the two cakes!"

"Hongye, don't you think?"

Hongye naturally stood with her family, not to mention that she saw the same, so she agreed.

Dr. Aka immediately covered his head with black lines, but the two women came with Kogoro Moori, and he did not dare to offend him, so he did not dare to say anything.At this time, Takagi came back with a Baumkuchen bought from the same shop.

Dr. Aka quickly said, "Takagi, you can put together the remaining seven cakes and compare them."

"The two who just cut the cake said they cut it into eight equal pieces, and here they said that the cake is different, and it will be clear after a spell."

Seven small cakes were placed on the top of the Baumkuchen, and when compared, it was cut into eight equal parts.

In this way, Futaba's statement naturally has no way to stand, and the two women suddenly became confused.