Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1684

With this, Mouri Kogoro grabbed it with all his fingers.

The three women immediately panicked and said shyly: "Da Ba!" X3 and the others don't know the bad thoughts of Kogoro Mouri, and they can definitely solve them.

Being puzzled is just playing tricks on yourself.

In the face of this immobile mimi, Maori Kogoro couldn't bear it.


Soon, the three girls' cheeks were kissed several times, the tofu was eaten so much, and the cheeks were flushed.

Hideri squinted his eyes slightly and sensed that his feet were being held by Kogoro Moori's hands, and said, "Da-baa, Kogoro, it's about to start dinner, don't mess around."

Mouri Kogoro, who came out of his mouth, replied: "Don't worry, it's not that fast. The kids have just thrown away your dark food, and it will take time to make it again."

"What, dark food!"

Seeing Yingri's brows brows lightly, there was an instant blackening trend, and Kogoro Mouri immediately changed his style.

"Mistaken mouth, missed mouth, delicious, all your delicious dishes have been eaten by the children."

Xizi, who was lying on her stomach, couldn't help but laughed: "Yi-ri, just admit it. The food you cook is really ugly, even kids hate it. Here is Jinghua and Kogoro who can cook. Come on, Jinghua!"

Yingli's eyes flickered with cold light, staring at You Xizi with the remaining light.

If it weren't for not being able to move now, she would definitely twitch her ass a hundred times!

"Uh!" Jinghua pursed her lips and then recovered, and Yingying closed her eyes again.

Xiaobai wins newlyweds, and hasn't seen Mouri Kogoro for a long time, and it is difficult to hold on to himself when he gets close to him.

Listening to the sound, Xizi laughed.

Then she frowned and said, "Oh, no more, husband, I want to go to the bathroom, I can't hold back."

His acting skills broke out completely, and Mouri Kogoro was instantly concealed.

"Then I will take you to the toilet to solve it!"

Even so, Mouri Kogoro has also lifted Yukiko's shackles.

Unexpectedly, this Nizi stayed with him and didn't go to the toilet. She jumped off the sofa and ran to the next door.

She knew that if she continued to stay here, she would definitely be eaten up by Mouri Kogoro.

But how useful this little cleverness is. Before she could run to the hallway, Moori Kogoro blocked the door.

It was not enough to hold him up, and the door was locked.

Seeing this operation, Yukiko knew what was going to happen next, and she inevitably screamed: "Ran, come and save the words halfway through and her lips were blocked by Kogoro Mori."

Mouri Kogoro returned to the sofa holding Yukiko, who was struggling, and threw it between Yingri and Jinghua. Yingri and Jinghua's cheeks were full of intoxicating blushes!

An enchantment rose out of thin air, and then these voices couldn't be heard if they wanted to.

Xiaolan, who was focusing on cooking next door, vaguely heard the shouts, but when He Ye interrupted, she ignored them.Little Lori Huiyuan had washed her face and returned to her pink jade appearance.

She was sitting on the kitchen cabinet, holding a peeled cucumber in her hand, eating with relish.

Little Lori also instructed a few words from time to time, just like a little supervisor.

"No, no, they all say that they want to drink to get rid of the fishy, ​​He Ye, why are you so stupid."

"Xiaolan, you are not good at knife skills. You are not at the level of an uncle at all. Hey, you will eat it."

The two girls brows frowning because of spitting!

But soon Hui Yuan discovered something more interesting and jumped off the kitchen cabinet.

She took the cucumber to the balcony door, and saw Mila squatting down and preaching to Aunt Mary, she couldn't help but feel happy."Mary, my sister told you that these places are the private parts of girls and cannot be touched by boys at will, don’t you know? Even your Uncle Maori can’t be touched by him. It’s wrong for him to do that. You must tell him no."

"You look so cute, there will surely be a bad boy approaching you in the future. You must learn to protect yourself, you know?"

"Also, they have already begun to develop. Next time, my sister will take you to buy some new underwear."

In the afterglow of the setting sun, Mary looked unlovable.

I could be Mila's mother at my age, but I was educated by this little girl and couldn't make it back. It was really uncomfortable.

Especially when she sees her niece who is gloating, Mary feels that her old face is lost.

At this moment, in Xiaolan's room, Yuanzi grabbed a book without a cover and ran out, and Zhenchun chased it out from behind.

The garden didn't think it was too big, so he yelled: "Extras, extras, Xiao Zhenchun also began to think about spring, and even peeked at the comics in Xiaolan's room."

There is no self-touching in Zhenchun, she got this breast enhancement secret, and she tried to massage herself.

Only some acupuncture points need to be undressed before they can be pressed.

But her door was unlocked, and she was seen by the garden she had broken into.

Yuanzi misunderstood in an instant, grabbed the nude girl massage picture, thought it was a comic, and ran out to publicize it.

But soon Yuanzi knew what it was to provoke a Jeet Kune Do master.

Before she waited for two rounds, she was stopped by Zhenchun.

With a pinch, Yuanzi knelt on the ground and apologized: "I'm sorry, I was wrong!"

After regaining the secret book, Zhenchun explained to the crowd loudly: "Don't listen to the nonsense of the garden, this is just a massage technique, not what she thought."

The three busy women in the kitchen blinked at each other, making old Si Ji's smile, making Zhenchun's cheeks flush.

Finally, this Nizi ran downstairs in embarrassment and went back to her room.

Only the little Lolita Huiyuan was biting the cucumber while shaking her head and sighing with emotion: My aunt and cousin are too stupid and have no combat power. They were eaten to death, disappointed!

Item 0108

Melodious music echoed in the living room.

You Xizi leaned on the sofa, with her little head tilted back, three thousand hairs falling down.

The roots of the hair were all wet, as if they had just come out of a shower, and the whole body was full of water vapor, like a spirit, exuding a seductive breath.You Xizi was naturally relieved of her acupuncture point and regained her freedom, but this Nizi did not want to leave at all.

The little feet pushed Moori Kogoro's thighs as if flirting.