Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1690

Upon hearing this, Yingli said: "Yes, if you are staying here tonight, you can also start washing, lest you bump into each other later."

"Here, next door, and the three bathrooms on the second floor next door are all available. Who of you will go first?"

Hearing this, Hongye and Ye, who had long been too hot to stand up, raised their hands one after another.

Both women got fine sweat on their foreheads, got up and took out the change of clothes in the backpack, and then walked out.

When the two small leaves with small abacus passed through the bathroom by the corridor, they couldn't help but glance at them.

Great!Uncle didn't wash it here!

Then the two women looked at each other and saw through each other's thoughts.

As soon as they walked out of the room, they rushed to the suite that was wide open.

Then he rushed to the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of splashing water inside, the two women were both happy and shouted one after another.

"Uncle, are you inside? I'm coming to give you a bath!"

"Husband, I'll rub your back, there are no small leaves."

"Shameless, my Kogoro is not your husband."

The two women squeezed into the bathroom.

The shower head in the bathroom was rushing, the bathtub was full of hot water, and the steam curled up.But it was empty inside, there was no one, and the two women couldn't help being disappointed.

Immediately after the two women reacted, they had to rush downstairs again.

But when he turned around, he bumped into the arms of Kogoro Mouri who was wrapped in a bath towel.

After drinking the water, Kogoro chuckled, "Didn't you say you want to take a shower? Why run?"

Having said this, he leaned over and took a peck at the reddish cheeks of the two women, and then walked in, holding them domineeringly.

The two daughters whom you had just robbed me were like little daughters-in-law, blushing shyly.

Hongye couldn't help asking: "Husband, do you feel your body is very hot?"

"Yeah, it's weird, neither of us is too hot to teach!"

Kogoro Mouri smirked, "Yes, I feel very hot when I see you two. Don't worry, it will cool you down later."

"This bathtub can adjust the temperature, so it's okay to take a cold bath."

"But before taking a bath, I have to check it. I haven't seen you for a few days. Have you grown up a little bit?"

"Uncle, you are too hungry!"


(A lot of words are omitted here!)

In the living room next door, Xiao Lan sat beside the garden and couldn't help but speak.

"Yuanzi, have you been hiding from me today? Is it so difficult for me to talk to you now?"

He didn't ask for an answer from his father just now, but was taught him a lesson.

Xiao Lan could only transfer the target to Yuanzi.

The garden that couldn't escape laughed, and said with a guilty conscience: "Why, Xiaolan, you are too worried!"

"When you came to my house tonight, I felt you were weird, what are you hiding from me?"

Seeing her girlfriends pressing harder, sweat dripped from the back of Yuanzi's head.

At this time, Hui Yuan beside Yuanzi smirked and interjected: "Yuanzi has already said that she is no longer a virgin."

Upon hearing this, Xiao Lan was instantly shocked.

Yuanzi's reaction was extremely overwhelming, and he raised his index finger and kept saying: "Hush! Hush! Hush! This is a secret."

Zhenchun next to her couldn't help but roll her eyes.

I just joined the non-chu camp with a look of air, now this matter has become a secret?

Sisters for many years, Yuanzi still couldn't bear to hide Xiaolan, so he leaned to Xiaolan's ears and informed them of what happened at home yesterday.

Listening to these unbelievable gossips, the mother and daughter were torn up, and Xiaolan's eyes lit up with a sense of substitution.

But in the end, it was only the hand of God, and Xiao Lan couldn't help laughing.

"What are you doing, I thought you were really successful?"

Yuanzi looked upset: "Hey hey, this is already a huge progress, and it's super comfortable!"

Seeing Yuanzi's unseen appearance, Xiao Lan couldn't help sharing her experience.

"This is very comfortable, but it is more comfortable **%@#!#*……"

And Zhenchun, who was isolated, looked at the two women who were whispering and didn't let themselves listen, and couldn't help but vomit: "Really, it must be something rude."

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Futaba Hongpu's little face was full of fine sweat, panting slightly, and Tan mouth exhaled all heat.

Without the presence of others, the two women were still a little twitchy at first.

But after all, with the effect of alcohol, the two women can still adapt to each other quickly.

The plumpness is like a red leaf, gently massaged and held, but the technique is unfamiliar.

But she is still good at using her own advantages, so it is still amazing.

The daughter of the Ooka family worked hard to learn how to serve others, and asked Moori Kogoro's opinions from time to time.

The petite and exquisite Japanese leaf is difficult to suppress the heat in the body, licking the special strawberry-flavored ice cream, trying to lower the temperature in the body.The blush on his little face gradually spread to the neck of the snow, and his body temperature became higher and higher, and his eyes became more confused.

Mouri Kogoro landed his hand on Kazuyo's small bow, and he could sense the heat coming from his body.

Momiji gently kissed the corner of Kogoro Mori's mouth, and said softly: "Kogoro, the temperature of the bathtub is almost the same, should we take a bath?"

Hearing this, He Ye Xiao's head rubbed against Maori Kogoro's neck, and he didn't shy away from sweating, and whispered like a kitten."Uncle, I want you to take a shower for me!"

Hongye Su's hand held Moori Kogoro's waist, and said without giving way: "Huh, Xiaoyezi is naughty again, Kogoro is going to help me rub it." Obviously it's me first!"