Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1702

This time the enemy met, really jealous!

Hideyoshi Haneda got up immediately, his face ugly and shouted: "Why are you guys here?"

Seeing that her son was so rude, Mary frowned instantly and said, "It's rude, this is your Maori uncle, how can you talk to your elders like this!"

Uncle Maori?elder?Mom, are you kidding me?

Hideyoshi was a little confused, and Miaozi looked even more surprised.

This little loli is so powerful, she dared to scold people so much older than herself.

But it was Yumi-senpai's matter that was important, Naeko immediately said, "Are you Haneda Hideyoshi? We came for Yumi-senpai's matter?"

Hearing the word Yumi, Hideyoshi Haneda turned his attention to Naezi.

At this moment, a waitress in a pink kimono trot up and said, "Taiko celebrities, Taiko celebrities, here are your letters!"

Hideyoshi Haneda immediately pretended to be a little bit forced: "Didn't you say that I'm going to prepare for the celebrity battle? Leave the fan letter aside!"

Kogoro Mori raised his eyebrows immediately: "I advise you to read this letter first."

Hideyoshi Haneda opened the letter suspiciously, and the contents of the letter were exactly the same as those found under the Meijia door.

The same is a PS kidnapping photo, a kidnapping letter, and a guide game book!

After reading this content, Hideyoshi's face changed drastically.

Zhenchun said suspiciously, "Second brother, is the Yumi police officer really your girlfriend?"

"Of course, Yumi and I really love each other. It's just people with ulterior motives who have intervened. Yumi misunderstood me."

"As long as I leave this game naked, become the Seventh Crown, and give this as a gift to her, she will definitely change her mind and leave some people with ulterior motives."

With these words, Hideyoshi Haneda also looked specifically at Mori Kogoro, for fear that others might not know it was him.

Kogoro Mouri was stunned. This Hideyoshi classmate is really a very talented person with a very big mind!

It was almost in front of him last time, and the big Thoth showed Yumi, so he could survive it!

I also want to gather the title of Seven Crowns to make Yumi change his mind, you might as well go find Dragon Ball and make a wish!

excellent!excellent!It really is talent!

Zhenchun and Mary were a little embarrassed for an instant. It turned out that Kogoro really robbed Hideyoshi's girlfriend. It's no wonder Hideyoshi didn't let them live in Mori's house.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but said: "It's really funny. The seven crowns are just a title. How to give it away? Others will call you a celebrity Taiko. If you give it to Yumi, will someone call her a celebrity Taiko? Isn't this a trouble?"

"You and Yumi have broken up a long time ago, and there is no affair for a long time, and now because the people you offended in the shogi world have spread to Yumi, you are not ashamed."

"This kidnapper is also really funny. My woman misunderstood your girlfriend and kidnapped the wrong person. Could it be that you have been secretly pestering Yumi to make the kidnapper misunderstood."

Hearing the questioning, Hideyoshi Haneda seemed to be said to be central, and immediately replied in an eloquent manner: "Maori detective, please show me respect, she is not your woman, Yumi belongs to her, and I didn’t bother her. !" The words became more and more guilty.

Seeing the two quarreling, Mary and Zhenchun didn't know which one to help. One side was a relative, the other was a benefactor, and they were also benefactors who were about to develop into relatives. It was hard to choose!

Maori Kogoro wiped his head, too lazy to continue arguing, what is the use of persuading such a stubborn person, it is better to let Yumi tell him clearly.

At this time, another waitress came in and urged: "Taiko celebrity, the game is about to start."

Mary immediately said: "Hideyoshi, you go to the peace of mind competition first, and the US police officer's affairs will be left to me and Kogoro."

Hearing this, Hideyoshi Haneda clenched his fist and followed the waitress towards the main hall.

Seeing him leave, Miao Zi couldn't help but vomit: "Senior is really blind, and he has had trouble with such a man. Now that Senior is in danger, he still thinks about the game. Is it so important to play chess? Isn't he able to play every year? ?"

When Hideyoshi was leaving, hearing this, he paused, and then speeded up.

Mary couldn't help but stared at Miaozi, but she felt that she was right, so she couldn't help sighing.

Zhenchun asked, "Uncle, then we should go to the Yumi police officer. I have read the chess record of this envelope, and I always feel that it is talking about a shrine, and it feels a bit different from here."

Before the voice fell, the commentary on the TV suddenly sounded.

"What's the matter with Taige celebrities? Just sit down and choose the long test, and leave the game seat before the first one has fallen. What kind of tactics is this?" [Long test: Think for a long time before you move forward. Long exam.

The two-day celebrity battle test time is 10 hours, and Hideyoshi Haneda has six hours left.

"The Taige celebrity left the competition venue and took a taxi. What's the matter, does he want to compare it?"

And his opponent's victory is sitting on the seat, looking calm and relaxed.

"It doesn't matter. The famous Taige thinks of something important to do. I can wait for him."

He closed his eyes when he said that he was able to do so, and closed his eyes to refresh himself.

Item 0124

Seeing the picture of Hideyoshi Haneda leaving by car on TV, Miao Zi said: "Mori-san, should we set off too?"

Kogoro Mouri put on a surprised look: "What's going on?"

Zhenchun said disbelievingly: "Uncle, you haven't solved the clues of the game record yet? I can't solve it because I don't understand the rules of shogi, you don't understand it either!"

"Yeah, I don't understand!"

The three women were unsteady and fell to the ground instantly.

"Compared to this Japanese style chess, I prefer Chinese chess. I really don't know anything about shogi!"

Miaozi's fingers pinched Moori Kogoro's ears: "Moori-kun, don't think you are selling cuteness and I will believe you. Didn't you say that the senior is your woman? Now she is in such a dangerous situation, how can you ignore her? Tell me where to go next!"

Kogoro Mori looked surprised again: "Who told you that Yumi-chan is dangerous?"

The three women were immediately dumbfounded!

Isn't it dangerous?

You just hurried over from Tokyo, so tense atmosphere, are you telling me now that it’s not dangerous?Tease us?

Kogoro Mouri opened the mouth lightly and said: "I thought you could see it too. This picture is obviously PS. Look at the vase next to it. The lines on the upper side are distorted. Yumi has not been kidnapped!"

Hearing this, the three women looked stunned again, and immediately took the photos and observed them carefully.

It's really a photo from PS!

Zhenchun's lips trembled slightly, and couldn't help asking: "Then why did you just tell my second brother like that?"

"I lied to him."