Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1703

This is too frank, and Kogoro Mouri smiled triumphantly, full of pride in the success of the prank.

This look makes Mary and Zhenchun itch!

"Who kept him pestering Yumi? Listen to what this guy said. You have to confess to Yumi after winning the Seventh Crown and make her change her mind. Is this still human? How could I make him succeed!"

This passage is reasonable and well-founded, and neither Mary nor Zhenchun can refute it. No one can say anything about him when dealing with rivals.

Zhenchun shook her head, and immediately turned around and ran out, constantly shouting "Second Brother" and "Second Brother".

It's a pity that Hideyoshi's taxi is gone, so naturally he can't catch up.

Mary gave Mouri Kogoro a dull look, and stepped on the back of his instep again.

It didn't hurt at all, he was immune to Lori's attack.

Miao Zi asked dazedly: "Then Maori-jun, where did Yumi-senpai go, why hasn't she been to work these days? No news?"

"Didn't she tell you? Yumi-chan is now a rich woman. A few days ago, she was shopping around the world with Meihezi. Didn't you find that Meihezi didn't go to work these days?"

"As for the current Yumi-chan, her hometown happens to be in Lishan County. We will stop by and have a look later. Maybe we can find her." Miaozi immediately asked, "Mori, you all know Yumi. Senior is okay, don't tell me, why did you bring me here?"

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "I think it's not good to see Miaozi always busy with work, so I'll take you over to relax."

"The fruits and wines in Lishan County are very famous, and the most famous is the red wine hot spring bath, which can be used for beauty and beauty, anti-aging, and also has the effect of weight loss and detoxification. You can't miss it here."

The two women were dumbfounded immediately, didn't they want to investigate the kidnapping case?Why did you switch to a hot spring?

The plot develops too fast, like a tornado!

Miaozi twisted slightly and said, "But I didn't bring a swimsuit!"

Marie kicked Moori Kogoro's shin with her little foot, and kept talking, "Kogoro, you are so mean, this is a very important game!"

Before a few kicks, little Lori's clothes were picked up by Moori Kogoro on the back of her neck, and her mouth was also covered.

This little loli spread her teeth and claws in mid-air, but it was a bit fierce and cute.

Mouri Kogoro easily subdued Mary, and then turned to ask the waitress on the side.

"Do you have a red wine hot spring here?"

The waitress swallowed, and she didn't dare to offend the ruthless man who easily deceived the Taige celebrity, so she spoke honestly.

"There is this one. It is behind the rockery in the backyard, because the most famous Lishan Winery is nearby, and there are wines in nearby hotels and hotels."

"Perfect, it seems that this trip did not make a mistake. Help open the best private bathing place, and buy swimsuits and swimming trunks!"

Having said this, a black card was handed to the waitress, accompanied by several large banknotes.

The waitress who got the tip naturally didn't say much, bowed with joy, and began to prepare for the guests instead.

Disappointed Zhenchun ran back out of breath and saw her struggling mother immediately stepped forward to rescue her.

Maori Kogoro allowed Little Lori to be hugged, but the big hand took Zhenchun's hand, and the other hand held Miaozi's waist, pulling the three girls towards the hot spring bath.

"Hey, uncle, what's the situation? Where are you taking me?"

Not long after, under the strong push of Moori Kogoro who acted vigorously and vigorously, one man and three women went to the red wine hot spring smoothly.

In the area behind this hostel, surrounded by mountains and forests, in a private bathing area piled with rockery, four people comfortably soak in hot springs.The rising water vapor is filled with the fragrance of wine, and the hot spring water is all red, dyeing people's skin bright red, quite a bit of wine is not intoxicating!The small head of the seedling with the double pony tail was exposed to the water, and her cheek was flushed. She was still a little shy in her swimsuit.

Is it too unreserved?The progress is too fast, isn't there supposed to be dating and watching movies? Once I come, I will have a bath together. Wouldn't Mao Lijun think I'm a bad girl?

Miaozi's cat's eyes glanced at Moori Kogoro who was holding Mary to coax her to eat fruit, and suddenly fell into thought.

It seems that Mao Lijun likes girls very much?Wouldn't it be nice to give him a daughter in the future?Oh, won't the child and Xiaolan be sisters?

But what Miaozi didn't notice was that the little Lori who was in his arms by Moori Kogoro had an abnormal expression.

Little Lori pursed her lips, her blue eyes were full of mist and she looked like weeping.

His short hand was still pressing on the big hand that was underwater, and his little head couldn't help but flicked, and from time to time he made a mosquito-like sound: "Da Ba, Zhenzhen is still there!"

And Kogoro Mouri smirked and forced him to ask: "Mary was very unbehaved just now, this is punishment."

"You haven't answered me yet, is Hideyoshi important or me?"

The blonde little loli couldn't help but shook her head.

On the other side, Hideyoshi Haneda, who took a taxi towards Tokyo, looked at the PS photo in his hand, and vowed to himself:

"Yumi-chan, I will definitely rescue you. Forgive you for waiting for me before, and I will leave you safe this time."

Soon, Hideyoshi Haneda came to mind that he was surrendering to the heavens, and the hero saved the beauty, and then Yumi changed his mind and gave up the scene of Kogoro Mouri being with himself.

Just thinking about it, Hideyoshi Haneda couldn't help laughing.

At Yumi's grandmother's house, Yumi couldn't help sneezing after listening to the compliments of the aunts.

"Aqiu! Aqiu!"

Which guy is talking about me behind my back!

Yumi pressed her nose, turned her head and listened to compliments from relatives, only to feel that this moment is the pinnacle of her life.

Item 0125

The big hand that was submerged in the water lightly grabbed it, and it felt full of abundance.

The red wine hot spring bath really makes people's skin smooth, little Lolita is almost in love with it.

The blonde little Lori couldn't help but snorted, her short hands kept pushing Moori Kogoro's chest and abdomen, and her little feet kept kicking Moori Kogoro's legs and feet.

His face was flushed, and his lips were pursed, like a princess fighting a devil.

"Da Ba, don't allow this, Zhenchun is still here!"

Little Lori didn't dare to speak too loudly, it was entirely a breath, and accompanied by a small panting, she looked very cute.

But this is all the little white sheep who seduce the big bad wolf, how can people be willing to let go.

And Zhenchun on the side turned his back to the crowd, holding the chess record of the headless chessman, still studying, and didn't notice the slightest movement behind.

But the shy Miaozi was far away from Kogoro Mori, glanced at him from time to time, but didn't notice.

Kogoro Mori hugged Lori tightly, rubbed her short, fluffy blonde hair against her cheeks, and chuckled softly: "Mary, you haven't told me yet. Is it important for me or Hideyoshi?"