Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1707

Looking at this chessboard, Gu Sen's eyes were round, almost protruding out of his contemplated winning hand, so easily lost?

Hideyoshi opened his mouth and said: "In this way, my king escaped. On the contrary, your king was killed by me."

"At the beginning, I thought of the winning player, and I was so happy that I accidentally made the chess piece make a noise, but it caused you to make two consecutive moves and get out of the game illegally."

"But in fact, I heard you call about your wife's serious illness, so I wanted to end the chess game as soon as possible, so that you can go back earlier, but I didn't expect it to misunderstand you."

Hearing this, Gu Sen's eyes were full of disbelief.

"You heard my call and wanted me to go first. How could it be possible? Have I thought wrong for so many years? Ooo!"

The headless chessman immediately started crying at the desk.

Hideyoshi Haneda didn't want to wait for Gu Mori to finish crying, and ran to the back room, speaking with joy.

"Yumi-chan, I'll save you!"

He had imagined the scene in which Yumi would be panicked and thrown into his arms, and the corners of his mouth grinned.

But as soon as the door of the inner room opened, the room was empty and there was no one!

Hideyoshi's expression was immediately stunned, and he quickly turned around to hoop Gu Sen's clothes: "Where is Yumi-chan? Where is my Yumi-chan? Give her back to me!"

With tears on his face, Gu Sen immediately said: "I didn't tie up Miss Yumi, but PS took a hostage photo of her, stole her phone, and lied to you."

"I was thinking about the celebrity battle that would destroy you this time, but I really didn't expect the real situation to be like that ten years ago, sorry!"

Having said this, Gu Sen handed the phone to Hideyoshi, then he threw himself on the ground and bowed down and apologized to him.

And Hideyoshi Haneda couldn't help but staggered a few steps, unable to stand still, and sat down on the sofa.

In other words, it was hard to rush back to Tokyo from Lishan County, and then accept the guidance of the enemy to come to this hotel, and all this is actually a prank!

A huge sense of loss filled his heart, Hideyoshi licked his head, and the smile on his face was full of bitterness.

At this time, Mary chuckled and said, "Isn't this great? No one has been kidnapped. The misunderstanding ten years ago has also been resolved, and it will be a happy ending!"

Zhenchun looked at the time: "Second brother, it took more than an hour. Let's go back to Lishan County quickly. The celebrity battle is still in time." After that, she pulled Hideyoshi's sleeves and dragged him down. Ran away.

A group of three people hurriedly rushed in, and then hurriedly left, directly making Gu Sen look dumbfounded.

"What's the matter? Don't you blame me? This is too fake!"

When the three of them arrived outside the hotel, they immediately took a taxi to Lishan County.

Hideyoshi Haneda, who intended to save the United States as a hero but failed, has always been listless.

And in the private hot spring pool in the backyard of Lishan Hostel, the beautiful music continues.

In the red wine hot spring where the rose floats, Kogoro Mori sits on the boulder in the hot spring, and the seedling leans against his arms, almost boneless.Jiao Er lifted up if weak!It is the state of Miaozi at the moment.

Mouri Kogoro held the seedling with his hands, gently kissed his soft shoulders, and tasted the taste of red wine.

This wine spa bath is really genuine at a good price.

Miaozi frowned slightly, and the two ponytails that were full of the girl's sentiment were also put down, turned into a black and blue silk, floating gently, there was a different and moving style.

It hurts too much, and my hair is squeezed so hard that I can't bear it.

As if sensing the seedling's discomfort, Mouri Kogoro pulled a smile from the corner of his mouth.

The treatment begins!

A stream of warm energy poured into the seedling's body, crisp and numb, but it was extremely useful!

The pain gradually dissipated, Xiao Nizi's whole body was extremely comfortable, transparent inside and out!

The little policewoman couldn't help but snorted, her bare hands couldn't help but clasp Moori Kogoro tightly, and the whole person was posted up, smooth and full!

Mouri Kogoro also hugged the seedling with his big hand, and then walked away, feeling the roundness of his delicate body.

Petite Linglong's seedlings are similar in figure to He Ye, with moving curves everywhere, and can be picked up easily, just like a little lamb.

The only obvious difference is that its cup ratio is one size larger than that of Ye, which is between C and D, which is also very gratifying.

The two in the hot spring pool were still enjoying the green mountains and green water and taking a bath, but someone in the hotel had already arrived.

It was Yumi Miyamoto who saw the message!

This Nizi arranged for some cousins ​​to join the Toyota company. After dealing with the compliments of the elders and relatives, she returned to her home and heard the message from Kogoro Mouri on the phone.

After learning that Moori Kogoro had also come to Lishan County, Yumi was overjoyed and hurried to the Lishan Hotel.

While passing by the main hall, Yumi caught a glimpse of the long guns and short cannons. Although Yumi was a little strange, he did not stop too much.

Instead, he followed the instructions and came to the hot spring bath behind the hotel.

After receiving the waitress's washbasin, bath towels and various bath products, Yumi put on the bathrobe and entered the private hot spring bath.Going along the direction of the water vapor in the distance, the wooden clogs stepped on the stone road and made a'click'!

Not long after, Yumi-chan saw the two heads on the water, and she immediately reacted.

"Okay, Kogoro, I thought you came here to find me all by yourself. I didn't expect Miaozi to be there!"

The seedling with flushed cheeks couldn't help but exclaimed: "Zhou, senior!"

This Nizi was caught and raped in an instant, with an unusual guilty conscience, and shyly wanted to get out of Mouri Kogoro's arms.

But how could this be successful, and Kogoro Mouri got worse!

He turned his head and chuckled, "Yumi-chan, come down, Miaozi needs your guidance!"

Hearing this, Yumi couldn't help flushing, couldn't help but glared at Kogoro Mouri, but obediently got into the water except for his bathrobe!

Item 0129

Miaozi's voice was crying: "It's too shameful, how can this be done, senior, don't take a peek!"

Yumi, who was blowing the hot spring water, smirked: "Who is taking a peek? I'm looking at it openly."

Having said this, she leaned over, and then she grabbed and released it in a mischievous manner, feeling full of flexibility.

Yumi laughed: "Tsk tsk, it’s quite deep, I’ve been with your partner for so long, and I don’t know you are so interesting. No wonder you dare to seduce Kogoro. You didn’t want to ask you to go to the hot spring before. Catch it."

"Senior, please don't say such a thing!"

A huge sense of shame filled Miaozi's heart, making his body tremble uncontrollably, which was really pitiful.