Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1709

His hands were no more than a pinch, and he took it back.

Yumi and Miaozi blushed, hummed softly but didn't say anything.

Just now, this pair of traffic police flowers had long been surrendered by Maori Kogoro in the hot spring bath!

From the rockery to the water, from the water to the shore, from the shore to the bench for rest.

After this tuition, the two women became as gentle as young daughters-in-law.

Today, Kogoro Mori's behavior in the Japanese room is naturally nothing.

The blonde little Lori Mary walked in with her eyes slightly squinted, her aura being extremely strong.

She was standing right across from Kogoro Maori, and said with a slight anger on her face: "Kogoro, you are already with the Yumi police officer, and you are home with a beautiful woman, why bother to stimulate Hideyoshi?"

Mouri Kogoro rolled his eyes dumbly, he really didn't have this thought!

"Hey, just make some sense. It's obviously that guy was rude first, so he pushed the door without knocking. You think I want him to see it. I'm not that busy yet."

"If he walks through another corridor, or walks through the door next to it, nothing will happen?"

Upon hearing this explanation, Mary was quite agree with her, and her momentum immediately fell.

But when she caught a glimpse of Naezi and Yumi's attitude towards Kogoro Mouri, she felt upset again and began to be jealous again.

But before she could regroup and attack again, this pretentious little loli was grabbed by Mouri Kogoro and then picked up by the collar.The fierce and cute Mary struggled again with her teeth and claws: "Hey, what do you want? Let go of me, really pure, come and save me!"

Zhenchun on the side quickly wanted to come forward to rescue him, but was restrained by Yumi.

Yumei took her to sit at the dining table and said with a smile, "I know everything about today. You have been tired of running for me for so long. You must be hungry too. Let’s eat something first. The two of them are making trouble. it's nothing."

Being so entangled by Yumi, Zhenchun naturally couldn't get up, so she could only give Mary a helpless look.

Mouri Kogoro took Xiao Lori to the quiet room next door and closed the sliding paper door.

The three women can only see their silhouettes on the white sliding door.

The blonde little loli was placed directly on the table in the quiet room.

Motivated by the strange power of Kogoro Maori, Lori was kneeled on the table.

Immediately afterwards, Kogoro Maori's big hand directly greeted him, and the Maori family's family law was once again offered!


The crisp clapping sound passed into the ears of the three women, Zhenchun's face was a little red, and she was embarrassed for Mary.

And Miao Zi gnawed on the apple slices, and said in a bit of surprise: "I didn't expect Kogoro to teach children using family methods, I thought I would be gentle-a little bit!"

Yumi held Zhenchun's soft shoulders and prevented him from getting up, but he also spit out, "He has the same temper as a child, so why is he angry with the little guy?"

In the quiet room, Mary, who was lying on the table, flushed with red face, feeling chilly and painful.

But there was more shame in his heart, a sliding door, how could it stop the sound.

She could also see the silhouette of the girl next door and the third girl. She felt so embarrassed that she couldn't help but whispered: "Kogoro, why are you hitting me?"

Maori Kogoro raised his eyebrows and said, "Should you not hit it? At a young age, he said one thing and did another one."

"Just soaking in the hot springs made me happy. As soon as I turned my head, you disappeared from Zhenchun and went to the enemy. Shouldn't you fight?"

Having said this, Kogoro Moori waved his hand down again. This flexibility is simply amazing!

Little Lori felt a little guilty immediately, although she thought Kogoro Moori was more important, but helping Hideyoshi became a reality, she couldn't be stubborn.

So the little blonde loli pursed her lips and punished her silently.

"Are you wrong?"

A clapping sound was accompanied by an inquiry, but Little Lolita's endurance was beyond ordinary, so she never answered.

A smirk flashed at the corner of Mouri Kogoro's mouth, and the thunder-repelling technique was instant, and his big hand immediately attached a small electric current.

In this way, the effect is naturally outstanding.

With a swing, the blonde little Lolita still resisted making any sound, but her body was shaking like a shudder!

At this moment, the sliding door of the Japanese room was opened again, with a haggard face and red eyes, Haneda Hideyoshi came in again.

He went to the main hall and did not continue the game, but directly surrendered to his opponent, which caused an uproar among the spectators and photographers present.

The bigger impact is that those viewers who were watching the long test screen in front of the TV were looking forward to what Hideyoshi Haneda would do. Hearing the words of Hideyoshi Haneda's surrender, they scolded their mothers one by one.

But Hideyoshi Haneda doesn't care, he just doesn't give up, just wants to ask if Yumi has him in his heart!

But when Hideyoshi opened the sliding door, looking at the three women at the table, her eyes fell on the silhouette of the paper sliding door in the direction of the quiet room along the lines of the three women.

Seeing Kogoro Moori who was performing the family law in the silhouette, and the little girl who was trembling on the table, Hideyoshi's face was instantly dull.

His mouth was so wide as to dislocate, and his whole person was petrified again!

That is, is that mother?

what happened?what's the situation?Isn't your mother very good?

It couldn't be easier for her to deal with the three or five big guys. How could she lie on the table obediently and let Moori Kogoro insult her?

This is impossible, this is fake, this is definitely not reality, I must be dreaming now, waking up!Wake up from the nightmare!

Is this the price of the guide me to the exclusive hotel information?My mother begged this demon for me, so that I could find Mr. Moriya smoothly, but she herself had to be so insulted!

Otherwise, it's because of me, because I don't know the sky and the earth want to grab Yumi-chan with this devil. Mom and sister still need the devil's shelter, can they only go to apologize like this?

why?Why am I so weak that even my mother and sister can't protect me!

No one knew that Hideyoshi looked at this shadow and made a big show.

Hideyoshi looked at the frequency of the trembling of that petite body on the table, couldn't bear to look again, his heart was sour, and tears burst into his eyes!

He immediately fell to his knees weakly, his fist hit the floor.

The voice instantly shocked the little Lolita Marie in the quiet room. Mari couldn't help but ask: "Is it Hideyoshi?"

Without hearing a response, Mary panicked even more.

A pair of white short legs kicked wildly, and directly overturned the table, then little Lori tidied her dress and immediately opened the sliding door.

And Hideyoshi immediately saw Mouri Kogoro behind the sliding door, his anger started from his heart, and evil grew to the guts!