Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1710

With red eyes, Hideyoshi Haneda clenched his fists and rushed towards Kogoro Mouri: "Insult my mother, I will kill you!"

But he hadn't even crossed the threshold, little Lolita made her move, and she whipped her leg directly towards Hideyoshi's shin.Hideyoshi Haneda stumbled and fell into a shit!

Hideyoshi, who was lying on the floor, was so sad that he couldn't help crying. This is too bullying!Did you touch porcelain???

Maori Kogoro looked innocent. He came across this all by himself. What's up with me!

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Looking at Hideyoshi Haneda who was lying on the floor and crying, Mouri Kogoro was covered with black lines, and he felt speechless.

Yumi's three daughters were also stunned, completely unexpected that this guy had a temperament similar to a child.

Mary's expression was slightly awkward and at a loss.

Kogoro Mouri rubbed Mary's short blonde hair with his hands, and said softly, "I'll avoid it first, but there is no need to hide some things from him."

When she heard this, Mary's blue eyes trembled slightly, but her little head nodded.

Mouri Kogoro greeted Yumi and Naezi to go out, and the two women followed gently.

After being so troubled by Hideyoshi, he has no interest at all, and he has no intention of taking a leisurely vacation here.

The three men in bathrobes went to the locker room together, intending to change back to their original clothes.

In this Japanese room, Hideyoshi's cries gradually faded.

Mary sighed, she didn't know how to tell her son.

At this time, Zhenchun patted her mother's soft shoulders and pulled her to the table.

"It's okay. If mom finds it difficult to speak, just let me talk to my second brother."

After talking about Zhenchun, he entered the quiet room, closed the sliding door, and said directly: "Second brother, are you ashamed, you would cry like this after a fall, it's shameful!"

Hearing the third sister face to face, Hideyoshi's cheek twitched a few times before forcibly calming down, turning his head to prevent him from seeing his tears."Zhenchun, what the hell is going on, why did my mother just be like that?"

Zhenchun spoke openly: "Second brother, with your cleverness, you should have guessed it a long time ago."

"Actually, my mother and Uncle Maori had a relationship, and they are now boy and girl friends!"

Hearing this, Hideyoshi was dumbfounded for an instant, even though he had some faint guesses in his heart.

His mouth was open, his lips were trembling constantly, and his face was pale as a waterfall, completely unable to accept this reality.

The Moori Kogoro who snatched his girlfriend, now even snatched his mother, and both of them became his women!

If he marries his mother in the future, wouldn't he become his stepfather, and would he have to call him father?

It is a shame to call one's rival to be a father!

Hideyoshi kept shaking his head: "This is not true! This is not true! Zhenchun, you are joking with your second brother, right? You must be lying to your second brother, right?"

"Mori Kogoro is now a boyfriend and girlfriend with Yumi-chan. How could he still have a leg with his mother? This is not two boats. How could she accept her mother?"


Seeing his almost crazy expression, Zhenchun wanted to make up a lie to deceive him.

But there will always be a day when a lie will be exposed, so she chose to tell the truth.

"Actually, the charm of the uncle is very big, he is not only the two women of the mother and the Yumi police officer."

"As far as I know, there are already no fewer than ten people who have an ambiguous relationship with their uncle."

Hearing this, Hideyoshi's hole continued to shrink, no fewer than ten people!

In this way, Yumi doesn't want to be with herself yet, but also follows that man!

Too frustrated!

Hearing this cruel reality, Hideyoshi didn't draw a breath, turned his eyes and fainted.

Upon seeing this, Zhenchun hurried forward and slapped it directly: "Second brother, second brother, wake up, don't scare me!"

Hideyoshi Haneda, who hadn't fainted for three seconds, was awakened directly, with a fiery pain on his face, cold sweat oozing out of his body, and it was like a nightmare.No one is worse than him. He wants to fall into a coma and avoid reality, but he is awakened.

Hideyoshi didn't speak anymore, he looked at the ceiling blankly, his face dull and said: "True Chun, you go out, let the second brother stay quietly for a while."

Seeing the appearance of the second brother, Zhenchun frowned slightly, but still turned and went out, leaving him alone in the quiet room.

Anyway, there was only a table in the quiet room, and no other tools, so he didn't want to be foolish.

As soon as she returned to the outside Japanese room, Mary asked with concern on her face, and Zhenchun answered with comfort in a low voice.

On the other hand, Mouri Kogoro, Yumi, and Naezi have all changed back to their original clothes.

Miao Zi wears a blue traffic police uniform, which has a special charm, which makes Maori Kogoro's eyes a bit aggressive.

And Yumi-chan wears elegant and luxurious, black dress, exquisite workmanship, handmade by French designer, lace and embellishment are just right.

Its white jade neck wears an egg-sized sapphire necklace, the earrings are also inlaid with gems, and the fingers also wear gem rings.

Stepping on high heels, Yumi's entire popularity scene was picked up. She pretended to be like the upper-class women on TV, and looked decent. Miao Zi could not help but look at Yumi with envy, and she admired her more and more in her heart.

Maori Kogoro couldn't understand Yumi's swelling appearance, and his big hand directly punched her fat buttocks a few times, and the play was extremely soft!

Yumi returned to her original state obediently, and started acting coquettishly with her arms around her.

"Really, Kogoro, you disturbed me. Didn't you say that you will let me talk to that guy clearly?"

"I want to show the side of a goddess, make him feel ashamed, and let him know that he is not worthy of me, and that he will never get a woman, so that he will retreat when he is in trouble. Are you right?"

"Besides, when people dress like this, don't you have a lot of face?"

Kogoro Mouri glanced at the obviously happy Yumi-chan, and did not say that the necklace that was hanging around her neck and bought for several million dollars was fake.

Yumi must be very frustrated to speak out.

Although this Nizi has some shortcomings of admiring vanity, it is nothing to Moori Kogoro.

It's not that she can't afford her own mother-in-law, as long as she treats herself sincerely, it doesn't matter.

Seeing Miaozi's small expression on the side, Mouri Kogoro stretched out his arms to wrap his waist.

"When I get back to Tokyo, I will buy it for you!"

Miao Zi shook his head and said, "No, Kogoro, I have a salary."