Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1715

Then Kogoro Mori began to tie up the four rebellious women.

Not long after, the four women were all tied together, hung from the beams of the house, and slowly rose into the air, forming a blooming lotus flower.

The white massage beds underneath were pushed together, so they wouldn't be afraid that they would fall.

The four women tied their hands behind each other, their calves tied to the calves of the people next to them, forming an M word, occupying four positions, relying on each other, really beautiful.

Next to Yingli is Reiko, Reiko is next to Tomoko, and Tomoko is next to Jinghua.

They were all flushed, feeling very ashamed, and staring at Mouri Kogoro in shame.

It's just that the mouth is stuffed with a ribbon, and I can't speak.

Item 0136

The four women who were tied up with red silk and were hoisted volleyed for more than one meter, and did not feel any discomfort in their bodies.

Maori Kogoro's binding art is almost a master, really superb, it only gives people a sense of restraint, without any pain.The four women who were tightly tied in a circle slowly turned with the red rope on top, all of them looked ashamed and angry.

And the Moori Kogoro underneath embraced You Kiko's slender waist, looked at the pictures of these works of art, and chuckled: "Do you like Kiko? Are you out of breath now?"

You Xizi lying in his arms circled his chest with his fingers, and he gave Moori Kogoro a strange look, "I'm venting my anger, obviously you like it. You deliberately made such a trick. What is my business? ."

She was so smart that she didn't want to be annoyed by the four girls, so she threw the pot directly on Maori Kogoro.

Maori Kogoro chuckled and patted Yu Kiko's buttocks: "Nonsense, I'm just doing things the other way. If they didn't take the rope, I wouldn't be able to hang them up."

Immediately afterwards, the bamboo stick in his hand was gently pulled up, the punishment just now was not over!


The thumping sound continued, Yingli, Jinghua, and Lingzi each received a whip, and there was a red mark on the beautiful leg.

When the punishment was over, the bamboo strips were thrown on the floor.

At this time, the one who turned to him was Madonna of the prosecutors, Reiko Kujo.

Kogoro Mouri stopped the rope turning with a big hand, and teased: "Reiko, you have disappointed me too much."

"I used to see you and Yingli tit-for-tat in court, but they were very heroic."

"Why are you now obedient to her orders, and chaos with her, this won't work!"

"The Reiko I want can continue to fight against Yingri!"

Reiko's eyes shrank, but he did not easily follow Kogoro Mouri's provocation.

Yingli on his right turned his head to the side, looking like he wanted to make a living for Reiko, but his mouth was stuffed with cloth and he could only hum.The effect should be to let Reiko go and come at me.

Mouri Kogoro smirked and pinched Hideri with his big hands.

The humming Yingri glared at Mouri Kogoro a few times, and soon lowered his head again.

"I said I know how to massage, I thought I would serve you well today."

"Who told you not to listen to me, or lie down obediently, now you can only press it like this."

Even though he said this, his eyes fell on Reiko's pink lips. They were so moisturized and really seductive!

After a word, Maori Kogoro couldn't help but bowed his head and gently gnawed on the pink lips.

The beautiful prosecutor immediately trembled, and her eyes squinted slightly.

Reiko could perceive the hot and vigorous snorting, and she was flimsy in front of others, so her heart beats so fast and she blushed abnormally, so she didn't dare to face the sight of others.

Then Mouri Kogoro walked with both hands, covering Tomoko with his left hand and Hideri with his right hand.

It is said that we should give them a massage, naturally we can't break our promise!

Although he was kissing Reiko's pink lips and greedily grabbing sweetness, the six bits he took with his hands were extremely precise.

This distraction three uses, it is naturally easy for him!

Tomoko Hideri on the left and right caught a glimpse of this scene and his cheeks were instantly red.

However, Maori Kogoro's big hands are almost magical, and all the touches are scratched to the itchy heart, making them extremely useful, and the whole person is very relaxed and comfortable.

The two beautiful women also squinted their eyes, humming and enjoying themselves.

Only the hapless Jinghua, whose position Yihao was behind Lingzi, couldn't see and touch her, and didn't know what happened behind her.

Seeing Kogoro's trick to Reiko, Kiko underneath, Xiaoshou couldn't help but patted his majestic back.

Hey, there is no misfortune for me, a free man, and you run to kiss others, how can this work?

However, thinking that Reiko has had a lot of cases recently, it has been a long time since I was reunited with Kogoro Mouri, so Xizi left them.Then his quirky eyes rolled, and there was a sly smile in his eyes.

She searched for a strawberry-flavored ice cream, opened its white packaging, and sucked it on her own.

Lying on the massage table, You Xizi was eating delicious ice cream, gulping and licking her tongue flexibly. She likes to lick the chocolate ball layer by layer.

Unusually leisurely, You Xizi also deliberately made a smashing sound, relying on her long white legs, kicking Yingli on the upper side triumphantly, laughing at the confined and speechless prisoner.

Yingli was really annoyed when she saw this, her pretty face was cold, Qiongbi kept humming.

"Hum hum!"

The sound reached Moori Kogoro's ears, and he tilted his head as he buried his head and caught a glimpse of Hideri's expression.

It seems that it's a good dish, and the Thunder Spell is directly displayed!

A small electric current was attached to his right hand immediately, and electric current therapy is king.

True Thunder God's hand was released to Yingli.

Yingli's eyes shrank suddenly with the current sinking!

Then Qiongbi took a deep breath, and couldn't help but leaned back.

But Kogoro Mouri did not consider that the human body can conduct electricity when the four women are tied together.

As a result, the current continued to spread to the three women next to him, causing all four women to tremble.

Kujo Reiko's eyes were full of horror. It was the first time she tried this electric shock, and her body shuddered suddenly.However, Jinghua, who was shocked by the electric shock, was taken aback and made an unexplained grunt.

Tomoko knew what Mouri Kogoro had done, so she twisted her waist slightly and rubbed Mouri Kogoro's left hand.